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  1. sandy


    That’s an impressive demand from a small club. Well done Penicuik
  2. sandy

    Vs Morton

    I’m already on malt whisky, it’s too much to take
  3. sandy

    New Owner

    PtD, still smiling about how your OK joke went Whoosh over the heads of some.
  4. sandy

    Vs Morton

    Absolutely no idea what to expect in terms of a result today; it’s clear our squad isn’t good enough.
  5. What do you carry your take-home ale in then?
  6. I think McCall was right to warn the players about January. Expect a response from the team in our next game.
  7. At least Forres Mechanics pulled it out the bag and won 5-4 today
  8. F*cking shite result, the true legacy of Caldwell who took our team apart and left it unbalanced. Yeah thanks Gary, cheers ya dobber.
  9. I think Harkins would have to Klingon to de Vita to have any chance