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  1. Training Ground Update

    Yeah there are flood defence bunds along the perimeter of a field further up at the housing but the land is downstream of that area so there will definitely need to be something in place. I'm sure EDC will have been very accommodating at the prospect. There's no doubt it will be in the submission, just pointing that it's a notorious site for flooding and they'll have to convince SEPA as well as the planners that it can work.
  2. Training Ground Update

    Fantastic news, although it will be interesting to see how the planning goes given that it's on/surrounded by a flood plain
  3. douglas clark

    As hard as it was to watch last night and listen to Sutton and co on BT Sports, I think our players should be made to watch the game today and listen to the utter tanking they were taking from the commentary team. If Archie can't inspire them, and fans reactions aren't sinking in then perhaps some home truths from former pros might ring home a bit.
  4. Are We Finished?

    In prematch interview Archie was asked and said that will likely be it unless there is an emergency
  5. Jags V Dons

    Archie under contract until 2019, him and the board have stated there has been no approach. Someone at our end would have to be telling pretty large porkies For thatbto be the case.
  6. Ex-Jags Who Became Legends Elsewhere

    Tommy Bryce and Andy Thomson are both listed in the "Legends" section of Queen of the South's website. http://www.qosfc.com/legends
  7. Ex-Jags Who Became Legends Elsewhere

    I believe Scott Boyd has just had a testimonial with Ross County
  8. Player Of The Year Event 2017

    Gets my vote. No coincidence that the defence improved immensely since his return imo.
  9. 6 Degrees Of Separation

    My girlfriend and I rented Geordie Shaw's house a few years ago. When we went to view it he opened the door and I lamely exclaimed "You're George Shaw, eh?" He was brand new though, brought a pile of old photos out that various newspaper photographers had given him over the years. Remember Alex Martin? A member of our forgettable squad during John McVeigh era. He stayed down the road from my parents and I was always on "Awrite mate" terms with him. Used to go in to the local when he was with us (but wasn't playing) every Saturday night wearing his PTFC suit with the stealth bomber badge embroidered on it
  10. Given our record against them at McDairmid prior to last season, I think we are probably due at least a decade of dominance over them at Firhill.
  11. Aberdeen Vs Partick Thistle 20/08/2016

    The stream is pretty poor so can't really see clearly whether he is caught. Certainly caught out being too casual anyway. Didn't appear to be much remonstration with the ref after either.
  12. Dan Does A Conrad

    Was Seaborne actually offered a deal to stay?
  13. Liam Lindsay

    Liam Lindsay has all the attributes to develop into a very good centre half, I'll be surprised if he doesn't make the club a decent wedge at some point. He's got two ideal mentors at the moment in Archie and Shaggy coupled with regular first team football at this level so he's well placed to kick on. Agree this is could be a big season for him. If he does continue to improve he won't be far away from some U21 national squad.
  14. Qots 23/07/2016

    Sean Welsh was ok today, however he does not have any more vision for a pass than anyone else in and around that area of the team I'm afraid. He is robbed of the ball frequently and misplaces passes because he dwells on it too long a lot, taking three touches when one and a pass is easily on. I will agree with you and give him his due in that he never hides though. You're also correct about Hamill and it was most pleasing to see him slink off at the end without so much as a glance to the JHS after his time-wasting, ear-cupping antics.
  15. 2016/17 Fixtures

    Was this actually confirmed as being the case for Hearts? There was a suggestion on P&B that it did not reflect a straight swap.