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  1. Oh GRE, don’t be grumpy about Squiddy
  2. sandy

    New Kit

    I have the same issue. But @topcat ‘s daughter is hand-making making those masks that @BowenBoys mentions with a wire nose bridge; I have one on order.
  3. League 1 = Division 3. Haud me back from getting too excited about football for 2020/21.
  4. There is a more succinct way of summarising things; Doncaster is a fud.
  5. If the Club goes into its shell, yes.
  6. From the Daily Ranger website a few mins ago: United, Raith and Cove motion dismissed Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers’ motion to dismiss Hearts and Partick Thistle’s case has been refused.
  7. I would be happy if the Dees took a £1m hit
  8. ‘it’s indeed, The Beatles as @gianlucatoni well knows!
  9. Wonder if he had a silver hammer?* *(only those as old as @gianlucatoni and @lady-isobel-barnett might get that one)
  10. As I’ve said before, all he is interested in is the blazer; but he’s a man of limited organisational ability. Remember when we had that 4 team pre-season tournament a few years ago? Well he disappeared on annual leave immediately prior to it, leaving others to pick up the loose ends. He makes the King of Spain look like Einstein.
  11. ‘getting the jail’...been years since I heard that phrase!
  12. sandy

    New Kit

    TC, top work. Have contacted your daughter to order one.