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  1. just read the newspaper article and comment from the guy arrested at firhill on saturday how many times have you chanted whos the [email protected] /mason in the black? quite easy to misinterpret this at a football match no ?
  2. i have the 00/01, 01/02 and the 2006 version including the playoff win and would most definitely buy whatever version was brought out for last years exploits.
  3. yes me thinks just a tad pressure showing in the chuckle brothers , must be worried about trying the patience of the most supportive chairman in football Mr Thompson, job at parkhead for these 2 (yes please )
  4. yes adams fast becoming the new jim jeffries of scottish football, never giving credit to anyone for anything , great to see from a master tactician , "boring boring county"
  5. Just read mcnamaras comments in sunday mail re yesterdays game, f-ing blind judas, to say we should have been down to ten men when it was clearly his player that made the bad challenge sums the little ********* up for me . Better team still never won but great 2nd half c,mon the jags last wee push.
  6. at the start of the season we would gladly have taken the scenario that we find ourselves in eg hearts point deficit increased with two thirds of the season gone and within striking distance of 3 other teams, yes home form a concern but doom and gloom NEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS REALLY GET BEHIND THE TEAM AND DO OUR BIT TO PULL THEM OVER THE SURVIVAL LINE,THAT WOULD BE A MASSIVE ACHIEVEMENT
  7. never quite happened for him at firhill at least in a jags shirt , but best wishes wherever he goes (as long as its not airdrie)
  8. Deffo going thru , a win against the jambos cud just be the spark that we need , forget all this talk about last place / 11th place its onwards and upwards from now , every team gets a wee run at some stage ours i feel is just about to start
  9. Regarding Gabby what was the point of not letting him over to the fans ,its not as though it could have incited anything as all the great cellick fans had already done an ibrox impression and disappeared
  10. I think whatever team Archie puts out will give a good account of themselves, THIS HAS THE FEELING OF A GOOD SEASON .C,MON THE JAGS.