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  1. Whip their arses, WJ. You speak truth.
  2. Exactly @jlsarmy. He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the CEO box.
  3. To be fair to Chris, he’s been a great player & ambassador for the Jags. If he chooses to play part-time then he should be allowed to without us bitching. Our Club misses the likes of Doolan & Erskine badly; two gents who played for the shirt.
  4. I never expected Maxie to help us. I have not been disappointed. He prefers the blazer to any club loyalty, or indeed football integrity, sadly.
  5. Ooft, Hearts play dirty.
  6. SPFL now asking L1 & L2 clubs when they might be able to begin playing....if at all this season. What a total f***ing mess Doncaster and the other clowns have created. And they have royally shafted the pyramid system too, in locking out Brora & Kelty. F*ds.
  7. The Daily Ranger article suggests this legal process is going to get dirty. Strap yersells in lads, it’s going to be a bumpy ride...
  8. Nonne Plinius in cornu ludere?
  9. Did Pliny play on the wing?
  10. I do share some of @Woodstock Jag’s reservations about the perception of Thistle in the eyes of other Clubs. But what Club would not at least try legal action to right a wrong if the fees were gifted to them? If it had been QoS in our position, they would have fought it too.
  11. Unless we had 24 SPFL Clubs pissing on us...
  12. sandy

    New Kit

    If that’s the third kit, it’s fantastic
  13. What an utter shambles this shut-down, reconstruction and season opening up has been. The SPFL should hang it’s collective head in shame. And the SFA have done Sweet F*** All to encourage a more positive outcome. Selfish clubs, chasing the TV money. Scottish Football is dead on its back now.
  14. Mr Goodwin has been very quiet recently.
  15. The Highland League is good fun, Allyo. Recommend you take in a game or two this season if you have time.
  16. That wasn’t TL’s point as well you know it.
  17. I’d re-consider your friends....they gave you a well dodgy tip-off there!
  18. Perhaps you should take the Sabbath as a day of rest.