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  1. Highlandjag

    Ross County On Saturday

    I have a good feeling about this one and County are due a defeat. I hope we bring a good support as Dingwall is a great day out and at this time of the year the journey up from Glasgow should be enjoyable although the current good weather is due to change at the week-end with some showers. The team I would go for is: ...................Fox............ SOD..Frans..Balatoni..Booth ..........Osman......Bannigan Lawless......Stevenson......Higginbotham ..................Taylor.......... Final score 2-1 jags with Taylor and Lawless scoring.
  2. Highlandjag

    County Game

    This is a local game for me so really looking forward to it and I have a feeling it is going to be a good game with both teams going for a win. County are on a good run but it has to come to an end and I have feeling we will win 2-1 although I would take a draw. Although I like Stevenson I would keep the same team as Saturday. I also hope we bring a good support (three of going) as the North stand at Victoria Park gives a good atmosphere with a decent crowd in it.
  3. Highlandjag

    St Johnstone 25Th October

    Have to say I agree entirely with read 'n' yell on his comments about Doolan. He will get us 12-15 goals over a season and he does work hard but he just doesn't contribute enough overall to the team. He gets knocked off the ball too easily and is not good at holding onto the ball for long enough to bring other players into play. I would still hold on to him as good strikers are thin on the ground but he is well short of Lyle Taylor who really did put defenders under a lot of pressure.
  4. Highlandjag

    Stream For Hearts Game

    Not able to go to this one. Anyone know a stream showing the game?
  5. Highlandjag

    Caley... Just In

    Good analysis from mhs and I would pretty much agree with it. I don't think playing both Taylor and Doolan worked and we would have been better with Bauben rather than Doolan. For the short amount of time he was on I thought Moncur looked OK.
  6. Highlandjag

    Racial Abuse

    Just read in this morning's papers that a 17 year old player for East Stirling was racially abused at Peterhead. He is still at school and was apparently taken off the pitch in tears by his manager. What a terrible experience and a shameful one for Peterhead and indeed Scottish football. Hopefully it was just one or two ignorant individuals involved but Peterhead FC and the SFA need to take actions to stop this happening again.
  7. Highlandjag

    Ross County V Thistle

    This is a local game for me and after the great win against Aberdeen I'm really looking forward to this one. County with their new arrivals are looking good (particularly Kiss) and I think this has all the makings of a cracking game and an important one for both teams. I would keep the same starting line-up and our forwards are showing they have goals in them. The away end at County is good for atmosphere if there is a decent crowd so hoping a good Thistle support comes up. How many do you thing we can bring - is 500 possible? Prediction 2-1 Thistle.
  8. Highlandjag

    Jags V St Johnstone

    What is the latest with our suspensions and injuries for Saturday? I guess Bannigan and Balatoni will be available from suspension but SOD will still be out. Are we likely to have Welsh, Lawless and Higginbotham available? If we are relatively free of injures and suspensions then there are a few interesting team options and I would go for: Fox McMillan Muirhead Piccolo ATS Craigen Welsh Bannigan Osbourne Doolan Higginbotham
  9. Highlandjag

    Just In - Ross County

    Absolutely brilliant and everyone played well. Back 4 terrific with O'donnel and ATS bombing forward and getting behind the County defence. Lawless took his 2 goals well and was a constant menace. Absolutely nothing wrong with Higginbothams goal and he looks a good signing. I wouldn't change the starting line-up for the Hearts game. If this is a taste of the rest of the season then we are in for a brilliant year. Support although not huge was very vocal and really got behind the team despite the stewards trying to spoil the fun. Players appreciated the fans at the end and Fox in particular looked over the moon. Just a great time to be a Thistle fan.
  10. Highlandjag

    Ross County On Saturday

    Local game for me which is great as it was 1.15am before I got home after the Dundee United game. I'm feeling fairly positive about it and reckon we will get a draw and perhaps even sneak a win. The County fans are quite confident with most believing they will win and they seem pleased that Scott Boyd is available after injury. They also speak highly of their new Dutch striker Luckassen. Hope there is a big Thistle support as away fans are in the new stand (built last year) behind the goal and the atmosphere is good - can we bring 1,000 or even more? Seven of us locally based fans going along - who else is going?
  11. Highlandjag

    Transfer Targets

    Heard that Lee Miller is choosing between us and Kilmarnock.