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  1. nohidingplace


    Probably was the Dallas remarks but he was well due it.
  2. nohidingplace

    Club Shop at Firhill Open During Week

    Are next years calendars on sale in the shop this week?
  3. nohidingplace

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    Yip agree with that because we are a team that's afraid to shot.
  4. nohidingplace

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Great news,welcome to Firhill.
  5. nohidingplace

    Team rebuilding

    brill news well done Archie and the board
  6. nohidingplace

    Team rebuilding

    plus Storey
  7. nohidingplace

    Albion Rovers v Partick Thistle

    Looking for a comfortable win in this game.
  8. nohidingplace

    Team rebuilding

    Hopefully we will be better at defending set pieces
  9. nohidingplace

    Fixtures out

    Good away day at Ayr great opening game. 2 midweek games both away and the usual Dingwall away at Christmas.
  10. nohidingplace

    Cammy Bell

    Good news guy has plenty of experience. Well come to Firhill.
  11. nohidingplace


    Where is Bannigan?no mention how he is getting on.
  12. nohidingplace

    Any Update

    Any update on the new training ground and where it's being built.
  13. nohidingplace

    Derek Harvey

    Yip sad news indeed condolences to his family and friends
  14. nohidingplace

    Oh Dear!

    Out , is that because their was not a Scottish ref officiating?
  15. nohidingplace

    Another Two Years For Elliott.

    Yip happy with that