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  1. I thought Erskine had a great game, and earned a well deserved motm. Also thought McCarthy played well, looking very composed most of the time. He could play a big part for us in years to come. It was scary how we went from being the only team playing, with attack after attack, to defending for most of the last hour and possibly lucky to get a draw. The timewasting Cerny was at must have been instructed from above, which drove me mad. Playing for a draw against bottom of the league... Looks like we were aiming for the play off rather than to avoid it.
  2. Edwards/Jack - it's a 50/50, Edwards tries to put his foot on the ball and goes over it. Could it have been a red, yes, but it would have been very unlucky if it was given. Jack went in more recklessly with 2 feet and a split second later and he would have without a doubt seen red. Erskine's was bad, but as Archie says it's a forwards challenge trying to make up for a mistake, no malice in it. You could see he was raging with himself after it! Barton seemed to slow every play down as we tried to break. Maybe he was effective in ways I didn't see, as we didn't seem to lose the battle in his part of the field, but the number of attacks that ended (or restarted from the back) with him was nuts. We did well to hold on for the point. Scully trying to top Cerny in the time-wasting department. I understand we were trying at all costs to hold on, but it still frustrated me on a couple of occasions when we were 2 on 2/3 and didn't press for goal. We maybe took 15 seconds off the clock before inevitably losing the ball, but having a drive at goal and a shot could have led to a corner, or who knows, even a goal. I'm sure it can be said at every game, but it was 2 mistakes that led to the goals - Spittal, and Collum (ok and whoever sat of Dorrans for an age, there were still about 6 defenders between Dorrans and the goal had he gone in and lost the challenge). I think the team set up was good, at least when the players started to hold onto the ball better in attack in the second half. The game must have been great to watch as a neutral, but I'm with GRE in the new underpants needed status!
  3. Don't usually post as a nomad streaming it in a pub in the U.S. (Note the disclaimer that I watched the game on TV), but possibly heading back to Scotland later in the year after an 8 year absence so might as well get involved. I think the team looked pretty decent. Was a bit apprehensive with the signing of Sammon, but he gave us an outball we needed, and his first touch was pretty good. Happy with the signs in this game that he'll be a success. Defense was fairly solid, and therefore I think the gameplan was the right one (we could easily have got 1 or 2 goals with Doolan and the stonewall penalty). With Elliot's shot 5 mins before the Doolan sitter, Doolan was free in the box, so glad they spotted that as an opportunity and almost took it at the next chance. Lawless had a poor game, I guess because he was being dragged into an uncomfortable position so often, so should have been subbed in a tactical change earlier for that reason. Good signs for the season ahead, and already gained 2 to Hearts on GD today vs Celtic, one of our rivals for the European places (Look for the positives eh!). Doubt many will be that close to taking anything from Celtic this season. Still tough to take that we didn't when we had the chance though. For anyone else watching on BT - pundit watch - loved it when Sutton was verbally abusing Sammon and Craigan just told him Sammon hates him and was then cut off. There would have been no point in having commentary if Craigan wasn't there, without him it was just a Celtic love in. With the players we have to come back I think our squad is looking alright, and we should be fighting comfortably mid table at worst. We'll see though!
  4. Is it just me, or is it bizarre to launch the new home strip, and not have a picture of it in the OS article about the launch?
  5. I seem to remember Stephen Docherty in goals too, possibly at Forthbank in the early '00s. Must be the shortest keeper we've had in a game for a long time!
  6. Two scarves for me please (well one of those is for my dad)!
  7. Inverness CT Celtic Ross County Dundee
  8. Great for this nomad to hear the differing opinions post match and feel like I still have a grasp on how everything/one at PTFC is developing.
  9. Kilmarnock Morton Dundee Thistle Inverness CT Ross Co Hearts Celtic
  10. Is it not possible the conversation went something like: Archie: You did a great job at Hamilton doing the thankless work up front of a lone striker, and ran yourself into the ground. It's likely that'll be the case against Celtic on Sunday, and I'd rather you were fresh for ICT midweek and got us a couple of goals there, so I'm resting you this weekend. Dools: No bother Archie, I'll be raring to go on Wednesday. (Meanwhile... The Fans: Aghhh, Dools has been dropped again! Why does he put up with this, we'll be lucky if he doesn't leave us.) I guess we'll see on Wednesday though....