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  1. Hospitality is usually of decent standard. No complaints from me on that front.
  2. I hope McCall had those players in today for extra training after the abject performance last night.
  3. Why the F are we not playing Sneddon tonight?
  4. ‘That Stevie Fulton looks to be a real asset’ * * Obviously I never said that
  5. Or we could put an envelope on every seat and ask the fans to select the team for next game...
  6. Yes, get well soon Jackie.
  7. I remember the optimism at the Player Awards evening when we had secured top 6 status. It felt that we had finally arrived in the SPFL, ready to cement our status like St Johnstone. How quickly that crumbled, leading to a general feeling of malaise. I don’t want to see us slide into the third tier, so something needs to change quickly. Cole aside, I don’t think loan signings are the solution.
  8. This for sure; get them working for a wage
  9. It’s our trajectory downwards that concerns me - I had more hope 4 weeks ago
  10. I watched Forres Mechanics grind out a 2-2 draw with Buckie Thistle today; at least the players cared. And the wind was howling around the ground. I’ve not seen that level of care at Thistle for some years, perhaps since our promotion from the second tier.
  11. Yep, never understood what Caldwell was thinking.
  12. No. So we’ll just agree to differ on Dools.
  13. We may be a football club in business, but the clubs that matter respect their players who have shown loyalty. Kris was not just a goal scorer, he was an ambassador for Thistle; lots of work behind the scenes to help ill fans and promote a good ethos. He may be ‘done’ as a player, but if he comes back in the Autumn as a coach I’d welcome him with open arms. Both Doolan & Erskine represented the true spirit of Thistle. Id rather celebrate Doolan than the likes of journeyman Kenny Miller who was never that bothered about playing for us in the first place. Just my view
  14. Ditto. But I have to acknowledge that the working groups have a huge amount of work to turn this around and create sustainable solutions by the end of March. Its going to be a tough ask.
  15. Fair enough, but we need hope & points very soon.
  16. So as it stands we are now 4 points behind Alloa and 6 behind the Pars. Both QOTS and Morton have games in hand too. Let that sink in, its fecking uncomfortable.
  17. Yep, a bit of honesty would help us all. IMac has to pull us up to 8th, that’s his challenge this season. If he doesn’t, all our short/medium term plans are up in the air. Sure as hell I don’t want us dropping into the third tier...
  18. I still think it was right of McCall to clear out some of the players, but we need to start turning performances into 3 points. Others above us have games in hand and a couple of defeats could leave us adrift with too much to claw back.
  19. Full page Spread in the next home programme
  20. Delegate any deals to Gerry, so he gets us 3 points!