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  1. p12tfc

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Could they not have signed him but not announced it until clearance was granted?
  2. Only 3 outfield players on the bench for the first game of the season is unacceptable
  3. p12tfc

    Morton on Tuesday Evening

    We looked decent first half but that 2nd half was very worrying for me. We looked unfit. that squad needs around another 5 players one a which being a commanding central midfielder. We looked like we could easily get overrun in there. please please please from now until next week all Elliot should be doing is practicing crossing. Also think we need to get Penrice on corners
  4. p12tfc

    Stenny Away

    If that’s true then his career is likely over
  5. p12tfc

    Team rebuilding

    Anyone know what time kick off is next week?
  6. p12tfc

    Team rebuilding

    Dundee United about to take in around 700k with Armstrong going to Southampton. We really missed out on more serious money for Jack Hendry
  7. p12tfc

    Wouldn't it be nice this coming season........

    Im just hoping we have 2 centre backs that attack the ball in BOTH boxes. Lindsay aside i don't think we have had one for about 10 years. The amount of goals we concede and the lack of goals we score from set pieces is shocking
  8. p12tfc

    Team rebuilding

    We need midfielders and we need them pronto
  9. p12tfc

    Team rebuilding

    Dunfermline have signed the Longridge brothers. Are we twiddling our thumbs hoping for the best?
  10. p12tfc

    Playing Squad Update

    With pre season starting I would guess 3 weeks on Monday we really need to start getting players in. If we are serious about challenging for the title we can’t have players coming in mid August with no/little pre season under their belts. Add in the fact most of these guys will not have played with each other we really need a full squad for day 1 of pre season
  11. p12tfc

    Team rebuilding

    Yeah but what im getting at is its likely within the next say 5-10 years we could have gone up a division then down again etc... The treams i mentioned Motherwell and Killie have been in that league for what seems like forever
  12. p12tfc

    Team rebuilding

    Couldn’t agree more. Did I want to be relegated? Obviously not but I think the championship will be far more enjoyable than the prem. I’ve always thought being a Motherwell or Killie fan must be really boring. Same grounds year after year after year
  13. p12tfc

    New Management

    I read it is as possibly 1 year in championship then promotion the following season minimum. Whether you agree with Archie staying or not that's a brilliant statement. Fans know the target that's been set which is a rarity in football these days
  14. p12tfc

    Livingston 2nd leg

    3-0 at halftime. Heard it here first
  15. p12tfc

    Livingston 2nd leg

    We got totally sucked into their style last night but i think the pitch kind of forced us into that. Very hard to play when 5 yard passes are bobbling up shin high. Itll be a different game on the bigger/smoother surface at Firhill. I think we need an extra body in midfield to get the ball down and pass around (oh for a fit Bannigan). In an ideal world id take out Booth (2 games in 4 days might be tough) Sammon and Barton and put in Elliot, Spittal/Erskine and possibly McCarthy. The problem with that is we take a lot of height out of the team so unlikely they will all be replaced. Putting Storey in is an option but hes been so poor recently that i cant see it. Id go: Cerny McGinn Devine Cargill Booth/Elliot Woods McCarthy/Barton Spittal Edwards/Erskine Lawless Doolan Get the ball down and pass it around and let the big bodies of Livingston chase us around. I take heart from the fact we were absolutely diabolical but only lost by 1. Livi wanted it more 100% but in reality were they that much better than we were? I don't think they were An early goal (please please please) and all the momentum will be in our favour. All to play for IMO Oh and don't give away any daft fouls