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  1. Team rebuilding

    I’m not advocating bringing Sammon back, but Hearts not wanting him isn’t an argument that we shouldn’t take him. Being good enough for heart’s team and being good enough for Thistle’s team are different things.
  2. Team rebuilding

    Aye Tony Watt’s an ********. There’s a reason he’s been punted from every club he’s ever been at pretty quickly, and it’s not his ability.
  3. Team rebuilding

    This would be most disappointing. I want Paul McGowan level mental, without the potential jail time.
  4. Team rebuilding

    Hope this Storer boy is a complete lunatic and total scumbag as well. Been a while since we’ve had a player who’s mere existence was enough to noise up opposition fans. If he’s any good at football, that’d be nice too.
  5. Team rebuilding

    As long as they’re good enough players, it doesn’t matter at all whether they’re brought in on trial or we go out and target them. In any case, I would think we’ll have most of our first 11 signed by the end of this week, especially if as Bell said we get a couple in over the next few days.
  6. Team rebuilding

    Did we not get Osman in as a trialist? And clearly we identified Miles Storey as a player we wanted. And further afield, Dundee had Glen Kamara as a trialist, who looked hopeless and went on to be their best player. So, both methods can have successes and failures. Bringing in players on trial to have a look at them is absolutely an acceptable way to build the core of the squad. Pretty certain a lot of guys are just brought in to see how they fit in with the rest of the squad. No harm in having someone train for a week and play a bounce game either.
  7. Team rebuilding

    Quitongo has an injury record Sean Welsh would be ashamed of.
  8. Team rebuilding

    Balatoni couldn’t hold down a regular place before being released by the side that came 8th in the championship last season. As a squad player, maybe. As a starter, definitely not. There’s better out there.
  9. Freddie Frans

    That’s absolute nonsense. Other than Lindsay, he was quite comfortably the best centre back we had in our time in the top flight. As evidenced by the fact that he’s been playing in the Belgian top flight and Balatoni has been kicking around the 5th tier of English football. I’m not saying he’s a great player, he’s a bit slow and his distribution wasn’t great but he’s certainly good enough for the bottom half of the Premiership. Which will be our best case scenario by the end of any contract we give him.
  10. Cerny

    Hopefully staying as far from Firhill as possible.
  11. Team rebuilding

    I’d have taken Fraser Aird, but other than that not fussed about any of them.
  12. Team rebuilding

    I’d say we’ve had more hits (at least to some extent) than misses, and usually the misses are worked out quickly, and moved on. Archie does have a habit of using up some of the budget on bizarre signings who never (or very rarely) play (Kerr, German, Moncur, Mukendi), so ideally we can avoid that this season. Dumbuya, on his day, was great. It’s just that he was always injured. I’m not going to comment on any rumours about his attitude because I know nothing about them. Seaborne was fine, not great but did his job well enough. I’d also say Cerny, Frans, Higginbotham and Gallacher were good signings, at least for a while, and a couple of others, while far from spectacular, came in and did a good enough job (Dowie, Miller, Buaben, Osbourne until he was injured, Mair). Archie has had a mixed record in the transfer market, and there’s been a few shockers (John Baird and Jake Carroll spring to mind) but I’d say, for the most part, he does ok.
  13. Team rebuilding

    Aye it’d be absolutely shite actually winning major honours and/or getting European football every so often. Much rather be playing Alloa and Falkirk.
  14. Team rebuilding

    Exactly this. Would be perfect to compliment McCarthy’s energy with a bit more composure. If o’ware wanted to remain in the Championship, he could just stay at Morton. Think he’ll want to try the Premiership. If Hibs want to send Oli Shaw on loan, I’d take him. Think if we can create chances he’ll score a barrowload in that league. The only former player I’d want back is Frans. Comfortably the best centre back we had in our stay in the top flight (other than Lindsay, obviously), and he’d stroll the championship. Doubt we could afford him though.
  15. Players in out and maybes....

    If we go down, I’d keep Woods but not if we stay up. He’s done ok but needs too much time on the ball and slows play down too much for me. He’d be good against inferior opponents but not in the top flight. Keep Lawless regardless, at the very least he’s a decent option off the bench for a bottom half top flight team, which is what we are. Have also heard the McGinn to St Mirren rumour, which is fine as we really should be looking for better, and Christie Elliott is better as back up. I’d expect Booth to stay, although I think we could do better, he’s alright. Not bothered about the rest of them, although I’ll be absolute incandescent if Danny Devine is given a new deal. Worst defender in the league, by a country mile.