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  1. jagfaelivi

    Dundee Utd v Ayr

    Just LOVED watching one of the media's darlings getting absolutely horsed. Delighted for Ian Mac.
  2. jagfaelivi

    Paratroopers training squad

    See the Record managed to caption us as "Patrick" Thistle at one point and that Stuart "Brannigan" is one of our players! Ah ,well if it was Celeriac playing in the east end of our city captained by Scott Bowen I suppose it would be headline news for three weeks. We are small and should remember our place!
  3. jagfaelivi

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Oh dear! That Chesterfield forum makes some grim reading. Let's just keep our fingers crossed fellow Jaggies.
  4. jagfaelivi


    What a state the playing side of our club seems to be in. It's all very sad and we need somebody to lift it pronto.
  5. jagfaelivi

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    "Legible". Hope nobody can read him!!?
  6. jagfaelivi

    Dunfermline away.

    I suppose if I am disappointed in anything it is the fact that teams like Ayr, Livingston etc are able to pick up players, presumably available to us, and weld them into an incredibly effective unit. At a higher level Wright and Clarke and Robinson are doing a very effective job where we should be operating and in some way that makes them very combative, at times entertaining and certainly not easy to beat. Are we any of these things?
  7. jagfaelivi

    Todays Closed Door Game

    Who were they playing?
  8. jagfaelivi


    Was quite noticeable in Archie's interview for tomorrow's game that travelling up tonight takes away an excuse for the players. And he used the word "excuse" a couple of times. So after hearing that interview I was listening to Ali McC on BT before tonight's match in Paisley and he was talking about " the modern player" who he says seems to look for excuses. He was talking about discontent in the St Mirren dressing room with Stubbs and thus the latter's quick sacking. Managers seem to be really up against it and there is obviously an agreement between McCoist and Archibald on this topic. Or at least I think they are saying the same thing. Food for thought? Discuss?
  9. jagfaelivi

    Chief exec update

    That was pretty sad. For eighteen months we have been deteriorating and nothing seems to be getting done to address this. We are now as poor as we were last season, only with a different set of players. I KNOW we have players to come back from injury or are being saved from further damage on artificial surfaces...... but different players are making the same mistakes as the ones who were here last season. The Jags just look more or less the same no matter who is wearing the jersies. We are tired and jaded and the finger can only be pointed in one direction, and THAT pains me. Just as an example and a question I really WOULD like answered. Why do we never show any threat from set plays and why are we so bad at defending them? I could go on but I am fed up asking the same questions week after week. When was the last time anything a bit creative was seen being done by Thistle at a corner or free kick? If there have been things tried I must have missed them.
  10. jagfaelivi

    Dan Jefferies

    I'm sure Archie said he couldn't play against East Fife because he had played for Dundee in this cup. Is Archie a year early?Dundee still in the top league and not eligible yet? Or was I hearing things?
  11. jagfaelivi

    Jack Storer

    LIB I was harking back to some of the stuff we have played in the Development League in the last couple of years and we seem to have got rid of many good ones. The Stokes' , McInally, McLaughlin for example. Just didn't see it yesterday from those on the pitch. The last couple of years some of the stuff the young lads have come up with has been a joy to watch. It's easy to argue that we might be playing against older guys in many cases now but I just wasn't impressed.
  12. jagfaelivi

    Jack Storer

    His pass hit the referee and he obviously said something pretty nasty to the official because the red card was out in double quick time. It must have been super insulting to get that reaction. Few who were there could believe it. He had strolled through the first half and our much lauded Aidan Fitzpatrick had merged with the wallpaper. It was so piss poor I went home at half-time. Not much of an advert for Scottish football.
  13. jagfaelivi

    Reserve Match on Monday

    Let us not get TOO carried away with young Aidan. He was a standout today but NOT without fault. Three times in a row I counted him giving the ball away. That, in the first team, might be what Archie is worrying about. Yup! He might have been frustrated by the mediocrity /inexperience around him. And there's was certainly plenty of that. The first goal in less than a minute when two defenders got skinned on the left and the second backing off and backing off and scored within six minutes. Scott McKenzie in his interview talking about losing joke goals could have been talking about the first team. What is this malaise at Firhill? Surely it can't go on like this? Thought Mtambwe was okay but not the powerful figure I expected to see but might be okay when properly fit. I saw Banzo before the season started and he looked brill but not so committed though maybe taking it a bit easier than usual, understandably , just to play himself in.
  14. jagfaelivi

    Dundee Utd (away) Match Thread

    Couldn't agree more with Laukat. He beat me to the punch. Motherwell have a team of fighters and I've said for two years we need a Scott Brown type player. They seem to have a team full of them. Guys who would run through a brick wall. i am still pissed off that NOTHING seems to change with us. We take poor set pieces; we defend against them like school kids; we never seem to vary our play; we are too slow to get players in the box; we play down the wings ad nauseam. Apart from that we are totally predictable. Rant over but will it make any difference?
  15. jagfaelivi

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Archie's preview of the game is late this week. Nearly 3pm as I write and I have the feeling that it might be the Coulibaly issue holding it up. Either he can't tell us that international clearance has been granted or the club doesn't want to admit to a muck up. I think Coulibaly will be(conveniently) "injured" or not yet "fit enough".
  16. jagfaelivi

    Ryan Edwards

    I'm watching Birmingham outplaying Swansea just now and one of the home team's stars is a Ryan Edwards lookalike - Jota - but he can play football as well as just run like our former mid fielder. From a distance, uncanny resemblance.
  17. jagfaelivi

    Just my opinion

    Hasn't it all been basically the same since we lost all those games at the end of the top six season.? Predictable, no dig, liable to lose silly goals and total inability to score. Very cautious. When a game comes along and it's push needing to shove you just know we won't be at the races. i have always thought Archie was admirable but as nothing changes we are in the doldrums. Danny Lennon anyone?
  18. jagfaelivi

    Hearts friendly

    Wasn't there yesterday but I saw the Rovers match and he looked first rate in that. Hope things work out for his fitness and apart from that he comes over as a smashing guy. Best of luck Banzo.
  19. jagfaelivi

    Team rebuilding

    Yup! Always got the impression big Conor worked really hard for us and appreciated that most of us liked him and his contribution. Too expensive for us?
  20. jagfaelivi

    Team rebuilding

    See Hearts are intent on moving Conor Sammon out. I think he did well for us last season. Is he an option for Archie?
  21. jagfaelivi

    Team rebuilding

    Craig Slater comes over as a bright boy in his interview. Why have I got a really good feeling about this particular signing? Welcome to the club Craig.
  22. jagfaelivi

    Team rebuilding

    Hope his football is a bit better than his geography!!? "Coming DOWN to play for Thistle". Of course he was maybe thinking more of a drop in standards to join us? Best of luck Jack. And many Thistle goals.
  23. jagfaelivi

    Team rebuilding

    Calum Wilson
  24. jagfaelivi

    Team rebuilding

    That's the guy! It was Shea not Sean they were calling him
  25. jagfaelivi

    Team rebuilding

    Don't think so