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  1. Yes, you made that point earlier.
  2. But under Beattie we were in the top flight and recovered our financial position. I felt safer with him in charge than I do now with a transitional Board and the vague promise of fan ownership.
  3. Maybe @jlsarmy. I just think that Beattie & Co were prepared to support the Club at a time when there were few other income streams. It wasn’t a quick return on their investment. I had hoped that the return of former board members plus a new manager (McCall) would give us hope. The move to a transitional Board seems to have unsettled everything IMO. Sadly we now look like relegation candidates; it will take the Jags back to the third tier where they were when I first started supporting them c1999. But as a Club, we deserve better. One day we will rise again.
  4. I don’t know the ins and outs of Director finances, but I did observe that when Beattie was Chairman the Board managed to stabilise finances behind the scenes. Surely if he & other Directors managed to do that, they should be acknowledged rather than criticised for realising their investment.
  5. Woman’s football is becoming increasingly popular, I’m glad the Jags have a team.
  6. Scoring any goals would be a start!
  7. Sadly, I think you may be correct @Norgethistle
  8. Is intolerance of intolerance wrong?
  9. Well to me that’s a shame if so; we should be better than that
  10. But is it ‘bigotry’ or just us taking a stand against extremes underpinned by (misguided) religious affinities?
  11. Fair points Y&R. To me Thistle should be about inclusivity, fun, not taking life too seriously, a bit of success now and again. We are different from the OF who crave success at all costs and turn a blind eye to nastiness. I’d love Thistle to be more successful, but not at the expense of the values highlighted above. We are the Alternative in Glasgow, no place for bigotry, sectarianism or hatred.
  12. Hospitality is usually of decent standard. No complaints from me on that front.
  13. I hope McCall had those players in today for extra training after the abject performance last night.
  14. Why the F are we not playing Sneddon tonight?
  15. ‘That Stevie Fulton looks to be a real asset’ * * Obviously I never said that
  16. Or we could put an envelope on every seat and ask the fans to select the team for next game...
  17. Yes, get well soon Jackie.
  18. I remember the optimism at the Player Awards evening when we had secured top 6 status. It felt that we had finally arrived in the SPFL, ready to cement our status like St Johnstone. How quickly that crumbled, leading to a general feeling of malaise. I don’t want to see us slide into the third tier, so something needs to change quickly. Cole aside, I don’t think loan signings are the solution.
  19. This for sure; get them working for a wage
  20. It’s our trajectory downwards that concerns me - I had more hope 4 weeks ago