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  1. A considerable number of our squad will be absolutely delighted with the deals which their agents have done. I suspect that relatively lucrative final full time contracts have been handed out...Harkins, Cardle, Saunders, De Vita are way best their best...Mansell, Wilkinson, Robson & Hall simply aren't good enough...even Scott Fox who remains a decent keeper was not the best use of our budget -and we don't get to find out if Sneddon can make the grade. And Miller...I thought he was a good player for Scotland but I wasn't enthused about his signing...he is still incredibly fit for his age and has scored a few goals but he has been ineffective in the few times I have seen him...Barney Rubble & Lady Isobel Bennett have already identified the obvious flaws...exactly as reported by Dundee & Livingstone fans last season...and apparently a disruptive influence even with his beloved Govan Tax-Dodgers. That's a lot of players with limited contributions or scope for improvement...and the rest of the squad is not exactly top quality even for this Division. The worry is that there is not a great pool of untapped talent out there...and McCall has always tended to sign Scottish Players, which in other circumstances, I would regard as a positive but I can't think of any likely candidates who would want to come to a team that could be relegated. Anyone who thinks that we will be able to bring in players in January who are of a better calibre than Bannigan & O'Ware needs a reality check...Banzo looks frustrated by the effect of his long-term injury and the dross he is currently playing with. Caldwell and by association the former Chairman left our Club in an awful mess...and yet there were apologists on here well into this season when it was quite clear almost from the start that he was not the right man. It looks a long way back to the standard Partick Thistle should be at...a lot more than one transfer window.
  2. What an embarrassment. Infamously, Thistle did lose 10-1 to Dunfermline in the last game of the Season in 1959....it was a result which saved the Pars from relegation and I believe that there have been hints of a lack of sporting integrity...I think that's the appropriate phrase. In contrast, the current squad is just very poor and lacking in commitment but let's hope they can avoid double figures today. There is something not right at our Club...how have we ended up with so many poor and under-performing players?
  3. The low point for me was when two of the more regular posters on the New Owner Thread had an exchange about whether or not they would sit together at Firhill - from what I can tell neither of them have actually seen a game at Firhill for years...they never post comments about watching a game there. I used to enjoy reading this Forum even when I didn't agree with the views expressed. Over the last few months, it would give you the visual and mental equivalent of Repetitive Strain Injury. Rather like Political Parties passing themselves as Fact-Checkers, changing a name doesn't change the Mince that is being posted. The general malaise around the Club doesn't help but I skip reading an increasing number of posts now - it's not surprising several of the more interesting posters are no longer regular contributors.
  4. My father was a Queens Park supporter...he took me to my first ever football match...Queens against East Stirling at Hampden...the ground capacity back then was 134,000 and there was not a single person on those huge terracings...Queens won 7-2 I think but I had been jagged with the Thistle virus at a very early age and even a thumping win didn't change my allegiance. Despite always living in the South Side, I can't remember ever meeting another Queens Park supporter...but good luck to them in their new status...they have a far better record of bringing through good young players than Thistle in recent years.
  5. What has happened to The Jukebox Rebel? He doesn't seem to have posted here for some time. I always looked forward to reading his excellent statistics on current form and everything else about Partick Thistle...though the statistics were becoming increasingly grim reading over the last two and a bit seasons.
  6. I haven't had much enthusiasm for the current squad but I did think the selection and formation today was the best we have got. First half we were ok - terrible miss by Miller...Cole looked a decent player. Second half was great entertainment if not great quality football. I was too far away to judge the challenge by Banzo...he is a class above most of the rest of the team but these ill-judged tackles are happening too often. The substitutes were spot on - Zanatta pretty ineffective and Cole barely lasted an hour. I am not convinced Gordon has that much to offer...but scored two well-taken goals. The team showed real spirit in defending with O'Ware immense, Fox making several good saves and Kakay more impressive in attitude and ability than I expected. We did ride our luck but we have failed to hold on to a lead so many times in the past 5 or 6 seasons so it was good to take the points...and Morton were very poor. Hall looked a bit slow and indecisive and McGinty wasn't much better...but the main problem is up front...Miller failed to hold up the ball or support attacks and the ironic cheers when he finally won a header after about 80 minutes summed it up...Zanatta and Mansell don' t look like goalscorers. That was a good win though.
