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  1. jagfaelivi

    Where is Jagzone?

    When I opened this post on Saturday I had opened up Jagzone as usual but the match link wasn't opening up. It did, though, within seconds of my posting. But that meant there had been no link for the first twenty minutes of the programme. Was everybody else getting it as normal?
  2. jagfaelivi

    Where is Jagzone?

    After 3pm and no sign of it online. Where the hell is it?
  3. jagfaelivi


    Anybody know how we got on against them and what was the Motherwell game like? I thought somebody on here would have sneaked a peek!
  4. jagfaelivi

    Miller signs

    Welcome Kenny. I liked your interview on Jagzone and I like what I hear from you in your frequent Sportsound contributions. The fires are still burning bright and I can give quite a few examples of sportsmen who go on successfully much longer than average. I think you labour the point, and it is a good one, that your ideas align well the manager's, too. Go for it! And I hope you enjoy your time at Firhill because the club needs all the geeing up that people can give it.
  5. jagfaelivi

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    That photo makes me feel really sad. What a Thistle man he was and we saw him off. Just VERY sad.
  6. jagfaelivi

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    Sportsound has had Miller on quite a number of times in the last year and he is a million miles away from being "thick".
  7. jagfaelivi

    New Owner

    I have a close friend who was very friendly with Sandy Jardine and the latter confided that , after Gullane, the Rangers team was too tired to play football on the Saturday. Jardine said he could hardly drag one leg after another.
  8. jagfaelivi

    A New Direction?

    The new direction might be winning more games and stopping being soft touches in the leagues and maybe getting to Cup semis and finals? That would be grand because if the likes of Inverness and Ayr can do it maybe WE can as well. Just a thought.
  9. jagfaelivi

    BBC poor again

    Stuart Bannigan has been kicking around Scottish football for an age and the BBC still manage , on their match report today, to call him BRANNIGAN. I thought the first time it might have been a typo but, no, they did it three times. Just what sort of people do they employ? And we pay a licence for its ineptitude.
  10. jagfaelivi

    BBC poor again

    Was quite noticeable in Archie's interview for tomorrow's game that travelling up tonight takes away an excuse for the players. And he used the word "excuse" a couple of times. So after hearing that interview I was listening to Ali McC on BT before tonight's match in Paisley and he was talking about " the modern player" who he says seems to look for excuses. He was talking about discontent in the St Mirren dressing room with Stubbs and thus the latter's quick sacking. Managers seem to be really up against it and there is obviously an agreement between McCoist and Archibald on this topic. Or at least I think they are saying the same thing. Food for thought? Discuss?
  11. jagfaelivi

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    What did folk think of the Manager on Sportsound tonight? I thought he did okay.
  12. jagfaelivi


    BB I am just dying to see that "nonchalant swagger"!!! Brill!!
  13. jagfaelivi

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    Can't believe that people are not applying common sense / thinking logically about the pass back incident. It is no different from a situation where the goalie takes a touch then picks it up. A free kick all day! Why are people mystified? Anyway! We got away with it!
  14. jagfaelivi


    First game at Broomfield in a 3-0 reverse and we were awful. I was about 12 in 1958 and my next game was against Airdrie again, at Firhill and It was another 3-0 defeat on Grand National day. Pitch had no grass on it and ball would have bounced over a house and the Airdrie goalie - Beaton, I think, was able to kick colossal distances. Why did I persist? Looking back, I don't know, but I'm glad I did despite some huge disappointments over 60 years.
  15. jagfaelivi

    Winter window

    Barnet looked a super team against Brentford earlier in the week. Hardly gave the ball away and coped well with a side several divisions above them. Wouldn't it be nice if we have turned a corner and start being stuffy/hard to beat and able to give the fans surprises occasionally? One thing about the Jags in the last thirty odd years we are pretty predictable and not in a good way either. Gone are the days when we whipped an about to win the league/ wonderful Dundee team 3-0 at Firhill after they had won 5-1 at Ibrox. That Dundee team got to the semis of the European Cup the following year. Gary's imports just MIGHT change the mould for the better; fingers firmly crossed!