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  1. sandy

    New Kit

    TC, top work. Have contacted your daughter to order one.
  2. sandy

    New Kit

    First world problems* (mine steam up too...)
  3. sandy

    New Kit

    *lockdown hair alert*
  4. I know the feeling PTD. I’m just going to post pictures in the future
  5. Woodside Jag is a strong advocate of legal action
  6. It’s your age, have a wee nap!
  7. Which job someone has or has not makes no difference to me. We are fans, we post on a forum. Who is anyone to say that someone is posting too often?
  8. Yes, a bit of a sweeping statement. Let’s see if Javeajag has any facts to back his opinions up.
  9. Ooft. I see the Arabs are interested in Malky Mackay. They are welcome to each other....no class.
  10. A logical impossibility
  11. That made me smile, but nothing would now surprise me about the chaotic SPFL processes.
  12. “It remains unclear ” is the mantra for the SPFL. Doncaster just resign you fool!
  13. JH Row S, about midway along.
  14. The Laurieston is just the dugs baws. The Clancy family run it well; old style, decent ales, pies and conversation. That’s how pubs should be.
  15. The sou’side was only sophisticated through the eyes of Jack McLean (The Herald). West is best
  16. Forums are about opinions. What’s yours?
  17. All the best, Jim
  18. Shouldn’t that be fair doos?
  19. Where’s @Jordanhill Jag and @Dark Passenger when you need them? We could have tag team (arm) wrestling on the forum...
  20. Then Doncaster makes up a new rule followed by a dodgy vote.
  21. I hope the Jags complete & submit, them ask for it to be withdrawn and then re-submit with a different answer.