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  1. I really like it, reminds me a bit of the 2010/2011 kit with the paintbrush effect.
  2. We've decided not to pursue legal action as it would potentially be too costly.
  3. I'm fast coming to the opinion that we should cause as much damage to other clubs as is possible and hurt them financially. Its incredibly petty, but **** them. They're determined to sacrifice our club to try and protect themselves and we should not go down without a fight. The current proposal would ensure no club is punished, and there is minimal disruption to everyone.
  4. My current feelings are probably heavily influenced by what's happened over the last couple of months. Ross County have been particularly keen to avoid helping any of the disadvantaged clubs.
  5. Ross ******* County. One club I would happily see disappear off the face of the earth. Their chairman has been obstructive at every stage of this process. A thoroughly dislikable man.
  6. 17 of the 22 clubs in the Premiership and Championship would need to vote in favour for the plans to pass, and 32 from all four divisions combined. Is what the BBC are saying. Its not unimaginable that these kinds of numbers could be achieved.
  7. If any clubs vote against this, then it will almost certainly be for those sorts of reasons. Certain clubs just seem determined to obstruct at every stage. Can only hope that some sort of common sense and decency take hold. Would hope that the championship clubs would trade off Hearts to have us and Falkirk in the league but who knows.
  8. Hearts and Rangers suggestions didn't pass today apparently. Clubs have been offered a 14-10-10-10 league set up which would be permanent. Monday for a decision. This should get the support of many of the lower league teams as there is really no material change and will actually mean promotion for a couple of teams. Will hinge on the Premier League teams.
  9. Story on BBC about Doncaster speaking to the Premier League teams about trying to find a consensus on reconstruction, specifically a 14 team Premier League for around 5 seasons. I would suggest that Sky may have had a hand in this and will want the Edinburgh derbies for their coverage. This will probably mean a reprieve for us if two go up from the championship and there is no relegation. If the SPFL are driving the reconstruction then you can guarantee the outcome will be what they want it to be. By hook or by crook. Edited to add: the money being gifted to the SPFL looks like being spread evenly between all member clubs, which is a bit ridiculous really.
  10. Suggestions that championship clubs are going to vote against this as it would mean that in two years there would be potentially 6 teams involved in relegation. This is just such a narrow minded view, even with more relegation spaces there would be a bigger league offering more security. There's also the possibility that they could keep the 2 leagues of 14 if they so wished after the 2 year period.
  11. Merkel announced earlier that the bundesliga could resume in the second half of May on a date of their choosing. Meeting tomorrow supposedly where I would imagine a date for the first fixtures will be announced.
  12. There was still one team to vote from the Premier League. Could well be either them or Hearts.
  13. Why have they released the votes without everyone voting? Absolute madness! That's a lot of pressure on the last team in the championship to submit a vote. Basically all rests on them now.
  14. Scottish Government are going to recommend the cancellation of gatherings of 500+ people as of Monday. The SPFL will have a decision to make at that point.