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  1. Jags V Dons

    is nobody hanging around for the second half comeback !!! c'mon yer all jags fans , this is nothing new . as long as we get it right from the start next season then i will have selective memory for this season only remembering good things and hoping the problems are resolved/ thanks for a good year jags relative to other jags years
  2. Motherwell 08/04/2017

    Thank you all at PTFC , i thank you and my cardiologist thanks you , no worries , no figuring out any negative if's or buts this year Onwards and Upwards !!!!
  3. Motherwell 08/04/2017

    Jags 1 M/well.0 Celtic 1 killie 0 , and breath !!!!!
  4. Life After Liam..

    is there not a payment from UEFA to add in -- last year I thought it was around average 80K per club and was it sweetened this year? Is that also distributed on the sliding scale per league position ? The solidarity payments to non-participating clubs via their national associations and/or leagues will now represent 5% of the overall gross revenues of the two competitions. A forecast total of €117.5m will be distributed to national associations and/or leagues for their clubs (this amount may be increased in the event of higher gross commercial revenue). Of this amount, 80% will be distributed to national associations and/or leagues with at least one club participating in the UEFA Champions League group stage and 20% to national associations and/or leagues with no participating clubs in the UEFA Champions League group stage. as introduced for season 2015/16, the distribution to national associations and/or leagues will no longer be exclusively based on their market value. Instead, 60% of the available amounts will be distributed in equal shares among all national associations and/or leagues and 40% will be distributed according to the value of the TV market of each respective association in the UEFA Champions League. Only clubs not participating in the group stage of either the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Europa League in 2016/17 will be entitled to a share of these solidarity payments.
  5. Celtic Game

    c'mon ref times up , blew that feckin whistle !!! YESSSS!!!!
  6. Celtic Game

    did I hear right , AZeez misses a one on one to put us 2-1 up .
  7. Euros

    silly Icelandics , should have left it at 1-1 and Portugal would get England on the other side of the bracket . Now they have put themselves on that side facing England , and with Italy , Spain . Germany , France and possibly Belgium ion that side of the bracket.
  8. Copa America

    on the road home after the semi final at NRG , as suspected the USA were schooled and that wee guy with the number 10 on his jersey for Argentina would be a good signing for us, if he didnt have Tax problems . last time I seen someone like that was Hampden June 1979 , funny enough he was number 10 and Argentinian as well , a little bit more direct than this one, but turned out noah a bad wee player. Our Roughy got the honour of letting in the numbers 10's first international goal as for the current No 10 his left peg is as sublime as the originals : the free kick he scored from was just audacious , over the wall no! , round the wall to the left no , He picked out the postage stamp corner on the goalkeepers side and put it there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDcjcLL22f8 The USA were honest triers but that was all they were , Argentina would seem to have at least another 3 gears , but am not sure they will handle Chile with the same ease if Chile beat Columbia and get to the final . For sheer work rate and constant get after them Chile crucified Mexico and ended up with 7 going on 11 or 12 goals.
  9. Euros

    ouch for one side of the draw !!! with some not so outrageous outcomes ITALY 1:1 REP.IRELAND SWEDEN 2:1 BELGIUM ICELAND 1:2 AUSTRIA HUNGARY 1:3 PORTUGAL bracket A side ( dont need to see one of the top six until the final) Switzerland Poland Croatia Iceland/Austria Wales Northern Ireland Portugal Sweden Knockout stage bracket B side (only one survives of the big six) Italy Spain Germany Slovakia England Hungary France Belgium
  10. Copa America

    woohooo , my 3 tickets for the semi final have just soared in price . must be an Argentina versus the USA. The US have just beat Ecuador, am not sure they will survive against Argentina without being truly schooled.
  11. Euros

    in the copa de america they aren't there, probably the difference is Dunga keeping his job with Brasil or going out to the hand of Peru. https://www.youtube....h?v=trNPb7b_WCg
  12. Euros

    bit like Spain of the late 70's and 80's and Portugal of 90's and 00's some really good individuals , but as a group never hit the mark consistently. as for Italia, i thought hang on, I saw this team play in 70's and the 80's, a Juve back four (Cervara proud of Gigi again), there is no libero like Scirea, Baresi or number 10 Divine ponytail, there is though a solid no nonsense group who just need a striker to hit form and like Bettaga or Rossi turn scraps into Gold. Not the best entertainment at times, but it will take some good stuff to beat them and it feels like 1982 level of expectations. watching the Copa de America and attending the semi final , hopefully Argentina versus USA/Ecuador , but Brasil were major disappointment and Dunga looks like he's for the chop. Uruguay, what can you say, with Suarez stripped waiting to go on to pull them out the fire and no Uruguayan team official/manager told him that he wasn't listed on the team sheet to play he found this out in the 75 minute and then !!!! and as for Cavani, how he gets the kudo's at PSG , he is , to my eyes the most ineffective and overrated player of the so called elite players, he cant buy a goal and there is 3 minutes left against Jamaica and his teammates are trying to put it on a plate and he's still missing them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewqFfvPVorE Forza Italia !!
  13. Dundee United 10/05/16

    hell my giddy aunt , damn thistle, time goes by , but in our case never quick enough when we are winning , but we as ever are predictably unpredictable . 3-3 .
  14. Dross At Dingwall 09/04/2016.....the Biggie!

  15. Dross At Dingwall 09/04/2016.....the Biggie!

    I agree with you , but them the rules and the gateway to better things, more money, better crowds , a chance to compete for an European place , if all things are in alignment. being remote i listened to the comments and commentary from broadcasters all week , all about ethreal rangers , dundee utd , dundee ,motherwell chances . Beating DU was unpalatable to most of the broadcasters. the one thing that i noticed being outwith the country was no one mentioned PTFC even when the were broadcasting from Firhill, well to hell with them all , PTFC stick it to them and make then uncomfortable by our shear presence in their little elite cabal.