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  1. PAWS 2018-19

    I thought this season was meant to be cheap!
  2. Team rebuilding

    I wonder if we'll have a full bench tomorrow...
  3. That would be good, as it would mean we'd been promoted too!
  4. Questions for Archie

    Do tell.
  5. Ayr at home

    Yeah, but the guy was about 5 yards away. Still don't know why that stood.
  6. Ayr at home

    I think we're out of jail. Thanks Hearts and tough luck fake Jags. Makes up slightly for the 2nd vote.
  7. Ayr at home

    3-0 you mean! 3-0 you mean!
  8. PAWS 2018-19

    Two pounds a goal and a fiver a clean sheet for me. Last season was pretty cheap!
  9. Team rebuilding

    Barton sells the jersey!
  10. James Penrice scores v Morton 17.07.2018

    He had to defend his near post, and he had to get something on the cross otherwise Gordon was tapping in at the far post. Not enough though, and Penrice, also unmarked, was able to knock it in. Morton defence didn't help him much.
  11. Stenny Away

    Match preview has McCarthy & Gordon available. Bell 50-50.
  12. Hearts friendly

    1-3. O'ware scored for us.
  13. Team rebuilding

    That was just the squad numbers.
  14. Team rebuilding

    He'll score against us. Bet your house on it.
  15. Welcome Thomas O ‘Ware

    Dammit - the other feckin Championship! The wee shitty one.