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  1. Agree that it may be an idea to introduce Harkins but that defence has three of the four from yesterday in it. I would be dropping all of them. Bring in Kakay, O'Ware Hall and Robson. Can't do any worse than that shower yesterday. Also, agree with others that Fox does not deserve his place but McCall will not see this as the time to bring Sneddon back in.
  2. Three goal defeat. Not surprised.
  3. Decent pricing. £36 for parent and child at Tannadice is enough to make me think twice about going back.
  4. I would be neither surprised at a three goal defeat nor a three goal victory. Back to the good old unpredictable days..
  5. Agreed. Two players that were hugely instrumental in the way we played. A joy to watch.
  6. Bannigan was poor, by his standards, before Caldwell left. Since Ian McCall came in, his performances have improved dramatically and, although not back to his best yet, the signs are he may get there. Bannigan has also proven himself in the past. We know the levels he can get to, so I think that is the main reason people were happy we persevered with him during his time out and difficult recovery. Penrice has shown promise but, in my opinion, he hasn't kicked on the way we all hoped. When he was 16 he was the next big thing - I don't think he is ever going to be anything more than an average full back at this level. Fans (including me) are desperate to see him do well but so far I'm disappointed.
  7. The whole defence actually gives me the heebie jeebies. Williamson - Does relatively well going forward but not very good in defence, which creates a problem because that is his job. Poor in the air as well. Would like to see Kakay get a run. Robson - Like him when he's on his game but a bit inconsistent. Prefer him to Penrice at left back. Penrice - Too one footed and has not developed the way I had hoped. Gets away with a lot because he is "one of our own". O'Ware - Disappointing this season but possibly willing to cut him some slack, due to being out of action for so long. Pretty sure he is capable of a lot better and was a big favourite at Morton. Saunders - I think he is the best defender at actually defending but agree that he is prone to error. Had a great game at Morton then fell apart from their first goal. He would possibly benefit from a long run in the team. McGinty - In his defence, he has improved. However, he only had one way to go. For a guy at 6ft 4in, it is remarkable how he gets dominated so much in the air by much smaller players. This has improved though and I have noticed under McCall that he doesn't seem to be punting as many aimless balls up the park, which is a plus. Still not good enough though. Hall - Saw him in the Glasgow Cup game v Queens Park and he looked very good. Worth a run of games in my opinion. Kakay - Get him in. Palmer - Excellent player and it's a shame we only have him on loan. Gordon - Apart from making late runs in to the box, not sure what he actually does in a game? Must touch the ball less than anyone else. Bannigan - Still the best player we have. Slater - Holds on to the ball for too long and doesn't create enough for me. Is quite skilful and protects the ball but things always slow down when the ball gets to him. Too many touches but looks capable of more. Harkins - Obviously capable at this level on his day but remains to be seen whether he can get back to where he once was. I doubt it and injury has not helped. Cole - Looks like a really good player. Stated on a thread a wee while ago that I can't remember ever seeing a player in a Thistle jersey pass the ball like this guy. De Vita - Looks as if he's just OK at everything. Capable of a goal here or there and it is handy he can play in so many positions. Was kind of growing on me until last weekend. Cardle - One thing you can't fault is his effort, another is his desire. Just looks a wee bit short of confidence at the moment and performances haven't been great, but a player capable of turning it on in this division on his day. Zanatta - Really like him and could easily become a great player for us if he is willing to work hard and learn. Great to watch him taking players on. Jones - Again, one that has struggled with injuries and would benefit from a sustained period on the pitch. No Idea if good enough but certainly works hard. Mansell - Awful.
  8. He didn't look to pleased about coming off. I said to my son similar to what LIB said - McCall probably doesn't think playing three 90 mins in the space of 8 days will see us get the best from him.
  9. A lot to be positive about from last night's performance, there is no way we deserved to lose. However, our lack of creativity in final third and weakness of defence remain the major concerns. The goal came from a poor clearance from Fox, which went out for a throw in mid-way inside our half, then Williamson letting cross come in too easily again, in my opinion. Once mistake aside, Bannigan was very good and I thought Palmer was our best player. Cardle's inability to get the ball past the first defender continues to frustrate. I think we all agree that we are in desperate need of reinforcements up front. Mitch Austin back training and Alex Jones a couple of weeks away but not sure that will be enough.
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