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  1. Scottish Government are going to recommend the cancellation of gatherings of 500+ people as of Monday. The SPFL will have a decision to make at that point.
  2. I thought barring the first 15-20 mins we were the better team, but QOTS are very poor so it's maybe not much to shout about. I think if we had gotten the equaliser, we would have went on to win that. The header Miller had that he headed down into the ground was the big chance I think.
  3. And it's announced! Archie and Scally as his assistants.
  4. Looks like the club's Twitter is about to drop the news!
  5. Club's twitter feed seems to suggest this with their latest post. Good signing!
  6. On the same night as the Champions League so almost certainly not. Apparently the SFA would have to pay UEFA to televise games that are on the same time as CL matches so it's highly unlikely that they'll do it.
  7. Initially I was very, very impressed with what he had to say for himself and for the way he intended to set the team up. That was quickly eroded with the incredibly poor form that we had in his first few months in charge. I was, and probably still am to a certain degree, concerned in his inability to at least grind out results with the squad that he inherited. Good managers can generally get a tune out of a decent squad, whereas I felt that we regressed after his appointment. I was, like many others, bitterly disappointed to see Erskine leave and believe that he still had a lot to offer the team and I think the decision to let him go is an error in judgement on Caldwell's part. That being said, there certainly seems to be a movement in the right direction and on the face of it, the January transfer window is looking like being a real success. If by getting in the players he wants allows him to play in the style that he wants, then I believe that the results will pick up. I feel he deserves the criticism for the teams performances from his appointment till the beginning of January, but that doesn't mean that I don't want him to succeed or that I will be anything other than delighted if he were to turn the current situation around and untimately have us challenging for promotion.
  8. We're already in a relegation dogfight. Not to say we can't get out of it, but we're definitely already there.
  9. Don't know if it was the last time, but I remember us playing Gretna at Firhill (3-3 comeback game) the same day as Scotland played the USA at Hampden. This was 13 years ago this very day.
  10. Has there been something said by Thistle about Caldwell's time at Chesterfield? A few posts suggesting that there is something going on, but I can't see anything after a (albeit very quick) google search.
  11. Wouldn't read too much into stuff like this. The market on our next manager will be that small that a couple of small bets could cause a bookie to bring odds in like this.
  12. Whoever is selecting the team.
  13. That's a fair point. Maybe we would rather the playing surface at Firhill was protected more coming into the winter than moving a game there to suit one player, as you say though he's not coming off of an injury. If he's not on the bench this Saturday though then questions should be getting asked.
  14. Could also be why Neilson went to Dundee United if he had a concrete offer from them, and we weren't willing to offer the same at that point in time. More likely that he's went for more money, but that could have been part of it.
  15. Bizarre. Waited so long for his registration to come through then the first 2 games after we have it he's not in either squad. He should have played some part in the game yesterday if only to get his match fitness up. We need him in the first team ASAP.
  16. I don't really see anything wrong with the club speaking to Neilson whislt there is still an active deadline for applications. They may decide that they want to speak to the applicants as and when they apply to try and speed up the process, but hold off on an actual decision until they have spoken to all the applicants.
  17. I think it's fair to say that Archie was one of the main reasons that we were promoted the season we were. He may have taken on McNamara's team but he made them much more solid and better placed for promotion. When McNamara departed we had went 6 games without a win away from home, had that sort of form continued then who knows what would have happened. Archie then won 6 out of the next 8 away games (home form was pretty uniform between both managers). We conceded 19 goals in 20 games under McNamara and 8 in the remaining 16 games under Archie. McNamara undoubtedly built a very good team, but Archie deserves credit for getting the best out of it. There's enough to give him a hard time over without making up stuff from when he took over.
  18. Cathro is proven as a good coach, but as a manager he was found lacking. In fairness to him, however, I do think that the quality of players that Levein got him compared to the players he is now signing for himself is night and day. Had Levein backed him the way he seems to be backing himself then things may have been different. I would be surprised if Cathro goes back into management though, he seems to be onto a winner coaching with Nuno Espirito Santo.
  19. Out of all the names being suggested, the only one that looks like providing the style of play we are looking for is Ian McCall . It would probably tough to get him away from Ayr but not impossible. I'm sure that he'll be on the radio at some point this week and that he'll be asked about it.
  20. Probably the correct decision, very sad day however.