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  1. almost twenty hours on from the final whistle, i thought i'd catch up on posts since last looked at thread pre kick off ..... after wading through a fair number of total heads gone posts, comments from some who were seemingly watching a different match, and some reasonable posts of sense while not always reflecting my overall view, i am happy to see the following post which says it as i saw it, player by player, as well as the bigger picture in terms of pairings, subs as well as formations, tactics and the like yesterday and for for the future ..... saved me considering typing out long post that potty has done, so, while out of likes, have an imaginary like from me. only additional observations i'd make is we didn't miss osman, welsh slowed and reversed our momentum while mcdaid would have done opposite and filled the erskine role perfectly, dools should have been on earlier too, and some in the northy need to learn how to sing for more than ten seconds in a chant ..... back the team and management for ninety minutes every game, not ten seconds here and there.
  2. no sprinklers required north stand and jackie in full voice for the full game and
  3. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/new-stadium-announcer-at-firhill/ last paragraph may help you in your quest young mister energy
  4. set up beautifully for the headline writers ..... barton scores winner in new glasgow derby let's just hope it's at the right end and not an og
  5. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/joey-barton-probed-sfa-over-8872350 thick chunt
  6. to the greatest club in red yellow and black that you will ever play for, thorsten shutoutmann, welcome you we do.
  7. i'd love us to rip out the seats in the ns, turn it into a traditional old school terracing ..... now maxi is on the inside, he can push for this and make it happen i'm sure ..... and if uefa refuse us to use firhill because of the terracing, in champions league in five years from now, we can just do a spurs and have our euro home games at hampden ..... or offer ten bob and a carry out to either of the arsecheeks for rent of their gaffs since they won't be using them on these nights
  8. unfortunately, what mr mac says about our attendances over last thirty years and the seventy per cent empty for most games, is correctly the unfortunate reality of the situation. even when the green arsecheek comes visiting (or, when the five year old zombie blue arsecheek finally does visit), we can't fill the ground. at same time, don't think there is one single jags fan who looks at the city end (or the bing as it is affectionately known as to some, gnome heaven to others), or indeed any visiting opposition fan, and enthusiastically thinks "that looks great, makes the stadium look so much better" (and "wish we had something like that at our stadium" if they're a visitor). so while we can't justify building a stand with seats or a terracing at the city end solely for the sake of "to make the place look a bit better", how about this ..... the club erects a hoarding the length of the city end, height of ns, and gets the guy who did the mural walking up to the jhs, to paint a stand jam packed with thistle fans ..... or contact art college, get them to take it on as a project for their students ..... if it gets in way of the view of advertising scaffold, just extend its height ..... the club could even make some money from it, by getting actual supporters to pay (for example) twenty five pounds each to have their mugshots painted on it, cover it with a decent coating, and it will last for decades
  9. chelsea, southampton, swansea, sunderland, west brom all reportedly interested in signing him ..... and now partic£ thi$l€ i'm certain weir ahead of these clubs for his signature
  10. off you pop then tom, bothered we are not, we've got better in adam and the best barton in the league now anyway ..... and dundees a shitehole. :P
  11. if it's like this, sell tickets for it they should, i'd buy a ticket to see this, another revenue stream for the club hmmmm? http://youtu.be/sj6-LG5VpGk
  12. we've paid money, real transfer money for him too. tbf, when i first heard we were signing adam barton, i thought we'd be seeing this lovely appearing in the jags support cheering him on
  13. spent a while navigating around the new site ..... first impressions is it looks good, seems to be a lot of new pages too, works fine on pc, tablet and phone, well done to all involved. one wee gripe ..... https://ptfc.co.uk/fans/north-stand/ killjoys. who's up for some surfing on saturday?
  14. iirc tag basic was similar cost to jagzone basic, while tag deluxe or whatever it was termed as, was similar cost to jagzone world. season ticket holders got tag basic included with their st ..... will this arrangement/deal continue with jagzone basic for st holders?