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  1. Just think what it would have been like if Rangers had been two points behind Celtic with a game in hand and they had awarded the league to Celtic. You can bet your boots there would have been no football in the near future and things would have gone to the European Court. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  2. Not AT a game but still funny. Bertie Auld before an evening fixture had been going on at the press that he would be playing the old 2, 3 ,5 system. The beginning of the game turned out truly awful for the Jags prompting Ian Archer to observe in the Herald that "Thistle were at their more usual formation of sixes and sevens! We have all seen that too often over the years!
  3. On a bad day for Dennis at Tynecastle " McQuade you're no' even funny any mair!!" I can remember the winger getting harangued for twenty minutes and a fellow fan turning round and saying to the guy "McQuade's no' playin' the day! " to which he strangely got the reply, "Ah well, he SHOULD be!!". The fickleness of football supporting.
  4. Come aff! Yese are jist wastin' guid gress!!
  5. Heard McGinty missed a fantastic chance to win it 5-4. Are we surprised?
  6. Never mind, we have mastered the punt upfield!
  7. Thistle had an evening match one midweek under Bertie and the next day the famous Herald scribe Ian Archer said that before the game Bertie had intimated that he would be setting up the team in the old fashioned 2 3 5 formation . The article went on that after twenty minutes of woeful Jags play " it was obvious Thistle were at their more usual formation of sixes and sevens" !! The famous Craig Levein one of 4 6 0 might have been more usual for the wee man when he managed us. Is there not some fantastic footage of Bertie in the world club final against South American cloggers going up when there was a break in play and having a good kick from behind at somebody? He certainly knew the score whether it was playing or managing.
  8. I don't understand that video. It seems to be of several matches because of changing strips after the first three goals. Is it a leg pull?
  9. In that Ayr game Chic got kicked all over the park by different players and I think the fuse had got down to a very short measurement by the time he went off. And I can remember an incident with the big Aberdeen centre when I thought it was the Don that was going and was shocked when Chic went. I think he was a marked man. Sent off because he had a smile and was a cheeky boy. Still one of the most entertaining Jags in my time.
  10. Who would EVER admit they were out of their depth? It's not a human trait and certainly not in the society in which we currently exist . We BLAME others and are good at making excuses. Or, like Trump, just tell bare faced lies. And if somebody in his position gets away with it others down the pecking order will be encouraged just to tell outrageous porkies or invent their own truths. Sad world indeed.
  11. I just love listening to Ian McCall. He reeks of common sense and has a humour about him that reduces football to just the sport that it is rather than the life and death thing that supporters tend to make it. Could listen to him all night. Well done Ian and, particularly the diplomatic answer to the comments made by your predecessor at the club. Looking forward to the next few years being a Jag.
  12. I really enjoyed Sportsound's interview with the new boss and the contribution made by Kenny. Felt quite proud of both of them and everything that was said. Ian has been on the programme on most Tuesday nights recently and I love his take on the game. I am looking forward to the next few months.
  13. Management has not been kind to Danny Lennon. He looks like a man twenty years older than he actually is. If he gets it I hope we don't age the wee man further. Likeable lad.
  14. Barney, you are just being silly! Whatever else Kenny Miller is, he is a trier, and an honest to goodness player who has been a standout in a poor start for us. Behave yourself!!
  15. I know that we are not comparing like with like in any shape or form......... BUT the statistic I heard tonight with Liverpool playing Burnley made me laugh out loud! The last 54 times Liverpool have gone ahead they have won 49, drawn 5 and lost 0 !!!!!! The last 3 times the Jags have gone ahead they have lost 3, drawn 0 and won 0........ just sayin' .......