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  1. I'm going with a few pals for the Morton game. Last time we were there was just before Caldwell got bumped. I thought the food was great and really enjoyed the whole day. I'll definitely be doing the stadium tour again and we'll hopefully get into the dressing room again-most of the players we saw at the last tour are no longer with us...
  2. This post appears to have helped my sanity to return after last night. Good post.
  3. All he had to do was square the fecking ball.
  4. Great performance from their keeper too.
  5. Well deserved win for RR. We could take a leaf out of their book. Players who seem to give a ****. Hope they go on to to win it now.
  6. Absolute pish. Sneddon on asap.
  7. Let's hope for a good win tonight. (Puts on rose-tinted specs for watching the game)
  8. I'm giving serious consideration to listening to this on Jagzone. Seriously scunnered. Seriously.
  9. I felt no confidence at all that things would get any better when Caldwell was given the job and nothing he did disabused me of that fact. As soon as McCall got the job, I was certain that things would get better. Yesterday was mince and I'm as concerned as any other fan but I'd much rather have McCall try to find a way out of this than Caldwell or most of the other candidates who were mentioned after Caldwell got the boot. McCall has, imo, correctly identified and quickly shifted out the players who most needed to be gone. He's completed a transfer window which appears to have been mostly positive and has a plan for going forward. Does that make yesterday any better? Nope, but it still gives me hope.
  10. Definitely tough. I feel a 'must win the final game to be safe' situation heaving over the horizon again....
  11. Totally agree. The Ayr player leaned in and fell over. Very soft and not a penalty for me, either.
  12. I'm actually fairly positive after last night. First of all, Ayr were a bunch of hacking ********-the ref really didn't get a grip on that at all. McKinnon when he's fitter will be a real player for us. I thought that all of the new players looked a cut well above who we released and you can see what McCall is trying to achieve. I really liked the look of the new wee defender and thought the penalty was soft -also thought Joe Cardle had his best game in a long time. Zanatta needs to stop pulling out of tackles and get in the mix a bit more. Quietly confident.....for next season.