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  1. Like Tim Sherwood & Gary Caldwell ?!
  2. It also strikes me as odd that they have given the second reconstruction attempt solely to Ann Budge when she has a vested interest to save Hearts. Why not get Thistle, Stranraer plus Brechin/Brora/Kelty involves in any re-design?
  3. Caldwell quoted in this BBC football piece. Doesn’t come across as having learned from his time at the Jags; still wants to do things his way. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52552510
  4. Jags fans have become immune to regular losses on the park
  5. Saw Hertha Berlin play at the Olympic Stadium a couple of years ago; incredible atmosphere.
  6. I couldn’t get an Away ticket so had to sneak into the home end with my Jags scarf hidden. A nervy game but but what a result. Pitch invasion at the end too...
  7. Higgy was quite funny. Good soundtrack with Mogwai and Joy Division too.
  8. Thanks, all good with me; hope you & the missus are keeping safe!
  9. I’d like a virtual Ian at the top of the hill up towards the JH stand; a man who always brightens your day
  10. Agree @Auld Jag. But the third tier was where Thistle were when I started supporting our Club. We will rise again...
  11. Oh indeed, Germany is an efficient country.
  12. How inconvenient that ‘small clusters’ are dragging it up. Remember that behind every statistic are individual deaths and family stories. Don’t get too excited about the restart of European football @javeajag when Scotland and the UK are still experiencing large numbers of deaths. Football here will restart when it’s considered safe; not when the cafes along the Mosel re-open.
  13. Oh how I laughed (not). Sarcasm from an ex-RBOS Director....not something that stacks up really, given the mess your company was in.
  14. It’s on my watch list today, looking forward to it
  15. Agree with all you say, AJ. Scottish Football has become a farce.
  16. Did I say anywhere I was happy to be gubbed? No. Did we get gubbed with Erskine & Doolan? Er no! The recent recipe of old carthorses and some younger loan players has failed us. Time to put our faith back into an exciting young team who actually want to be proud of wearing the badge.
  17. Let’s cut the loan ties to the Ugly Sisters. End of. These players don’t play for the Jags badge. Get some young players from the juniors like Erskine & Doolan, combined with some of our academy players. Ditch the old carthorses. Kids v Experience? We got this.
  18. I think Sneddon deserves his chance at No 1, so we could let Fox go.
  19. Thanks for doing the analysis @jaf. The stable foundations at St Johnstone don’t surprise me. Are Stirling not more at risk? They have little in the way of assets and their income must be small.
  20. The loss of Erskine & Dools, and the values they represented, was a big one. But then Caldwell felt threatened by them; that said more about his shortcomings.
  21. I agree with most of what @Jordanhill Jag says. We should have never been at the bottom when the league music stopped. It’s been a sad slide since we achieved top 6. But we have to build things up again from the third tier. It will be a long road back. I just hope the whole fan ownership ‘plan’ helps us rather than hinders us; we genuinely miss some of the Board members who has business acumen.