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  1. westertonjagfan

    Dross county Saturday bet fred cup..

    Fantastic result today and the most I've enjoyed a game in a long time. I thought Saunders was outstanding today and Big Sean gets better with every game. Enjoy your Saturday night, one and all.
  2. westertonjagfan

    Dundee United Friday 9th August

    Especially with a DUFC wall about 3 feet away from him. Collum really is hopeless.
  3. westertonjagfan

    Dundee United Friday 9th August

    Shite Shite Shite. Just how I'm feeling this morning after last night. Shite shite shite.
  4. westertonjagfan

    New Owner

    Players and staff had to make their own way to Alloa? No wonder they weren't at their best. That's outrageous.
  5. westertonjagfan

    Alloa Away (championship opener)

    Spot on. The big number 5 had acres to space to run towards our goal. i also think Jones looks a real player.
  6. westertonjagfan

    Alloa Away (championship opener)

    Agree with your points about the interviews-good to see the more Pravda approach being dropped and the players and GC being honest about their own performances. I thought Joe played his heart out as usual, but seemed a bit confused as to where he was being asked to play.
  7. westertonjagfan

    Alloa Away (championship opener)

    Absolutely spot on. I get so frustrated when we work hard to clear the ball then simply gift possession to the opposing team. Football at heart is a very simple game-keep possession of the ball and it's more difficult for the opposing team to score. Also agree about the tempo-so slow to get the ball out of our own half. A team of part-timers should be fading towards the end of the game if we play with a fast tempo and press high up the pitch. Credit to Alloa, though-it was hard at times to tell who were the full time players.
  8. westertonjagfan

    Alloa Away (championship opener)

    I think you're right. We're missing an experienced Big Abul type of player. Not Big Abdul himself, mind, just someone like him to command the midfield physically.
  9. westertonjagfan

    Alloa Away (championship opener)

    Quite a few wasted ********* in our fanbase today embarrassing themselves and the club. Absolute morons.
  10. westertonjagfan

    Alloa Away (championship opener)

    True. I'm actually fairly confident we'll do OK but that was a sore one.
  11. westertonjagfan

    Alloa Away (championship opener)

    Things improved with Miller and Jones but a poor start to the season.
  12. westertonjagfan

    Alloa Away (championship opener)

    Just noticed this....Anyone planning to get the 12.52 from Queen Street to Alloa ( as I was)...it's been cancelled, so the one after it getting you to Alloa to 14.34 will maybe be a bit busier than expected.
  13. westertonjagfan

    Championship 2019/20.

    I think there's a good player there waiting to get out. But I thought that about Big Pogba too.
  14. westertonjagfan

    Alloa Away (championship opener)

    Looks a good strong team to me. Not many of Archie's signings left now, so this is really GC's team. I imagine Miller will start with Mansell coming on towards the end of the game. Hope I'm not beside the guy at Hamilton who kept calling Mansell 'Nigel' then kept looking round to see if he was getting any lols.
  15. westertonjagfan

    Annus Horribilis 2018 Part Two

    This reminds me why I enjoyed a draw away to Hamilton so much recently. Small mercies and that.