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  1. Now that sounds like a plan! Great result for one and all. Really was fearing after Falkirk won last night. Ayr were hopeless and the first goal was as jammy as you get. We can go with confidence to Brockville or whatever shitey name their stadium has now.
  2. Colognejag

    Ptfc Trust Update

    We have just got two more strikers and he wants to bring in an "experienced" striker. In Doolan do we not have that experienced striker already? The lack of service to the striker is the problem, no? I have only seen 6 games this season but it has been the same pattern since our demise. Seeing Storey producing SFA when getting into positions where he can get balls into the striker and then Cardle seemingly doing a damn sight better in one match alone, is it maybe the service rather than the strikers themselves which needs improvement?
  3. Colognejag

    aiden fitzpatrick

    The whole website had issues a couple a minutes ago. I'll try the link again: https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/aidan-fitzpatrick.62471/
  4. Colognejag

    aiden fitzpatrick

  5. Colognejag

    Paratroopers training squad

    Why is it a bit worrying, or am I missing something?
  6. Colognejag

    Alloa away

    Was going to be at this game, but flight got cancelled and am stuck in Cologne until Monday... C'mon Jags, cheer me up.
  7. Colognejag

    Dunfermline away.

    I did say "charitable"... Thought we were getting on top which ultimately normally gets chances. Not when at that stage you take a striker off instead of a defensive player and bring on an attacking one and go for it. Maybe we can just invite the rest of the league to ground share with us. We don't do away games. Or maybe get rid of the problem...
  8. Colognejag

    Dunfermline away.

    Being charitable, "we" is not strictly true. Up until Elliot's disaster I thought we were beginning to get somewhere. Then, Doolan is punted when we needed to get further on top and Christie brainfart Elliot has another brainfart. Tactics and a shit right back are utterly shite imo.
  9. Colognejag

    Dunfermline away.

    How many goals has Elliot cost us this season. Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable. Jacqui Low sounded good at half-time. Think she might do a better job in defence tbf.
  10. Colognejag

    Dunfermline away.

    This lot are for the taking. At least we are not losing at half-time in an away match for a change. Do we believe in ourselves and go for it? Storey is doing nothing at the moment but service is poor. Get a grip in midfield and we should take them. First time seeing Banzo again albeit on tv. Love it.
  11. Colognejag

    Dunfermline away.

    Same for listings on Sky...just "This is Alba" repeated from the time the game would begin until the time the game would be over. Think someone has forgotten to upload the information somewhere.
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    think we might sneak this 7-6 at this rate...
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    You are kidding...
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