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  1. Albert's Ghost

    Ryan Edwards

    Whoda thunk.
  2. Albert's Ghost

    Joe Cardle signs

  3. Albert's Ghost

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    I had totally forgotten about Bradley Halsman.
  4. Albert's Ghost

    I have had enough of the clubs administration.

    Dearie me.
  5. Albert's Ghost

    Joe Cardle signs

    In case anyone hadn't noticed!
  6. Albert's Ghost

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    Lovely goal. Terrible game. Ayr have nothing now. Easy win on Sat. You'd think.
  7. Albert's Ghost

    Scott McDonald scores v Dunfermline Athletic 06.04.2019

    Thanks as always, Mr C.
  8. Albert's Ghost

    PAWS 2018-19

    I'm ruined. Ruined, ah tell ye!
  9. Albert's Ghost

    Friday night v ICT

    Oh well Alloa got beat. Could have been worse.
  10. Albert's Ghost

    Ross County 23.2.19

    Extra time looms in Inverness!
  11. Albert's Ghost

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Seems Souley set up our goal for Ally on the counter. The Fish scored for them.
  12. Albert's Ghost

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Souley starts for the reserves this afternoon, along with Ally Roy and Lewis Mansell.
  13. Albert's Ghost

    PAWS 2018-19

    FFS this is getting expensive! Caldwell must go!
  14. Albert's Ghost

    East Fife v Jags, 9/2/19

    Bohemians have done the decent thing and pulled out.