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  1. The problems that Italy are now facing were caused by their slow reaction to the situation. The quicker we do this, the quicker we'll come out the other side.
  2. If they abandon the season it would need to be declared null and void - there is no other way. I think the most likely outcome is a postponement for a few weeks, with a view to completing it later than scheduled. However, depending on how quickly the UK Government respond to the threat, that may not even be viable.
  3. This is madness indeed. Just like the thousands of Atletico Madrid fans at Anfield last night. Largest area affected in Spain? Madrid.
  4. In all seriousness, a decision is definitely going to be taken shortly that will affect the season being completed on time, with fans, or indeed at all. I can see a suggestion that the country has a lockdown for a few weeks with a view to finishing the season at the start of the summer. Italy has proven what can happen if a country doesn't react quickly enough to the spread of Covid-19. I would like to think the UK don't make the same mistake. Denmark have just gone in to a two week lockdown and they have not even experienced one death. There is no way Euro 2020 will go ahead.
  5. Kevin. Ashfield play in the fourth tier of Scottish Junior Football's West Division. The 4th best league. It's not much of a step up from amateur football.
  6. I'm not a huge fan of 4-4-2 but I think it is formation that suits this team best. We played it in December and, although performances were not great, we got some decent results and looked a little bit better. I was happy we went with it again on Friday night and I thought we have played worse than we did in the first half. We didn't look fantastic, but we should have (and I know this is a big issue) been ahead in the game. Lose a goal, heads go down, wheels come off and we don't play with any urgency or cohesion until 15 minutes to go. We've seen it more that once. I'm not one that thinks the players don't care or they are not trying. Some of them are just not very good, others are massively under performing. Also, confidence is huge in any sport and this team is totally devoid of any at the moment. The only way we will get more confident is to win games and that is easier said than done. The first step is getting clean sheets and this is obviously the main problem. The defence is woeful and how Penrice and O'Ware got awarded new long term contracts is beyond me. It'll be hard to find many Thistle fans that don't want Fox replaced with Sneddon and, although O'Connor seems to be highly rated by those at Celtic Park, he looks like a wee lost boy - maybe understandable giving the circumstances and surroundings he finds himself in. I've said a few times that Saunders is probably the best at defending at the club. It's when he gets the ball at his his feet that is the problem - a key element in being a professional footballer. It was interesting though that twice on Friday night, he gave O'Ware a complete rollicking for his mistakes. Not often you see a captain taking that from another player. If the players in front of the defence have no confidence in them, they know they're going to have to score at least twice to win the game. We're already going out on to the park with a hill to climb and the team looks as if it is playing with fear every game. Touches and passes are poor and players look nervous from the start of every game. We all know how good Cole and Bannigan can be and the were two of the worst players on Friday night. McCall has to put Sneddon back in to give him a chance. Keep a clean sheet or two and all of a sudden things change and confidence grows. Rudden coming back is key as, although Graham looks to be a good addition, he needs better support than Jones or Mansell can offer. I'd also give Austin a run ahead of Cardle. You can never fault Cardle's effort or work rate but it just isn't happening for him (looks as if he picked up a hamstring injury as well anyway). I said last week - at this stage last season, I was still confident we would stay up but this season I just can't see it. I'm not optimistic but things can change very quickly, so I'm still hoping the team can prove me wrong.
  7. No idea what she does on a day to day basis. However, she is, for now anyway, the owner of the club. Not even sure if she is in and around every day.
  8. I also had the trackie. Best one ever.
  9. I was able to name every one of the players in home strip but only got Ian McDonald from the aways. ETA - Alan Kay. Should have got him!
  10. Jag

    Jackie MacNamara

    Just heard about this. Hopefully he will be OK.
  11. That isn't THE Boca Juniors.
  12. Adidas make Boca Juniors kit.