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  1. An early prototype for the Xmas trees that appeared on the bing about 10 years ago?
  2. A respectable score rather than a cricket score. Gives me hope for what McCall can build. Miller can go though.
  3. M’lday, you using one of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s favourite Brexit phrases ? 10 minutes in the microwave for you ...
  4. This does not feel like a good situation; I wish our Club could have learned from before.
  5. I f*cking long for the recent days in the SPL when we would go into this kind of fixture thinking we have a chance of an upset rather than a cricket score against us. How far we have fallen. C’mon McCall, get the team balance sorted and the players up for it.
  6. sandy

    Jags vs DABs

    Yep. It’s clear that DU are the form team in our league, but we need rebuilding to avoid such losses. Dropping back to 9th isn’t good either. I trust the management team to get us out of this situation, but things need to improve soon.
  7. Agree about Wilson; he was a bright young hopeful.
  8. Caldwell was a plague upon our house. I still don’t understand why he gave Harkins an 18 month contract...
  9. He doesn’t want to go to Chelsea, though
  10. Agree with this. I wouldn’t rush to sign Berra just because he is available. Better to invest in O’Ware as Captain.
  11. sandy

    V Alloa

    I agree, Miller needs to go
  12. sandy

    V Alloa

    Aye but we need to pull away from the bottom a bit more.
  13. I suspect McCall is working in the background on some potential targets. Extending Cole’s loan and keeping Sneddon does suggest he knows the players he wants to keep. Maybe Mansell & Harkins still to leave this month?