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  1. Players being subbed having to leave the field at nearest point to touch line rather than halfway is positive from time wasting perspective imo. Would like to see by kicks having to be taken from the side of goal the ball went out of play, same as corners, to cut down on keepers taking the piss too.
  2. Wouldn't be the first time a board of the club, or at least a member of the board acting on behalf of a related party in this instance, has gone and done something stupid without achieving planning consent first. See the bing for the legacy of that decision. The timescales placed on having planning permission in place for this project were always ambitious at best. I said on here at the time that the site is basically on a flood plain bordering the Kelvin, so they don't just have to convince East Dunbartonshire council that it's viable, they have to convince The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency as well. This would have been abundantly clear from the start, a quick look at SEPA's flood plain map on their website can confirm as much, and if a contamination issue has come up as well then a quick route to approval is going to be even more unlikely.
  3. Agreed, I was sceptical after the first couple of months but it’s looking a lot brighter now and I’m definitely looking forward to going to games again. It always irked that under Archibald and Patterson, two of our best defenders in the last few decades, we were so often disorganised at the back and it cost us regularly. Caldwell has come in and after a shitefest start seems to have clamped it in one transfer window with good short term signings and helping a few players find consistent form.
  4. Coulibaly last minute winner after coming on with 5 to go, celebrated by revealing a Chris Erskine T-shirt under his strip in front of the bench.
  5. If he had some sort of surgical procedure you'd think he would need to be cleared by the medical staff to play. So is he just self diagnosing / shit stirring out of frustration or is he genuinely ready? Surprised no one appears to have tagged the club or Caldwell in that twitter exchange. Might prompt an update. Given the fanfare of the signing and then granting of his registration I'd have expected more regular update on his progress generally. Something seems off anyway.
  6. Not really, he did nothing other than foul folk and pass the ball out of play a couple of times. Looked off the pace and probably why every challenge was trailing.
  7. Harkins got two yellows and walked, soft or not and he shouldn’t have given the ref the decision to make. My problem with it is Osman getting away with with flying into every tackle in the first half late and only picking up one booking. He got away with wiping out Bannigan after the ball was well away along with several wee snipes at Spittal after he was round him. Need to see the penalty claim again but looked like a clear barge in the back when Slater was in possession. Passback to the keeper in the first half?... shat it.
  8. Great news and gives a bit of reassurance on the relationship between players and management.
  9. Like a few others I was up for giving Caldwell a chance even though he wouldn't have been my choice. I would also have given him the benefit of the doubt with this team until now if he didn't come across as such a pompous arse in almost every interview. If Bannigan goes to Ayr in January I think that would be a pretty big hint towards the dressing room opinion of the new manager and the state of the club behind the scenes in general. Regardless of their position at the moment Bannigan could easily see out the season with us and move to Ayr if they go up, or another Premier team, in the summer. So to leave now would say more about the club at the moment than Bannigan in my view.
  10. Being ten points behind the league leaders was bad enough but being ten points behind a Morton team we beat comfortably at Firhill would be downright depressing. It's time to unleash Coulibaly. If he's blowing out his arse by half time then take him off.
  11. Says it's the second year in a row though so the previous years payment should be included?
  12. I think international clearance relates to registration with a specific Country’s association rather than an employment visa or whatever so being born in the EU wouldn’t matter. I’m pretty sure it’s even required moving between UK home nation associations and timing is more about how quickly it is sent, received and processed each side.
  13. They've been sponsoring us in some shape or form for years and if this is supporting the viability of the u16's go free scheme then I can't see any problem.
  14. Yeah there are flood defence bunds along the perimeter of a field further up at the housing but the land is downstream of that area so there will definitely need to be something in place. I'm sure EDC will have been very accommodating at the prospect. There's no doubt it will be in the submission, just pointing that it's a notorious site for flooding and they'll have to convince SEPA as well as the planners that it can work.
  15. Fantastic news, although it will be interesting to see how the planning goes given that it's on/surrounded by a flood plain