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  1. p12tfc

    Are we stronger ?

    Ill take a back 5 of Hazard McMillan Anderson Saunders Penrice over Bell Elliot Keown McGinty Penrice every day of the week
  2. p12tfc


    No doubt so he could bet on his next club more often
  3. p12tfc

    Fitzpatrick leaving?

    In true Thistle style we will sell him for peanuts and get a shitey 5% sell on fee. Other clubs stick 15 or 20% sell on fees on young players but not us
  4. p12tfc

    Training Ground

    The whole point of the training ground is to have 100% flexibility in when we can use the facility etc. Can see it now we have a stinker on the Saturday the manager decides the guys are training on the Sunday only to find out they cant because Rob Roy are playing....
  5. p12tfc

    Thistle v Dundee Utd

    Wouldn’t mind an update from the club if this is likely to go ahead. I suppose no news is good news but it’s pouring in the west end and isn’t forecast to stop. This has late call of/half time call off written all over it
  6. p12tfc

    Who's next?

    Doubt he would take it. He’s got a pretty secure job as head of the academy. If he took the job and it didn’t work out he could be down the job centre in 6 months. Doubt he would take that risk
  7. p12tfc

    Who's next?

    Those saying they won’t go to games if Duffy gets the job shouldn’t come back no matter who gets it. I’ve got some I would like and others I don’t but whoever gets it I’ll still support the team
  8. p12tfc

    Who's next?

    The problem with appointing someone like a Simon Grayson is the first decent offer from England he would be gone. I still maintain that despite what he has said before and current circumstances If McCall gets offered the job he will take it
  9. p12tfc

    Who's next?

    I reckon McCall would take it despite what he has said previously (wouldn’t take the job directly after Archie) and the fact Ayr are flying. He knows that come January Shankland will be away and Ayr will really struggle after that. He lives just of Byers Road and has said he has unfinished business. He went and spoke to Falkirk about their vacancy rather than dismissing it straight away so leaving Ayr is obviously not out of the questions for him would be interesting to know if he applies for it...
  10. p12tfc

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Could they not have signed him but not announced it until clearance was granted?
  11. Only 3 outfield players on the bench for the first game of the season is unacceptable
  12. p12tfc

    Morton on Tuesday Evening

    We looked decent first half but that 2nd half was very worrying for me. We looked unfit. that squad needs around another 5 players one a which being a commanding central midfielder. We looked like we could easily get overrun in there. please please please from now until next week all Elliot should be doing is practicing crossing. Also think we need to get Penrice on corners
  13. p12tfc

    Stenny Away

    If that’s true then his career is likely over
  14. p12tfc

    Team rebuilding

    Anyone know what time kick off is next week?
  15. p12tfc

    Team rebuilding

    Dundee United about to take in around 700k with Armstrong going to Southampton. We really missed out on more serious money for Jack Hendry