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  1. I would expect the Academy and Women’s team to re-start when the health outlook improves and sport comes back.
  2. Of course, some might say the Neanderthal should be wearing blue, white & red.
  3. Cooper was probably the most talented player I ever saw play.
  4. Jake Carroll, Jack Storer. Cut from the same cloth.
  5. We could probably create a first XI team of players we signed but hardly played. Antonio German for one...
  6. Happy to vote on the above 3 choices, well done @BowenBoys
  7. Does not fill me with confidence about 3BC
  8. Agree. That design by BB with ‘Family’ in a different font
  9. Freddie has kept an interest in us, lovely man.
  10. It’s all speculation, at the moment. Nobody knows the actual outcome yet.
  11. *throws his frock up at the horror of no pies*
  12. Even GRE (it’s okay, we are pals really!)
  13. I fully expect the situation in Scotland to become worse in the next few days. We’ll see kids athletics events, highland dancing competitions etc all cancelled. In better news, I have 18 toilet rolls if anyone needs one
  14. Nice one Matt. Let’s all stay safe so the Jags have a healthy fan base when the games resume. Cheers bud
  15. Dools will always be a Jags legend; such a nice bloke
  16. Could we shut down last season retrospectively too?
  17. Nothing less than 3 points are required by us. It has to happen.
  18. I’d take that @Garscube Road End
  19. LiB, nothing apropos your usual wisdom. But why do we sign players like Graham who apparently go off the boil after a few weeks? Are the management team not getting the best out of a squad of limited ability? Are they actually taking us backwards and down? I had high hopes for McCall & Archie and the other bloke (Scally). But it feels like a Caldwell spiral again. The Jags deserve better
  20. I’d sponsor their departure
  21. Playing Sneddon occasionally might just be what Fox needs - a bit of competition.