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  1. Vinnyjag

    New Owner

    Stay in the house
  2. Vinnyjag

    Who Will Replace Caldwell?

    Gary Caldwell
  3. Vinnyjag

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    According to twitter, McPake turned down an 11th hour approach from us
  4. Vinnyjag

    Mitch Austin

    Partick Thistle are still hopeful of signing Mitch Austin despite a hitch in his medical, according to a report. The Australian was in Glasgow over the weekend and a deal was expected to be completed. But bruising suffered in his last game at Sydney FC has held the deal up and scans on an ACL injury are also being studied, according to the Evening Times.
  5. Vinnyjag

    Jags V Hamilton 20/07/19

    Good performance yesterday controlled most of the game, more than matched the Prem team and finished the stronger. Fitness levels look good, fair play to GC for making the subs and tactical changes early enough to have an impact on the game. A lot to be positive heading into the league season and squad at this point compared to this time last season is miles better
  6. Vinnyjag

    Evening with Gary Caldwell

    I was there and GC’s overview was superb, suffice to say if the players put in as much effort on the park as GC clearly does in their preparation then we will be in a really good position.
  7. Vinnyjag

    Championship summer transfer thread - all the ins...

    People getting annoyed about how you announce a player is leaving for **** sake there’s only one way to say it. He wants to go we are getting good money for him that will be used for players who actually want to be at our club, how else can you say that!!!
  8. Vinnyjag

    Scott Fox Signs

    *As Meh
  9. Vinnyjag

    Scott Fox Signs

    Fox would have been County’s first choice keeper in the Premier League had he chosen to stay there, so to refer to this signing as is nonsense.
  10. Vinnyjag

    Scott Fox Signs

    On official site now. Good signing we couldn’t have only gone with Sneddon and an under 18 keeper. Fox great experience and provides good competition
  11. Vinnyjag

    New Owner

    The only thing that makes me believe that the new investor may be real is the fact that the club haven’t put out any statement saying it’s a load of nonsense. They have been quick to quell rumours in the past.
  12. Vinnyjag

    Fixtures out this coming Friday

    This 100%, last time we played Arbroath away first game of season we went on to win the league
  13. Vinnyjag

    Cammy Bell freed

    Think new striker coming in will be Lewis Mansell
  14. Vinnyjag

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    Looked like McMillan got a sore one on Saturday and I assume Christie was injured at HT, therefore could be s back four of Saunders RB, Anderson McGinty and Penrice.
  15. Vinnyjag

    Falkirk 16 March

    You clearly were not at the game if you think we were lucky to get a draw. Falkirk had a 15 minute spell towards the end of the first half other than that we dominated the game. Simply watching 13 minutes of highlights doesn’t provide an accurate reflection of the game. It was important that we didn’t lose on Saturday, we now have an opportunity on Friday to go above both Falkirk and QoS and hopefully the players have a more positive mindset than some on this forum. Agree with your comments on Hazard and Sneddon