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  1. Alloa ripped the pish out of the ref with the time wasting and body checking he was so weak and they knew it he was dreadful.
  2. Winnable tie. C'mon the JAGS.
  3. Yes I'll be there as well with a bus full of jags fans.
  4. I'm going will get my ticket when I get there along with three others. Mon the jags.
  5. Good win and good play gets bums on seats.
  6. When does the tickets for the two home games go on general sale?
  7. that's us tucked the ref is Dallas.
  8. Probably was the Dallas remarks but he was well due it.
  9. Are next years calendars on sale in the shop this week?
  10. Yip agree with that because we are a team that's afraid to shot.
  11. brill news well done Archie and the board