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  1. Could we shut down last season retrospectively too?
  2. Nothing less than 3 points are required by us. It has to happen.
  3. I’d take that @Garscube Road End
  4. LiB, nothing apropos your usual wisdom. But why do we sign players like Graham who apparently go off the boil after a few weeks? Are the management team not getting the best out of a squad of limited ability? Are they actually taking us backwards and down? I had high hopes for McCall & Archie and the other bloke (Scally). But it feels like a Caldwell spiral again. The Jags deserve better
  5. I’d sponsor their departure
  6. Playing Sneddon occasionally might just be what Fox needs - a bit of competition.
  7. What does it take for Sneddon to get a game?
  8. Perhaps not a quality that you practice...
  9. Yep, top analysis from those who can get their head around the figures and actually know; as opposed to those who make throwaway comments to generate speculation.
  10. Seems a little loose and open-ended at first reading. The working group needs to develop full & proper fan engagement for the options they come up with.
  11. This game is crucial. Win and we can believe we can go on a run to survive. Lose and I fear it’s relegation city for us.
  12. That’s no way to treat a lady, Thistle.
  13. Sir, you are a truly reliable Jags philosopher
  14. Posters might have more respect for your views if you had the humility to admit you were sometimes wrong. Just saying.
  15. Where are Three White Cats when we need them most?!
  16. You may require liquid consolation
  17. True. I suppose the Saintees were helped by the supermarket land deal when moving from Muirton, but they have encouraged good use of stadium conferencing etc
  18. Dundee must be particularly vulnerable, I don’t think they will be promoted this season.
  19. St Johnstone are a decent example of this
  20. Er ‘laughing all the way to the beach’ ?
  21. That’s a tad disingenuous. Your earlier posts hinted at Beattie walking away minted. Seems the facts as available do not support your aspersions.
  22. Out of likes @Woodstock Jag