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  1. The return of the Gnomes to the bing , each with an installed CAM for streaming
  2. TRFC or TRIFC I can never remember what one is the club or the company had declared a shortfall in their accounts of last year of 10 million that required filled for this season and personal guarantees where assigned by their directors as declarations of intent against the going concern statement , which in a repeat of previous years deficits they generously swapped for Equity in one of the TR's. Their directors may have issues with their own business liquidity and wouldn't want to lose anything more. What would they be contributing and what would it be designated as , a gift , a loan , SPFL isn't classified as charity is it. so how do you make an equitable contribution for the overall good and in making that justify it to your shareholders that it was to secure your industry : There would be lawsuits mayhem especially from "the divided ones". Can you contemplate either fan base accepting anything except destruction of the other. Their traditional means of funding each other is in their antagonism of each other that's what turns their mutual tills. Maybe ask those concerned for all this years incoming UEFA monies payments to clubs + the solidarity payments (is that also under threat) and distribute equally along the lines of the solidarity payments across the whole industry instead of just the SPFL top 1, They could be more equitable with the prize monies and redistribute that (9.3 million) and celtic/ rangers/ motherwelL can hand back the 435K they have already been allocated. Do you think you think Rangers would go for that ? what about other levels of football , highland/lowland/juniors would they be in the equation for the good of Scottish football . what the SPFL directors are doing is covering their options and are savvy enough and legal'ed up enough to know that. p.s Doncaster is an appointee , if the clubs want him out , they just have to set a motion , second it and then vote to oust him , bye bye . as was said in Old Harry's Game by Satan " i really dislike people there just monkeys with an agenda " forgive the rant am just a cynical ole Hector!!!!
  3. jaf, i wonder do you have the background knowledge to confirm that the voting arrangements , i.e the if yes for the proposal , its confirmed and accepted and If no then it available for revision and the 28 days time period is lifted from the standard paragraph of Company Law and being used by the SPFL in their written arrangements. personally i think we need to be talking to DUNDEE big time , they may negotiating and it will not be up front payment funds, but how do they get an opportunity to mitigate their estimated 4 million deficit , which doesn't need to be monetary / cash but may involve an opportunity to playoff, guaranteed insurance coverage, guarantors to funding something along the lines that Charles Greene acquired for Sevco ltd (5w Agreement).
  4. As far as this arguments goes has anyone seen the SPFL chairman's letter to the clubs from this afternoon . the counter argument . THE SPFL chairman Murdoch MacLennan Dear All, I am writing to you all to correct significant misinformation appearing in the media. This misinformation is damaging to Scottish football as a whole – and to each and every member club of the SPFL. Several suggestions have been made in recent days about the treatment of a resolution requisition by Rangers FC, about fee payments to clubs, and about the votes cast by Ladbrokes Championship clubs. This letter is intended to set the record straight. It has been suggested that the Board rushed to get a resolution out to members. In fact, the dates and times of a number of recent SPFL Board meetings were delayed specifically to ensure that one director had the time that he needed to be able to reach a decision. The SPFL Board spent around an hour discussing in great detail the resolution requisitioned by Rangers. Only then did the Board, based on clear and unequivocal advice from a QC, determine that the resolution was not effective. The Rangers director on the Board confirmed that he was content with the time given over to that discussion. He was also offered the opportunity of the SPFL’s legal counsel Rod McKenzie working with Rangers’ Company Secretary on a resolution that might be effective. To date, no further requisition has come forward from Rangers or from any other SPFL member. It has been suggested that it is open to the SPFL Board to distribute end-of-season fee payments to clubs now, in the absence of league placings being finalised. That is simply not the case. For the Board to be able to authorise end-of-season fee payments to clubs (amounting to £9.3million gross), final league placings must be determined. Those who have suggested that the SPFL may make such payments, without a line being drawn under Season 2019/20, are wrong. Further, it has been suggested that all Ladbrokes Championship club votes were cast on Friday night. One Ladbrokes Championship club attempted to submit a voting slip, which did not reach the SPFL until late that evening. Earlier, at 6pm on Friday, that club had confirmed in writing to the SPFL that any attempted vote from that club should not be considered as cast. We have had a number of conversations with the chairman of that club over the weekend, in which he reiterated that his club had not yet voted on the SPFL resolution. The SPFL has proceeded on the basis of the unequivocal instruction from that club received at 6pm on Friday. At the time of writing, 40 of our 42 clubs have voted, with one Ladbrokes Championship club and one Ladbrokes League 1/League 2 club yet to cast a vote on the SPFL resolution. They have the remainder of the 28-day period to do so, should they wish. The current level of support for the Board resolution is 85% of clubs in favour. I have seen allegations made by the