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  1. The highlight from the QOTS v Alloa game doesn't fill me with much confidence of Brownlie. Thats up there with the Christie Elliot 'assists' last season. O'ware has not shown enough for me either to be rewarded an extension. The Arbroath game has certainly taken its toll on my hopes for this team.
  2. That wis worse than junior stuff. The wind, a waen would learn quicker than to keep kicking the ball high. As a so called 'football' team we couldn't make a simple pass. There was no idea at all other than kick the ball high out the ground. It was shambolic and an embarrassment, certainly the worst I've seen since the 4 nil humping by the gypsies. McCall, Archie, Scally, all standing there watching as we kicked balls onto the roof time and again. We could have picked 11 from the terraces that could have done better and that's no even joking. If that was Caldwell in charge the forum would be in meltdown
  3. Hopefully McCall can get more from zanatta as he has ability. Much like Erskine in the sense he could be absolutely unplayable one game then mince the next
  4. Has there been any official news of us signing docherty and brownlie on pre-contracts?
  5. Admittedly only seeing the highlights, Penrice, although doing well to get back, makes a poor decision with his 'intervention'. The second goal is typical of us where we stand back and don't close down the shot. We have conceded a fair few goals from deflections, there's nothing the keeper can do when the ball changes direction 5 yards after the ball has been struck. If your going to allow the shot don't stick out a half hearted leg at it. Again its poor decision making and totally avoidable goals. You start to wonder how many goals we have to lose before we learn from it. I'm sure there are positives to be taken from the game and im looking forward to seeing us do the business next weekend up in Arbroath.
  6. Id rather Tony Christie. The amount of money from that game last night we should be able to add another couple of decent quality players.
  7. Agree totally. Sit in and we will get beat without giving ourselves a chance. As Dennis McQuade says in the Times, go for it and you never know
  8. We would need to put rainbow colours on it though in keeping with our open closet stance
  9. However, what if a true Thistle fan changes his mind and decides he wants to go now. Its Wednesday, there are hundreds of available seats but the club says they cant sell anymore tickets. Is that what your suggesting?
  10. How could this be prevented? If our fans are not buying the tickets and the 'away' section is sold out, do we just stop selling all the tickets for the home end?
  11. I was making a general point regarding the roles and responsibilities of a goalkeeper. I never made any reference to Fox. While he has his failings, I think he is as good as were going to get.
  12. It was easy to stop this as well. All the club had to do was ask real Thistle fans to display their TAG membership ID's when purchasing tickets......... The OP is over the top. You've made out their turning up at Firhill wearing full Celtic regalia buying tickets. How would you have prevented this? If there are Celtic fans in the home section on Saturday causing trouble then they should be ejected. If they are sitting quietly causing no bother, then that's fair game in my book. At least it will guarantee a full house.
  13. A good goalkeeper should be commanding his whole 18 yard box. If a cross ball comes within at least 8 yards from the goal it should definitely be the keepers ball. As for coaching, your never to old to learn. If he cant do what you ask of him, you find someone else who can, its as simple as that.
  14. Reading the last sentence he will still be a part of the coaching setup at Hamilton yet on the look out for a new team. Seems like a strange arrangement playing for one team and coaching another, albeit there youth team
  15. Just the eight? That's optimistic for you