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  1. jaggymct

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    Haha he "won" lunch with the manager when he renewed his season ticket.
  2. jaggymct

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    My son was told he is a couple of weeks off being fit by McCall etc when he met them last week
  3. jaggymct

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    TFE have stated that they will not be involved once the fan ownership is in place. They are just there to facilitate the transition to fan ownership. This was stated from day 1
  4. jaggymct

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    I agree it all sounds positive, TFE have also stated that JLow is not interested in returning in any capacity. I cant see in the TFE site where they say the training ground will be back on, they say Colin Weir will continue to fund the Acadamy but no mention i can see of the training ground project being back on. The training ground however was always to be owned by TBC not PTFC and so if it was back on would not be part of the TFE pledges.
  5. jaggymct

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    Interesting post from Alan Nixon on Twitter. Sounds like Barnsley fans are less than happy with the consortium
  6. In the podcast they say that they are not trying to be a new Fan Group (like jags tust or PTFC supporters trust) they are just trying to facilitate a change, they envisage other established Fan Groups (ideally merged) to represent the fans
  7. this is the most up to date that's available online ptfc .pdf
  8. jaggymct

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    According to Jordan Campbell on twitter we made a last minute attempt to get Josh McPake on loan before he signed for Dundee so maybe some funds have been freed up after all.
  9. jaggymct

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    This is the exact same wording as in the original announcement on 22nd July on the official site, so nothing has changed. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/partick-thistle-open-day-2019-saturday-10th-august/
  10. I don't seem to be able to download the PDF of the statement, can anyone else ?
  11. I have never received anything from the new supporters trust, i also tried to join the Jags trust a few years back and could not get any replies from them, even sent a joining fee via paypal and received nothing. Seems like these trusts are run for the few.
  12. jaggymct

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    the report in the Daily Mail states that he was in Glasgow, no mention of being actually at Firhill. Does anyone actually know he has been at Firhill ? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7207281/Takeover-Partick-Thistle-faces-EFL-obstacle-consortium-breach-dual-ownership-rules.html
  13. Just announced on twitter that he has signed for stoke for an undisclosed fee ! Edited to add on twitter Barnsley fans seem to think he should go for more than 5m, 2-3m seems to be the more realistic figure being quoted. 15% sell on of 3m would be useful