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  1. westertonjagfan

    Lewis Mansell

    Very happy with this. Think Mansell was starting to really look a player.
  2. westertonjagfan

    BetFred Cup Draw

    So that's twice we get to wait for 55 minutes in a queue to get in, even though we get there at 2pm, then find out all the pies are sold out by 3.16pm. Love NDP.
  3. westertonjagfan

    Youth Academy closing ?

  4. westertonjagfan

    A night with GC

    I think what I took from the presentation wasn't so much the presentation ( though I liked what he said) but about how GC presented himself-very different from the figure on the Jagzone interviews-likeable, driven and quite funny.
  5. westertonjagfan

    A night with GC

    Totally agree regarding GC-for me it was helpful to see a bit of humour and vulnerability - laughing a bit at himself too. i thought he came across really well and admired the fact that he did this a few days after the Doolz announcement. Excellent idea about including a few of the senior pros too. I wonder if the club were taken by surprise by the interest in this and might think about moving the next event to a bigger room?
  6. westertonjagfan

    A night with GC

    Pretty impressed with Mr Caldwell in those clips.
  7. westertonjagfan

    Next season's kit

    This season's was a belter after (let's be honest) a couple of real horrors. Hopefully, the new strip will follow this trend rather than go back to some of the 'whit?' strips of the last few years.
  8. westertonjagfan

    A night with GC

    Cheers to everyone for the updates-really useful for those of us not able to make it. Looking forward to seeing it on Jagzone too. It sounds like a bit of grudging respect is starting to head GC's way, which I think is fair enough. As Dick Dastardly says, GC comes across as 'focused and ambitious'-that's what I want to see in a Jags manager.
  9. westertonjagfan

    Ryan Williamson signs

    Impressed so far.
  10. westertonjagfan

    Ryan Williamson signs

    I think Shea is a class act. Very happy with this.
  11. westertonjagfan

    Ryan Williamson signs

    At first glance I thought it was Ryan Stevenson. Zoinks.
  12. westertonjagfan


    I'm no fan of GC - I'm gutted at Doolz going and at the way in which it was done-however, to be fair to him a lot of what he's saying makes sense. The test will of course be at the end of the coming season. I also think to have arranged a meet the fans event a few days after the Doolz situation broke shows he's either, as someone said in another thread, got balls of steel or he's nuts. He'll not be given an easy ride at Firhill on Wednesday,
  13. westertonjagfan

    A night with GC

    A couple of days of notice is a piece of nonsense for something this important. I'm pretty pissed off I won't be here for this as I ( I'm sure like many folk) have to work and can't rearrange something at this short notice. Looking forward to reading the details from folk on the forum, though.
  14. westertonjagfan


    Absolutely gutted. Surely his testimonial game in September will still go ahead?
  15. westertonjagfan

    Season 2019-20

    I think there might be something in that theory....interesting.