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  1. All SPFL games postponed indefinitely. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51858736
  2. Looks like we have 2 games on March 10. Will the wee game be moved I wonder?
  3. we won 2-1... https://rangers.co.uk/news/academy-news/report-rangers-1-2-partick/
  4. Thinking the same. It's actually been a pretty good day for us!
  5. So - are we out of this yet? Or disqualified for playing a weakened side? Does anyone care?
  6. 1-3 final score. Euan Cameron for the young Jags. Goal machine!
  7. Apart from anything else - Rovers keep possession so much better than Thistle. They also defended the 1st corner they conceded. Always helps.
  8. Mayo's out. It would be Saunders I guess.
  9. Can't believe that. No fans for H&S reasons. No news for can't be arsed reasons. Until I hear otherwise!
  10. Finally a wee tweet from the club, in case anyone gives a shit. 1-1. Barjonas for us.
  11. although news from Ibrox has improved my mood...