Rangers FC Interim Chairman Douglas Park, in a statement issued by Rangers at 3pm on Saturday, about the SPFL, its corporate governance, its culture, its office-bearers and its business operations. I wrote to Mr Park on Saturday evening, requesting any material to support these allegations. I regret to inform you that, at the time of writing, I have received nothing from Mr Park. It is difficult to understand why Mr Park should not wish to share this alleged material with me. I am entirely satisfied, based on all the information at my disposal, that the SPFL and its executives and legal advisers have acted wholly properly at every stage in this process. Should any member club have evidence to the contrary they should bring it to me – indeed, I would argue they have a duty to do so – and I will deal with it in an entirely even-handed way. To do otherwise is harmful to the standing, performance and effective operation of the SPFL and runs counter to the wider interests of our game. Yours sincerely, Murdoch MacLennan, Chairman
  5. blast from the past: more Machiavellian than a Florentine Chapel with Medici and Pazzi families, if you think that the enemy of thine enemy is your friend think again. Dundee were handed the biggest bargaining chip by misfortune and incompetence , The Southsider’s want the money and were told that their proposal was legally incompetent by Company Law , not by SPFL missives and if they go down the null and void road nobody will get anything except a major amount of demand that are claw backs . The EastEnders want to secure next season as a priority for European access and the August television deal. Going along the company law angle no one and I mean no one in the administration (note there is no EastEnders on that board, don’t know if they are on the business board) wants to distribute funds to anything that could already be considered insolvent, if there is no conclusion of events , otherwise they will be a god send to those highly priced council men of the Queen and shareholders would be chasing them with large pitchforks . Am afraid in this game of Poker , Thistle had no hand to play and as soon as the Southsiders achieve their aim , money to tide over and stop the EastEnders getting the primary spot for the league and European place, we would be swimming with the fishes, except for the plans of Mice and Men and Dundee who were handed a straight flush on the flop and couldn’t believe their Opportunist lucky stars and will take the advantage. I feel sorry for the secretary at Dundee because despite his intentions and assurances and I believe them, his Texan bosses will take full advantage of the situation. Showtime are looking for a script for a 4 part mini series ; what would the casting be ? what role would Briain Cox get , he's already got % of Hearts in Succession,? do you think the SFA would apply the 10 % rule ?
  6. supposedly Partick Thistle Reference: SP.2002.56.28 Reproduced with the permission of Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Museums now am looking for the two that went south and gave the passing game to the world according to the " The English Game". They are meant to have played for Partick , and I know , but am claiming them for us through succession planning.
  7. definitely around 1914 -- here's a link to the Glasgow story website -- it has the evaluation rolls for 1913-1914 and a little review of firhill staduim https://www.theglasgowstory.com/image/?inum=TGSA00549&t=2 Crowds gathering outside Firhill Stadium, home of Partick Thistle FC, in April, 1958. The two-tier grandstand pictured here (built in 1927) is recognisable today, although other parts of the stadium have been transformed. Partick Thistle FC was founded in the Burgh of Partick in 1876. Over the next thirty-three years the club played on several grounds, including one near the site on which the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery was built; another which became the location of the Whiteinch tramway terminus; and one on the banks of the Clyde at Meadowside. After the latter was acquired in 1908 for D & W Henderson's shipyard, Thistle built a new stadium next to the Firhill Basin on the Forth & Clyde Canal, and began playing there at the start of the 1909-1910 season. The stadium has hosted an international match (Scotland v Ireland in 1928) and floodlights were installed in 1955. Over the years, "The Jags" have acquired a reputation for unpredictable, sometimes eccentric football. The club's two major honours were both won against the odds. In 1921 the Scottish Cup came to Firhill after a 1-0 victory over Rangers in the final. An even greater shock came in 1971, when an all-conquering Celtic team was defeated 4-1 in the final of the Scottish League Cup. Reference: Mitchell Library, Glasgow Collection Reproduced with the permission of Glasgow City Council, Libraries Information and Learning Keywords: D & W Henderson, Firhill Basin, Firhill Stadium, football, football supporters, Forth & Clyde Canal, grandstands, Jags, Partick Thistle FC, police, Scottish Cup, Scottish League Cup, stadiums, stadia
  8. at least this one is a draw Brain Moore presents Morton versus Thistle andy ritchie being andy ritchie and alan rough being alan rough including a Montford stramash .if you want a giggle switch on the CC to interpret Montford's commentary .
  9. don't know if this is appropriate , I don't expect to have any old match footage available from of our city neighbours (there used to be at least 4 ) that shows anything other than their victories . This is particularly deja vu all over again it is if we have a patent on this bloody ending . Thistle v Original Rangers 1972 Alex Cameron ( one of the original rangers pressmen place men) envelope in the his drawer every year of the league winners (was always rangers) , until he had to change it on the last day to Celtic 9 times , if ever a horses arse did everyone a favour.
