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  1. Just out of curiosity, when you say "By all accounts" whose accounts are you specifically referring to?
  2. My guess is Hearts or their “wealthy benefactor” are paying our way as it makes their case look better.
  3. If we are forced to mothball we will absolutely have a solid legal case to pursue.
  4. Clyde are entitled to look after themselves but the last sentence is a bit rich considering the way they voted previously to end the season. These arguments were as applicable then too.
  5. I'm not sure whether this will go through or not, probably the latter. As with our situation though, it is unlikely to be the clubs perceived to be negatively affected that cast the decisive votes.
  6. Sorry, I’m not buying this bottom up logic. It is not the same. Any league system is tiered from top down and viewed accordingly. Lets at least stick to realistic comparisons if we are going to discuss it. You don’t need to shoehorn us into a ridiculous format to get an unfair scenario for us. The current state of play is unfair on us, and as I’ve pointed out we have all more or less accepted that this will happen unless an option that is on the table is taken up.
  7. Fair enough, you/they can see it as a relegation if you want but by definition it wouldn’t be, and that is how it will be positioned by the SPFL.
  8. Is this not what is being proposed here? How is no relegation for this season to be achieved otherwise, when no movement at all has been ruled out? Arguably Clyde could be in a better position to challenge for promotion to what would be a more lucrative Championship, for them. I don’t think it’s being particularly hypocritical when as things stand we are down and have accepted as much if no further solution can be found.
  9. Not sure about Clyde to be honest, they would be playing at the same level they are at the moment, the third tier. They aren’t being put down, as is being positioned, they just aren’t moving up.
  10. Possibly. The main point is that it won’t happen without Celtic having some guaranteed extended form of European involvement.
  11. This. It's become more apparent over the last few years with teams, including us, giving up the majority of their stadium to accommodate them. The current set up is nice and cosy for any team in the Premiership, it's all very similar to the conditions that led to the SPL breakaway. The problem for the old firm now though as I see it, is that Celtic have exponentially outgrown Sevco in financial terms, since they morphed into their new entity. They've had the run of it for so long now it is hard to see how that could possibly swing back to any sort of parity even if the other half were to win a league at some point, which I personally just don't see happening anytime soon. Rangers just aren't Celtic's main focus for income these days, they'd most likely do whatever they could to widen the gap given the chance. European football / The Champions League is only going to expand over time and Celtic will be bursting to be part of that, more so than getting 4 league derby games, so a domestic league with fewer games might actually suit them in the longer term at some point. It's only at that point I could see any real expansion of the Premiership. 16 or 18 team top tier, let Celtic crack on and do what they like with regards to expanded European involvement and focus, they'll continue to make much more than the rest in any scenario anyway, and the rest of us hopefully get a more enjoyable and accessible top league set up for fans out of it. The other up-shot being that the h*ns would likely wither again without their quarterly dose of hatred fuelled affirmation to keep them going. Unlikely as that may be because in reality the other premiership clubs also still want the 4 OF gates a year along with minimal relegation risk. It will only happen if/when it suits Celtic.
  12. Agree with some of your points but not this. The fundamental issue here is two clubs (as things stand) being disadvantaged/punished/whatever as a direct result of this unique situation. A temporary solution is better than punishing clubs because the current season couldn't be finished. If it is to be temporary then the next phase of restructuring will, surely, be outlined at the start of the new season so clubs will know from the kick off what they need to do and have a fair sporting chance of doing so, whether that is a return to the current set up or otherwise.
  13. New statement from the h*ns saying they continue to look at legal options and again calling for Doncaster and McKenzie to be suspended in lieu of independent investigation
  14. Hopefully most jags fans will only be inclined to visit two of them anyway.
  15. Ann Budge heading up the reconstruction panel with Les Gray of Hamilton? More to come from this. We will probably still get screwed though.