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  1. Tbh, I think legal action will just cost us money and be ultimately fruitless. We have a better chance if we influence the vote and create an alternative outcome.
  2. We haven’t seen any football being played at Firhill for the last 2.5 years either
  3. I hear Harkins has signed a pre-contract for them
  4. Sadly, we just weren’t good enough to get off the bottom of the league; the potential consequences of that may now seem harsh, but had we played better in a couple of games we wouldn’t have been here now.
  5. Interesting re-runs of the best cup games at the moment. This classic from 1991 was surely the best from the last 30 years? Motherwell vs The Arabs: featuring young Phil O’Donnell, young Duncan Ferguson, the brilliant Davie Cooper and Jim McInally’s mullet. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/52063379
  6. I guess our uncertainty is we don’t know which league we will be playing in yet.
  7. A radical suggestion. Let’s get back to Division 1-4 and none of this Premiership / Championship nonsense.
  8. Best thread ever....we will never know
  9. Nae luck BB, but you are a gent for trying
  10. Bloody loved the fact that we had such a waster as Fulton. Cheers Bunnet
  11. I would expect the Academy and Women’s team to re-start when the health outlook improves and sport comes back.
  12. Of course, some might say the Neanderthal should be wearing blue, white & red.
  13. Cooper was probably the most talented player I ever saw play.
  14. Jake Carroll, Jack Storer. Cut from the same cloth.
  15. We could probably create a first XI team of players we signed but hardly played. Antonio German for one...
  16. Happy to vote on the above 3 choices, well done @BowenBoys
  17. Does not fill me with confidence about 3BC
  18. Agree. That design by BB with ‘Family’ in a different font
  19. Freddie has kept an interest in us, lovely man.