  10. Abiding memory of the Great Lambini at a game against Celtic at Firhill around the early 90’s. The enclosure was still in use and myself and my wife’s young Celtic supporting brother were in attendance. Standing in the Main stand enclosure very close to the right-side dugout. Lambie was agitated at the start of the second half and leaning against the see-through plastic canopy at the dugout . Attired in that boonie /bucket hat with thistle name, colours and wrapped in a jags scarf he’s getting more animated banging on the plastic as Thistle shooting towards the city end are pushing hard for an winner or equalizer can’t remember, but we were all over them, I think that was the time Gerry Britton had his living on the edge part of his career , he was always getting called offside. As time goes on Lambie is getting more and more frustrated as the linesman constantly is pulling up the Thistle front two for marginal off-sides, god knows how many times. I think Celtic had cleared a couple off the line, Bonnar had made a couple of genuine world class saves. Well the bold John with his unique style and verbal delivery gave the Linesmen what for, “LINESMAN , !!! LINESMAN !! Linesman!! whair tha fecking Hell da y think ye ur!! Sir ! di ya think this is the fncking Gala Day !!!!, stop waving yon flag like a wean at tha Parade” I couldn't stop laughing at a genuine Great Lambini moment even when Creaney came on for Celtic and scored a breakaway winner with his first touch,
  11. I had a large diatribe prepared to post around radio shortbread and the myopic discussions and agendas being played out on air with no regards to the priority that football especially where Scottish football fit into the scheme of things and those trying to bait people for comments for headlines in the media. I also thought don' they understand they are in the same grouping as activities such as tourism, airlines, shipping. there was no realism until I heard Mulreaney interview, Administration will be an activity that will come to the fore, they have a fiscal responsibility, if it not there in terms of cash flow then they must call it. Only Miller and Mulreaney have any idea of the wider consequences. The rest of the freelancers should be looking over their shoulders as they will also fall into those circumstances. People and organisations looking for bridging loans and furloughing staff both playing and administrative will be on menu’s. As for the interviews of the people in the street and pubs, words fail me.
  12. This has out stripped any consideration around sport and Scottish football in general , the fact that the national league in England has fixtures still taking place explains the little Englander , brexit attitude , Am sure that's a grade one Darwin award nomination. The Chinese have been dealing with this since November 2019 and had seen no improvements and by improvement i mean flattening of infection rates until they introduced draconian measures , which based on how their society is organised may not be acceptable to peoples notions in the western world.
  13. My original thought was purely to understand why this got a pass was this because it was one of the biggest economic incomes of the year for the constituency of Govan and who ever represented it would be an advocate for it to happen before any other stringent measures are implemented otherwise they might find that their representation might not be renewed regardless of their political party. The reasons given for implementing the 500 rule (twice as much as anywhere else ) was to relieve stress on the Emergency services and resources , Is the game on Sunday one of the biggest drains for resources from medical to police to other services at any time of the year, regardless if its a win , lose or draw for any of the participants . Italy learnt very heavy life or death lessons by being lax on the initial social separation policies . As much as it goes against any personal principles of freedom of choice the Sunday game between those two lots should be postponed for the good of the whole society. CNN italian report Buckle up folks this not only will have major health risks and horrible life and death consequences in the range of 1 to 3 % for those that are vulnerable, they don't often mention the upper end of the range. The UK is a similar population to Italy and therefore it must have comparable levels of infections 6k to 10k. One of the major consequences will be economic , this will be worse than 2008 , 1987 or 1929 take your pick. This will be wide spread were even basic commerce of shops , hairdressers , restaurants are closed and restricted. for the heart of Catholicism , to stop all gatherings in ROME and close access to Church's across the whole country is something that hasn't happened in 2020 years. La Dolce Vita please return quickly.
  14. i thought the same thing surely that cant be a consideration!!! Thursdays game revenue and Sundays game revenue may help the residents of Govan's sporting facility. Their current cash flow finances look very vulnerable and if started today it would put them into an extremely vulnerable position. Who represents Govan in the Scottish Parliament ?
  15. EL Presidente has declared no travel from Europe to the USA , he defines Europe as everywhere except the UK . go figure . Expect other actions in line with his political views close Mexican borderNBC news -- NBA season suspended (and you think we would have TV contract issues) , close the Canadian border , changes to the political the make up of senate and house, extend presidential election deadlines , changes that a week ago seemed extremist , now considered reasonable and look like assigning dictator powers in ancient Rome . USA has 1 million hospital beds for a country of 350 million , every bed has a price on it , you only get what or if you pay for it even then that's dependent on the state.