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  1. It’s amazing how quickly nature has re-taken Cathkin Park.
  2. Relegation to the Highland League would be even funnier....just think of those midweek winter coach journeys to Wick!
  3. I remember the Xmas trees on the bing one year.
  4. I wouldn’t want 4 filthy teams in the league. No chance.
  5. I’m sure Beth Adamson, as Supporter Engagement Officer at Firhill, would be glad to hear of any improvement suggestions.
  6. That’s because they hedged their bets on a favourable outcome.
  7. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Clubs with cash reserves (eg Celtic) were to donate their share to lower league clubs where an additional few £k might be the difference between them being able to start the season or not?
  8. Maybe it’s our John Robertson from 2006-11? In fact, we are ALL John Robertson. I am although I used to be Spartacus.
  9. Strange given that his last football role was 10 years ago.
  10. Lawless is still playing well. I agree with m’lady about taking Craigen back. Erskine still in good shape, could be a useful sub. I don’t know enough about Dools performances to comment on him.
  11. I glanced at the picture and thought we’d signed Noel Edmonds
  12. I think we could safely say that Scottish Football is well and truly f**ked.
  13. Phil, you are a fine gent & scholar
  14. Ann Budge. Hearts. Both a waste of space tbh
  15. Back on topic, I increasingly fear this might be the scenario we face; dropping into a third tier which is mothballed.
  16. Doh! Of course. I was there at the game too... I think I’d conveniently erased the Campbell years from my mind.
  17. Yep, ‘League One’ is the 3rd Division. Last time we were there, if my memory serves me correct, was 1999. Shameful.
  18. Sadly at a time when kindness & altruism have emerged across our communities, many Clubs have behaved (or voted) in a way that demonstrates self-interest. The Scottish game is rank right now.
  19. Yes, it probably would. But I expect we’d all rather see the Jags playing than having to rely on a legal challenge to extract some compensation.
  20. There is a chance that the Hearts proposal will be rejected today. This will result in us dropping into a Division when many clubs won’t be able to survive without crowds. This nightmare scenario could see our 2020/21 season mothballed. I really hope this is not the outcome.
  21. I’m glad I don’t have to be Dominic Cummings, the man is a balloon.