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  1. Strange that it seems your permitted to make so many substitutions however good in the sense that we were able to give the younger boys decent time on the park.
  2. What facts? He scored goals for fun for the U21's and there was that game in Perth where he played arguably his best game. I don't remember him getting much of a chance after that when Sammon and Storey signed.
  3. Just picking up on the points made on Sneddon. We have a goalkeeping coach in Kenny Arthur, there must be more to his role than standing 10 yards away kicking a ball at him in the warm up. The boy himself has been in and around the players for a long time now, he should have the confidence now to be in control at all times and communicating to his defence. If that's missing then more often than not, its panic stations when a ball is put into the box. I don't know what they do in training all week but I'd like to think its more than some stretching, running and a 10-21er. We have McCall, Archie, Scally, Arthur etc. What are we getting coached? Someone also mentioned Nesbit had become stale and needed a move, is that not the manager or coaches job to get the best out of them? The way we play, even if we had Messi, we could make him look like a diddy.
  4. How much money have we thrown at building a team of duds over the last couple of years? While useful, its not the be all and end all. Ayr, Arbroath, Alloa have built a team on a fraction of our budget. Throwing more money onto the fire might bring temporary relief but unless there is a real plan to address the problem we will just find ourselves in the same position.
  5. Give you a clue. He was with us all the time and Archie let him go. Put 5 goals passed us in 2 games. Apparently being scouted by Sevco (although he's never that standard). Penny for Archie's thoughts yesterday.
  6. There has been a lot of mistakes made that has led to this shite. However, there's no point going over the same old ground as to how we have got here, we all know the assistant in the dug oot is to blame. Only a total rebuild will turn us around.
  7. we were on a downward trajectory long before Caldwell
  8. The nightmare continues. All aboard the train to oblivion. As has been said, I feel for those that made the journey. What a waste of time and money that would have been. Its an absolutely tragic scoreline ETA Archie watching 'one of or own' bag a hat trick. That decision has came back to haunt us.
  9. We are top heavy with midfielders. Its the attacking side of our game that has been woeful for at least 2 years. Another striker has to be top of the wish list. As for defensive midfielders, what bracket does Banzo fall under? I've heard him described as one of the best in the league? A defensive midfielder is the default position when you have no pace and/or no skill. Some of our players cant even pass the ball 10 yards to each other. If neither Slater, Banzo, Harkins, Palmer, Cole are defensive midfielders then what else are they doing marking each other in the centre circle?
  10. Shea's goals will be a miss however if there is a position we are short of cover, its certainly not midfield.
  11. Looks like a craig levein tactic that
  12. Hope its a standard Saturday 3pm kick off and not a Friday or Sunday game at some obscene time to suit the TV.
  13. Stephen O'Donnell came across very well too. He spoke of some Thistle fans not giving McNamara any credit for the team he built all to suit there agenda. The Doolan scenario was completely unnecessary and put him under even more pressure from the fans than there needed to be. The manner of our defeat against Morton was disastrous.
  14. That's as poor as we've ever been. I would take banzo off before he's sent off
  15. Impressive and unexpected result. Is it too late to win the league?