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  1. Winter of '63

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    I'm guessing this is a hint that it's an away game at Firhill against Clyde back in the days when they were homeless after leaving Shawfield. And on the basis that not many Clyde players from that era went on to play for Scotland I'm guessing it must be Ian Ferguson.
  2. Winter of '63

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Cheers Denis and thanks for the historic links. I was at that game too...and there are two things I can remember about it. Firstly, my all-time favourite Jag, Ronnie Glavin, scored two brilliant goals - the Evening Times Report describes a shot that nearly ripped the net. Secondly, we won 4-1 and were top of the first League Table of the Season for a few hours - for some reason Celtic had an evening Kick Off and scored six. I did remember Colin Smith had a mullet-style haircut which helped with the Identification. I also think that Jamie Smith, who played for Thistle too, may have been his son.. I see that Colin McAdam played for Dumbarton in that game. While I can still recall obscure facts of games from that era, I am trying to erase the memories of some of the performances from last season.
  3. Winter of '63

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    I think it's Colin Smith against Dumbarton - I'm sure we played them on the first League Game of the Season at Firhill in around 1973. I don't remember much about Colin Smith other than we signed him from Queens Park and I don't think he ever scored for us.
  4. Winter of '63

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Johnny Gibson was an entertainer but inconsistent...either a match-winner or anonymous. He was brilliant in that first half against Rangers even scoring with a header - he was about 5ft5in! Other than having his shins and ankles rattled by Greig and not making the second half of that game, I don't remember Gibson being particularly injury prone...having to compete with Bobby Lawrie and Denis McQuade and then Bobby Houston for a place in the team as a winger probably accounted for his limited appearances. I think there was a dispute at the time of the Cup Semi Final with Rangers which meant there was no TV coverage...it would have been interesting to see just how many yards onside Bobby Houston was.
  5. Winter of '63

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Jags are Alan Rough and Ian Reid...Rangers players maybe Jim Denny and Colin Stein. It must be the 3-2 Victory at Firhill at the start of season 1971/72...John Gibson scored two and set up the other...he only made it to half time because of the brutal hacking of John "The Greatest Ever Ranger" Greig. Glory Days!
  6. Winter of '63

    Christie Elliott

    At present we have no strikers...Caldwell therefore has to sign 3 strikers better than Kris Doolan...good luck to him with that!
  7. Winter of '63


    The first goal I saw Kris Doolan score was a thumping shot against Morton in 2008...the last one was a penalty against Alloa in the season just ended ...in between there have been a host of typical Doolan finishes - either a good touch to make space and a quick shot or drifting into position to place a header into the net. He has been a very good player but more importantly a credit to himself and the Club. His goal against Motherwell from an Erskine assist in April 2017 secured our top 6 finish - a high water mark for the Club in 40 years. It has all gone horribly wrong since then. One of the criticisms I had of Archie was that Sammon and Storey did not fit the quick passing and movement which had been the team's strength. I have been a critic of Storey but even more than his paltry goal return I believe his total number of assists is one which might well have been a factor in Doolan being less effective...Storey started in the majority of games under Caldwell. I don't have any confidence in Caldwell;s "new direction"...he failed with Wigan and Chesterfield and he has already failed with us...a last-day relegation escape in a League of poor sides is no achievement. I was underwhelmed by his player recruitment...MacDonald has gone and I would far rather see Doolan and Erskine play for Thistle than any of the others who have been brought in. I didn't warm to Macnamara as an individual but he did brilliantly in identifying good young talent and moulding them into a team...I see no sign that Caldwell has that skill set. Our Chairwoman seems out of her depth...her area of expertise is PR which to me is all smoke and mirrors. ..the Club's PR is quite deplorable...Storey's leaving message was genuine, honest and dignified...maybe the Club could learn from that.
  8. Winter of '63

    Caldwell Like or Loathe

    Maybe it's we were no better than Morton over the last 6 games and should follow their example and dump the management team?
  9. Winter of '63

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    I have only a vague memory of John Gray - I remember he scored goals in his first few games but then disappeared without trace. Good to read the report on the game - no Thistle fan who was there will forget Denis McQuade's astonishing goal. The description - magnificent...mazy...beating 4 men...glorious shot - doesn't really do it justice. I can still see Denis running in a complete circle and the Referee almost failing over to get out of his way as the ultimate gangling winger weaved past defender after defender before firing a 20 yard rocket into the net.
  10. Winter of '63

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Alan Rough, Danny Kellachan, John Hansen and I think Stevie Chalmers. Don't recognise the other guy - I suspect he might not have been a player
  11. Winter of '63

