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  1. Just contact the club and they will give you tickets
  2. Got the second email and into the account
  3. No thought as per usual for fans and they wonder why the game is dying
  4. We should have been selling the tickets for this after the home games to allow home fans to purchase them without having to go up to firhill or buy online. I bought 6 online on Saturday after we discovered they weren't on sale after the match
  5. At the time Bertie did get abuse for the style of play we adopted in the Premier League as we had a brilliant team that had won the first division. It was only when he left did we realise how good a manager he was. Like Lambie he was a character , and if you meet him he will happily chat about his times at Firhill. He attended the Hall of Fame dinner a few years back and was on brilliant form telling Thistle stories
  6. He got injured at the start of last season
  7. The Wee Guy that seel scarves etc at city end sells them
  8. The problem is that there is no stock any place of the Thistle tartan and to get a mill to re do the cloth you need to order a something like several hundreds of meters to make it viable or have about 30 people will to have kilts made in the Thistle tartan , at east that what the kilt maker told me when I was getting a new kilt etc made , as they did try and source it
  9. Sp we cant find the funds for a team bus but have a magic money tree to fund the Academy and Ladies team
  10. first one I can remember was a plain royal blue one , My second was the 1971 top which I got for my xmas after we won the cup, along with the black 71 league cup winners scarf ( best xmas presents ever )
  11. Jacqui Low has stated that there is no truth in the rumour that she was lining up her own investor consortium
  12. I have always like Kenny Miller as a player will always burst a gut for the team , that attitude has never changed with him , I think he will be good for the Likes of Mansell who will benefit from his experience
  13. There would be no redundancy consultation period as for that you need to have a minimum of 20 employee being made redundant , Over that then you have a minimum 30 days and that increases depending on the number of employees. Anyone with less than tow years services woudl not receive Statutory redundancy.
  14. Funny how it’s always someone else’s fault with Coullibaly never his , It wasn’t his fault about Egypt , either