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  1. 9-1 FT. We haven't completely forgotten how to win!
  2. It should not be forgotten, by those who would wish entry to the kingdom of heaven, that this item is prerequisite!
  3. Thanks again. I suppose 1-1 is better than 0-1.
  4. <edit - googled a previous round> Dundee United away.
  5. Shame - good goal, but it killed the game. Same would have happened last week if Stenny hadn't scored. In fairness, we have a big game coming up on Tuesday - maybe some excuse for the negative tactics. Oh and as always thanks Mr C!
  6. Which is undoubtedly where it will/would be.
  7. Banana skin? Surely not...
  8. Whoosh! FT did a wee joke there.
  9. Good call! Looks like Owen's bossing it there.
  10. Kakay, Cole, Palmer, De Vita
  11. I can't envisage 0-0 here. 2 poor defences. That said, it could easily be worse if we play like we played at Ayr.
  12. We should definitely rest Mitch Austin.
  13. Watching those (free) highlights, I'm reminded of the last time Ayr took us apart. Only then we were down to nine men.