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  1. Ryan Edwards

    I'm watching Birmingham outplaying Swansea just now and one of the home team's stars is a Ryan Edwards lookalike - Jota - but he can play football as well as just run like our former mid fielder. From a distance, uncanny resemblance.
  2. Just my opinion

    Hasn't it all been basically the same since we lost all those games at the end of the top six season.? Predictable, no dig, liable to lose silly goals and total inability to score. Very cautious. When a game comes along and it's push needing to shove you just know we won't be at the races. i have always thought Archie was admirable but as nothing changes we are in the doldrums. Danny Lennon anyone?
  3. Hearts friendly

    Wasn't there yesterday but I saw the Rovers match and he looked first rate in that. Hope things work out for his fitness and apart from that he comes over as a smashing guy. Best of luck Banzo.
  4. Team rebuilding

    Yup! Always got the impression big Conor worked really hard for us and appreciated that most of us liked him and his contribution. Too expensive for us?
  5. Team rebuilding

    See Hearts are intent on moving Conor Sammon out. I think he did well for us last season. Is he an option for Archie?
  6. Team rebuilding

    Craig Slater comes over as a bright boy in his interview. Why have I got a really good feeling about this particular signing? Welcome to the club Craig.
  7. Team rebuilding

    Hope his football is a bit better than his geography!!? "Coming DOWN to play for Thistle". Of course he was maybe thinking more of a drop in standards to join us? Best of luck Jack. And many Thistle goals.
  8. Team rebuilding

    Calum Wilson
  9. Team rebuilding

    That's the guy! It was Shea not Sean they were calling him
  10. Team rebuilding

    Don't think so
  11. Team rebuilding

    Thought Banzo was outstanding though he ballooned a penalty over the bar in the first half. Agree about Storey who had a great game. Looked a totally different player from last season. There was a young black guy who played right back in the first half and at centre half in the second who grew in confidence. Maybe not ready yet but a player in there. Don't know who our number 7 was ( fair hair and jutting chin like Jamie Vardy) think he was getting called Sean (and it wasn't McGinty who played centre half with a young trialist(in the first half). Most of the youngsters looked a bit on the light side and I did not think that Penrice had his heart in it (his body language was awful) Can't think what Archie would get from THAT exercise other than what he talks about regularly i.e. Minutes . the Australian goalie played in the first half with Sneddon taking over for the second.
  12. Team rebuilding

    Where is the Raith match today?
  13. Just watching the Iran Spain encounter and thinking how clever the Iran free kick from which they "scored" was. They huffed and puffed and threatened to take it and eventually did by which time you got the feeling that the Spanish defence had turned off or lost concentration. Think about the Jags efforts at corners, free kicks and throw ins.... for years and years. Tell me when we EVER did anything unpredictable or clever. If they have , I don't remember. Maybe this season? It would be great to see though I am NOT holding my breath. And other teams do it AND in Scotland!!! C'mon Jags and surprise us all!
  14. Club Statement Archie

    If anything is needed at the club in the coming season it is a leader on the field. A Scott Brown figure ( that is quite difficult to say). There must be one out there. He doesn't need to be the best player we have but he needs to want to run through brick walls for Partick Thistle. So THAT is Archie's first job. And if we could get three of them...... there would be no holding us in my opinion!
  15. New Management

    A lot of sense being talked on here but maybe more heat than light. What about specifics? I thought the year we came up that our game far too often petered out in the last third. It was always to the wings and worked sometimes when we had O'Donnell and Taylor Sinclair and we had an Erskine , very creative, through the middle. Despite changes in players in the years in the top flight we still seem to want to play to the wings and, on the rare occasion we make it to within ten yards of the goal line, too often, the ball is woeful and usually just to a diminutive forward or, recently, out of play! i'm certain there is a general football statistic that a tiny percentage of goals are scored from crosses. But that has continued to be our modus operandi, for six seasons, whether we had players to suit it or not. The other thing that NEVER changes is our feeble use of free kicks and corners. I watch other teams, arguably far less talented teams, and they do creative things with corners and free kicks. Livi did it and Hamilton have done it. Every time the Jags cross it. When was the last time you saw a short ball or a ball disguised to a player running from the side or ANYTHING creative (like an inswinger right on top of the goalie or that one where the whole attack runs forward when the kick is taken )that wouldn't be gobbled up by a half competent defence? And this season we have taken to being just as bad defending free kicks and corners. How Liam Lindsay saved us last year ( and I can go away back to Jim Duffy's bald heid and before that the golden locks of Jackie Campbell, neither of whom was a giant). And don't get me started on throw ins! i have asked time and again why we don't do better with these things. We are a full time team but we continue to look clueless in these areas where a bit of thought might just improve us. Repeatedly we hear that teams are good with set pieces. Why are we not? i am fed up watching same old, same old. I doubt Archie will change any of this now.