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    This is probably as good a case as could be put for Caldwell. I welcomed his appointment but after his first two team selections, disappointing results and embarrassing post-match interview , I wasn't convinced. I don't think his appalling record up to December should be whitewashed. I also don't agree with the being left with a dreadful squad excuse - there was a core of good but underachieving Championship players - our Budget will be in the top three in the Division and we have some of the best players. Ayr have managed a promotion play-off spot but I don't think our former players Mark Kerr, Declan McDaid or Jamie Adams would strengthen our squad. Hartley left a truly dreadful squad - virtually all of them have been moved on and Falkirk are still hopeless. Someone recently posted the Thistle line-up from Dick Campbell's relegated side in 2005/06 - not a single player would get in the current team. I also think the transfer window turnaround is being exaggerated. McDonald has not played that well when I have seen him but has scored some vital goals...Anderson was the no-nonsense experienced defender needed but he has struggled against pacy and powerful forwards...Cardle has been lively and Saunders ok...Harkins is a luxury item...McMillan & Hazard disappointing...Mansell & Roy not up to standard. I have always thought we were too good to go down and it looks that we will get enough points. It's a very poor standard League - Falkirk, Morton, Dunfermline & Queen of the South are not good sides so avoiding relegation is hardly a great achievement. However Caldwell was always going to get to the transfer window and would only be sacked if we were relegated. However, I have been to fewer games this season, enjoyed them less and have not been as engaged with the results. I am not enthused by the prospect of a team of rather washed up professionals in a promotion push next season. A last word(I hope) on the McDonald Goal Celebration - from the highlights, it looked like he ran to an empty part of the Stand...probably doesn't know his way around Firhill yet.
  12. Winter of '63

    vs Alloa 20/4

    This seems like a spittle-flecked rage. McDonald must be used to being abused by opposition supporters - it happened every time he played against Thistle. He is playing and scoring for us now. He had just scored what might be the most crucial goal of our season and I was surprised to see him running towards from where I was in the JHS looked an almost empty Stand - there was in fact a baying horde of 220 Alloa fans. Scoring a goal is the best GIRUY there is...why not celebrate with your own fans first? No idea what the relevance of Mark Roberts and Airdrie is...and don't care. The sectarian nonsense used to be confined almost exclusively to two clubs and can't imagine why fans of other clubs want to join in...I remember Thistle fans booing these songs 50 years ago when nobody else cared... football brings out some strange behaviour in people...myself included.
  13. Winter of '63

    vs Alloa 20/4

    Not for the first time, I was unconvinced by Caldwell's team selection and the formation predictably failed in the first half - we were relying on Elliot, McMillan & Gordon to create chances so no great surprise we didn't....just as well big Sean McGinty had a few swaggering runs and sensible passes. It was like a re-run of the Livvy play-off game with Alloa taking a lead and defending in depth against a laborious Thistle build-up. Second Half was much better - it helps to bring on decent footballers and that the man who used to be Gary Harkins played like..Gary Harkins. Slater was lost in the first half but did well in his proper position. I always thought Scott MacDonald was an obnoxious wee nyaff when he played for the opposition...now I have seen him for Thistle, I was able to confirm that he is. He didn't play particularly well but scored a good free kick, beating the fat-boy Alloa Keeper who showed that he was not only slow at taking bye kicks. It was a crucial goal for Thistle but MacDonald's reaction to go to taunt the small band of Alloa Fans rather that celebrate with his own supporters was the most pathetic thing I have ever seen from a Thistle player. A vital win but with the players we have it is ludicrous we have been nowhere even close to a promotion play-off spot.
  14. Winter of '63

    County 13/04

    Archie was sacked after 8 games - we had 9 points. He had gone before we played Alloa. At that rate, we would have 36 points after 32 games...we have actually accumulated 34 points. Of the 14 players who got on the park yesterday, 10 were in the squad for our first home League Game against Falkirk...O'Ware & Erskine who played against Falkirk would have improved the team as would Bannigan. Archie's squad players - Scobie, Ntambwe, Jeffries - were absolute mince but I don't see any massive upgrading of the first choice team by Caldwell. Hazard does not look better than Bell or Sneddon; Harkins, Roy and Mansell have been pointless signings and the one game I have seen Anderson & Saunders they were, quite unbelievably, worse than Keown and McGinty. Former Thistle Players who would not be upgrades on our current squad are regulars in many of the other teams in a low standard League. It was almost universally accepted on this Forum that Archie had to go, but any suggestion that our current predicament is anything other than overwhelmingly Caldwell's responsibility is frankly absurd. You can add his inexplicable team selections, embarrassing interviews and complete failure to connect with Thistle fans...the only improvement is that we are slightly better now than in Caldwell's first 3 months.
  15. Winter of '63


    If we win our game in hand, we would be in sixth place in the League...albeit just a point above ninth place. It's very tight and the other teams in the bottom five aren't very good either. Jim Goodwin would have been my choice as Thistle Manager...and still is.