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  1. My hope is that they find a way for the Championship to start and invite any teams from league 1&2 who can/want to play into that league. I’d say ourselves and Falkirk take part then they run with a 12 team league with two relegations
  2. Whilst i agree with this I am aware that there is still some ambiguity regarding a tax liability for offering short term contracts. Separate teams are getting individual opinions on this hence different routes being taken by different clubs. There is also an issue of should you offer a short term contract to a player who had already indicated they would be leaving or had signed a PCO elsewhere
  3. Realistic possibility at least one championship club will go under and (surely?!?) we would be reinstated. talk of some clubs mothballing for a whole season with the intention of starting up again for season 21/22. What happens if 2 or 3 teams from each division want to do this? What do the remaining clubs do? Heard on the radio today there has been talk of a 14/16 team top league and nothing else underneath.
  4. Agree with a lot of this but couldn’t disagree more re the manager. If I had to hand pick a manger to get a team out of league 1 from the current crop circling around the lowers leagues in Scottish football I would struggle to see a better option than McCall.
  5. Can’t believe the Ayr chairman used the words “grossly unfair”
  6. Problem could be getting league 1 teams to vote for reconstruction. As it stands they will have Falkirk and Thistle in the league and the big away supports they bring (or they think they will bring). They are being asked to swap Falkirk and Thistle for Stranraer and Edinburgh City..... Hopefully they see the better chance of promotion as more of an incentive
  7. Perhaps our only hope is that Celtic vote for a reconstruction proposal because a) they can afford a slightly reduced prize fund b) It’ll piss off rangers. Might be enough to get the 11-1 in Premiership
  8. Playoffs are great imo disappointing if they get ditched in all of this
  9. If Dundee get into the premiership I’m done with football.
  10. Any word on how the EPL are going to go with this. Liverpool obviously will be champions but what about relegations? Will there be any? 3 up 3 down? i would think it’ll be no relegations. Could help hearts (and in the long run us) if this is the case
  11. Ann Budge and Hamiltons chairman to lead a reconstruction task force. Glad to see Budge involved
  12. How could Dundee possibly be promoted over ICT?