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  1. Thanks ptd. Should have been there today but couldn’t make it in the end.
  2. Tbh it still defies logic that Caldwell gave Harkins an 18 month contract.
  3. Yes, interaction both ways.
  4. Voted Yes, but like Jagfox I think the details of how it pans out will be crucial.
  5. However this Fans Ownership pans out, we desperately need some clear & honest communication from the working group and the Interim Board. In the absence of that, rumours about people leaving etc will inevitably arise. That will undermine fans trust in the process.
  6. Psychological step forward, off the bottom tonight.
  7. At this rate, survival in the second tier this season will be quite an achievement. But we should stick with the management team and give them a chance to rebuild the shambles of a squad they are left with. I mean, really, Harkins on a long contract. Kenny Miller. And about 4 players we’d never even heard of. Jeez.... At least with Dools & Squiddy we had players who cared.
  8. Aw Jags, what the f*ck have we become?
  9. Steady, we don’t need Slippers mentioned
  10. Sounds like we are going to be well and truly filleted today. What a mess.
  11. I like O’Ware, but what a stupid thing to do - push someone in the opening minutes and leave us with 10 men for most of the game. I hope McCall goes through him later.
  12. Freeing up Millers wage would allow us to source a decent replacement
  13. That’s interesting about Miller. He’s never looked happy with us, bit of a contrast with Scott McDonald who looked like he cared.
  14. Hostile perhaps, but number of active posters seem to have fallen @allyo
  15. When LIB struggles for positives, then I do too. But being Thistle, we’ll probably confound everyone and pick up 3 points.
  16. The Forum ironically is a lot quieter these days. Many long-standing users no longer post. Thats a shame
  17. sandy

    Jacqui Low

    To be fair to GRE, an option of the Board continuing under David Beattie could have been an outcome.
  18. sandy

    Jacqui Low

    Not at all. Just a nervousness around how we transition over the next few months. FWIW I met Jacqui several times and quite liked her.