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  1. Pity he didn’t sign for Queens
  2. sandy

    New Owner

    Wow, that’s quite something.
  3. Get some fresh air. Enjoy our next win.
  4. Give Mr Tiddles time to adjust to life at Firhill; for the first few home matches, he’ll need to get a feline for how we play.
  5. sandy

    Tam O'Ware scores v Airdrie 13.07.2019

    Oh dear, why don’t you just enjoy the win... Great to see Tam back, he’ll be a key player for us this season.
  6. Nicely & positively put AJ.
  7. Yep...if only we had an experienced striker like Doolan.
  8. Like a favourable ban for an OF player ...
  9. Cheers AJ. Aye, the self-imposed exile was cut short by the events of the last few hours Time for a fresh start off & on the park
  10. sandy

    New Owner

    I can hear rattling of bones already
  11. Will never be convinced by the JT, but bringing DB back has been a really good move.
  12. sandy

    State of Play

    State of your hair, mate. I look forward to hearing how much you will put into Thistle next season. Money where yer mouth is...