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  1. Colognejag

    Paratroopers training squad

    Why is it a bit worrying, or am I missing something?
  2. Colognejag

    Alloa away

    Was going to be at this game, but flight got cancelled and am stuck in Cologne until Monday... C'mon Jags, cheer me up.
  3. Colognejag

    Dunfermline away.

    I did say "charitable"... Thought we were getting on top which ultimately normally gets chances. Not when at that stage you take a striker off instead of a defensive player and bring on an attacking one and go for it. Maybe we can just invite the rest of the league to ground share with us. We don't do away games. Or maybe get rid of the problem...
  4. Colognejag

    Dunfermline away.

    Being charitable, "we" is not strictly true. Up until Elliot's disaster I thought we were beginning to get somewhere. Then, Doolan is punted when we needed to get further on top and Christie brainfart Elliot has another brainfart. Tactics and a shit right back are utterly shite imo.
  5. Colognejag

    Dunfermline away.

    How many goals has Elliot cost us this season. Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable. Jacqui Low sounded good at half-time. Think she might do a better job in defence tbf.
  6. Colognejag

    Dunfermline away.

    This lot are for the taking. At least we are not losing at half-time in an away match for a change. Do we believe in ourselves and go for it? Storey is doing nothing at the moment but service is poor. Get a grip in midfield and we should take them. First time seeing Banzo again albeit on tv. Love it.
  7. Colognejag

    Dunfermline away.

    Same for listings on Sky...just "This is Alba" repeated from the time the game would begin until the time the game would be over. Think someone has forgotten to upload the information somewhere.
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  9. Colognejag


    think we might sneak this 7-6 at this rate...
  10. Colognejag


    You are kidding...
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  12. Colognejag

    Thistle vs Falkirk - Relegation Decider?

    Great to see much more hunger in the whole team today. Every single player showed fight, energy and desire to compete when Falkirk had the ball. The opposite of the game last week. That is the one thing we expect from our team, so well done. Falkirk were poor, very poor but like to think we made them look poor due to our fight, like Ayr did to us... Falkirk did have the free kick that came off the bar and luckily came off Bell and then just wide, then an almost open goal missed and their consolation goal. At the end Elliott was looking a liability in defence. #provemewrongarchie has started. Get the team playing like like that every week and the four new decent players we are waiting for to have quality and depth and we might be back where we all want to be. Loved the reaction from the players at the end. Showed the result meant a lot to them.
  13. Colognejag

    Archie out - Now or Never.

    Ok Sandy. We all want the best. At my most charitable, I wait to see the the signings made in the next couple of days. They have to be some truly good ones. We look so short of a team aspiring to get promotion purely in terms of personnel (tactics/hunger is another matter). As I said before, I would gladly be proved wrong.
  14. Colognejag

    Archie out - Now or Never.

    This. Must be so easy for opposition teams. It was said long ago but nothing has changed. Prove me wrong Archie/Gerry/whoever does recruitment at Thistle, get 5 truly decent signings in where we can all go "shit, really didn't see that coming" and look like we can compete in this division. Sad thing is first half at Ayr people were getting angry at the performance second half there was apathy.
  15. Colognejag

    Archie out - Now or Never.

    Agree with Norgethistle on much of what he says. Like many I want Archie and the team to do well but it is worrying to say the least. Thin squad is no excuse for not putting in the effort. That is what the team has looked devoid of this season. I can only hope the lack of transfer activity is down to changing targets with the prospect of the Celtic money coming in... I will hold my breath on that one. Where was Mendes at half time vs Ayr? He normally has the subs doing the drills. The few subs we had looked to be just having a kick about...