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  1. Osman Kakay playing for QPR tonight. (yes I know he was here on loan from QPR)
  2. All SPFL games postponed indefinitely. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51858736
  3. Looks like we have 2 games on March 10. Will the wee game be moved I wonder?
  4. we won 2-1... https://rangers.co.uk/news/academy-news/report-rangers-1-2-partick/
  5. Thinking the same. It's actually been a pretty good day for us!
  6. So - are we out of this yet? Or disqualified for playing a weakened side? Does anyone care?
  7. 1-3 final score. Euan Cameron for the young Jags. Goal machine!
  8. Apart from anything else - Rovers keep possession so much better than Thistle. They also defended the 1st corner they conceded. Always helps.
  9. Mayo's out. It would be Saunders I guess.
  10. Can't believe that. No fans for H&S reasons. No news for can't be arsed reasons. Until I hear otherwise!
  11. Finally a wee tweet from the club, in case anyone gives a shit. 1-1. Barjonas for us.
  12. although news from Ibrox has improved my mood...
  13. I was thinking much the same - although not nearly so politely!
  14. Does anyone have a clue what is happening? Does anyone care? There could be a new addition to Thistle's bulging trophy cabinet, should things go well in this prestigious tournament. But hey ho.
  15. I'm hoping for PTFC twitter updates as all the goals go in. Especially ours. Otherwise my evening will be ruined.
  16. Anyone know when tonight's game kicks off? The club aren't telling.
  17. https://twitter.com/celticfc/status/926012911381774336?lang=en
  18. I thought MacKinnon looked OK against Celtic, at least in the 1st half. But I'm not hearing many positives from yesterday,
  19. Ben Hall scores for Falkirk. Turns out he's dead good after all!
  20. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/kenny-miller-leaves-the-club/