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  1. Not actively giving them a section as I thought the OP was saying. However, it should be pretty obvious who is a Jag and who is one of them. A quick breathe in through the nose is sufficient.
  2. Makes abundant sense. Last times we have played them we have had fewer than 2,000 spread over two stands. Understandable having to listen to all that plasticy-irishy crap and IRA bile. I'll take a wee bit extra cash off them.
  3. You mean something like this: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/christie-elliott-set-to-leave-the-club/
  4. Good servant over the years, but the (few) times I have seen him this season he has made terrible defensive mistakes. Thanks for your time Christie, but I think we can do better.
  5. Then: Billy McNeill Now: Scott Brown State of the game nowadays...
  6. 10 mins highlights on Alloa's YouTube channel worth watching as well.
  7. That was hard work just watching the match! Was dejected at half time but that early goal from Cardle was vital. Impressed with the fans from the word go. Reassuring to hear Caldwell admit 532 was not working and take responsibility. Back to Germany for me tomorrow but will be praying from afar on Tuesday (and the next two Saturdays..!) C'mon Thistle.
  8. Folk coming from Portugal and Germany for this... Get yourselves there.
  9. Right. Whatever opinions there are out there tomorrow is the time to really get behind the team. I was surprised how quiet it was before and at the start of the Dunfermline game. Let us show them what the game means to us and set the tone early. If anyone out there is in two minds to go to the game, get yourself there and tell others to do the same.
  10. Now that sounds like a plan! Great result for one and all. Really was fearing after Falkirk won last night. Ayr were hopeless and the first goal was as jammy as you get. We can go with confidence to Brockville or whatever shitey name their stadium has now.
  11. We have just got two more strikers and he wants to bring in an "experienced" striker. In Doolan do we not have that experienced striker already? The lack of service to the striker is the problem, no? I have only seen 6 games this season but it has been the same pattern since our demise. Seeing Storey producing SFA when getting into positions where he can get balls into the striker and then Cardle seemingly doing a damn sight better in one match alone, is it maybe the service rather than the strikers themselves which needs improvement?
  12. The whole website had issues a couple a minutes ago. I'll try the link again: https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/aidan-fitzpatrick.62471/
  13. https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/aidan-fitzpatrick.62471/