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  1. 6 minutes ago, Yellow & Redneck said:

    I agree with you in the context of your original argument. 

    However across the board, I do find the "at least we aren't the Old Firm" trope a tiring one. Thistle have become such a cultureless club in my opinion (sorry), so a Jags fan saying the prevailing culture of Thistle is that we are not the Old Firm is equivalent to a Scottish person saying their culture is based on the fact they aren't English. Club culture can't be based on what you aren't, only what you are. The general behaviour of OF fans, along with the glory hunting and sectarian bile I find sickening. However I'm not against trying to emulate their domestic success, nor get fans through the gate. Ultimately that's what a football team should be. I get the general impression at times that success is a second thought, as long as we aren't anything like the OF. 

    Fair points Y&R.

    To me Thistle should be about inclusivity, fun, not taking life too seriously, a bit of success now and again.

    We are different from the OF who crave success at all costs and turn a blind eye to nastiness.

    I’d love Thistle to be more successful, but not at the expense of the values highlighted above. 

    We are the Alternative in Glasgow, no place for bigotry, sectarianism or hatred.

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  2. 13 minutes ago, scotty said:

    Is this the youth setup who's U18 beat Celtic last week? Other posters have refuted the hospitality claim and once this season fans have been moved to accomodate a large crowd (with commensurate income!).

    Hospitality is usually of decent standard. No complaints from me on that front.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, jaf said:

    That a managers performance and by extension a teams performance can be affected by events at a senior level of the club. Who knows if it has in this case , but it’s not right to say there is no impact on a manager by the culture he is working in. 

    Agreed Jaf.

  4. 31 minutes ago, eljaggo said:

    I've long argued that, given our unpredictability, the manager is a luxury we could dispense with.  Instead allow the team to be selected by the winner of a half time draw a week or so earlier. 

    Or we could put an envelope on every seat and ask the fans to select the team for next game...

  5. 2 hours ago, ARu-Strathbungo said:

    What you have said here just sounds nonsensical.

    If you have a chaotic boardroom / business place you will only produce more chaos. To my mind we have probably been a badly run company since the top 6 place in the Premier League, and probably before. It may be there has been layers and layers of wallpaper covering the cracks in the PTFC organisation?

    Genuine concern, if we go down to league 1, that slide into crowds of 300 / 400 may be enough to ruin the club completely. Worrying times

    I remember the optimism at the Player Awards evening when we had secured top 6 status. It felt that we had finally arrived in the SPFL, ready to cement our status like St Johnstone.

    How quickly that crumbled, leading to a general feeling of malaise. I don’t want to see us slide into the third tier, so something needs to change quickly.

    Cole aside, I don’t think loan signings are the solution.

  6. 17 minutes ago, Kingleo said:

    I’m now the same. Pointless expending the emotional energy in this team of losers. I watch Cowdenbeath now and then and genuinely enjoying watching a team of boys earning nothing but looking like they give everything. Watching thistle just sucks the life out of you and makes me feel genuinely sad. As has been pointed out earlier there is a whole culture of cronyism and softness about the club. Being crap is one thing. Being as weak and ridden with the loser mentality is another thing entirely 

    I watched Forres Mechanics grind out a 2-2 draw with Buckie Thistle today; at least the players cared. And the wind was howling around the ground.

    I’ve not seen that level of care at Thistle for some years, perhaps since our promotion from the second tier. 

  7. 3 hours ago, Ruchillnomore said:

    Last time I looked Partick Thistle were a business not a charity Kris Doolan has had his day we have enough coaches can we please move on 

    We may be a football club in business, but the clubs that matter respect their players who have shown loyalty.

    Kris was not just a goal scorer, he was an ambassador for Thistle; lots of work behind the scenes to help ill fans and promote a good ethos.

    He may be ‘done’ as a player, but if he comes back in the Autumn as a coach I’d welcome him with open arms. Both Doolan & Erskine represented the true spirit of Thistle.

    Id rather celebrate Doolan than the likes of journeyman Kenny Miller who was never that bothered about playing for us in the first place.

    Just my view 

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