  7. Yes I remember Professor Cowie...if only I had not gone to Firhill and attended his lectures back then I might have a better understanding of Brexit...or maybe not!
  8. I was at University at the time...probably missed a lecture in Constitutional Law to go to Firhill...not a tough choice! Willie Gibson who subsequently played for Thistle scored a hat trick for Hearts but Donald Ford was brilliant for them that day...probably the best individual performance I have seen by an opposition player at Firhill. It was a strange time...the entire country was on a 3-day week with power cuts in the evenings...a really bleak time...no surprise that people took the chance to go to an afternoon game.
  9. That photo brings back some memories...I went to that game with my father who was a Queens' Supporter but pleased that my team was doing well. It was the game that clinched the Championship...it was played midweek for some reason which may have been the reason the crowd was relatively small. We made sure of promotion a couple of weeks before against Arbroath at Firhill...attendance was 8,851.
  10. Ian McCall did a decent enough job in his first spell at Firhill...but he rather lost his way and I wasn't too disappointed when he left...credit to him for conquering his personal problems and he has done an outstanding job with Ayr. Archie too had reached the end of the road...he should have gone at the end of the season...I was quite pleased that he was given a chance of redemption but I realised after the first League Cup game ironically against Ayr that it wasn't going to happen for him. He did sign Higgy, Lyle Taylor, Cerny, Osman, Dumbuya & Barton and although the latter three let him down in the relegation season, they were miles better than any recent recruits There has been no doubting listening to McCall over the last year or so that he has a genuine connection with Thistle and his interview on Radio Scotland tonight left me with a big stupid smile..he really "gets" the Club. Archie too is a real Thistle man. It has been a grim two seasons...so bad that I had almost stopped caring about our results...last Saturday had a real end of an era feel about it. Who knows how it will turn out but there is now a "feel good" factor...and that is a pretty good start.
  11. A warm sunny afternoon...Caldwell gone.. opposition in poor form...what could possibly go wrong? Well it was one of the most dispiriting displays I have seen for many years. We actually started quite brightly...there were four good crosses across the face of the goal which I thought wistfully that Kris Doolan might have scored from...and as Keven Nisbet did at the other end. Thereafter it was a burst balloon with an embarrassing second goal and once we conceded the third early in the second half, we could have all have gone home...and many did. Dunfermline were at best competent...they won easily. As I posted during the week, Caldwell has left us in an awful mess...the substitutes bench looked bare and so it proved. There are several players who are relegation standard...Kakay, De Vita, Mansell, Gordon & Robson...McGinty culpable for two of the goals. Fox, O'Ware and Cardle very disappointing performances. Zanatts ran out of steam/ideas and Bannigan and Cole(who looked as if he might be a footballer) had a thankless task finding someone other than the hapless Kakay to pass to...Miller lack of enthusiasm for his temporary role as co-manager in his radio interview was matched by his lack of contribution on the park. I left Firhill thinking that we were facing years in the wilderness and that I might never see a decent Thistle Team again...but the rumours of McCall and Archibald taking over are a much needed injection of hope that we might get better.
  12. I welcomed Caldwell's appointment but had doubts by the end of his first week...the apology to Chesterfield and the views of their fans, then his first team selection, poor result and his reaction. I had given up on him long ago and am relieved that he has gone. There is no automatic connection between bringing in a new manager and an improvement in results but whereas I thought there was a nucleus of a decent team when Caldwell took over, he has left us in a bit of a mess. My preference would be Stephen Craigan or Ian McCall...Danny Lennon would be ok...not keen on the Usual Suspects - I think Bookies have a cut and paste List for every vacancy that comes up. There has been a lot of mince posted on here over the last year or so and some tedious and unnecessary personal abuse. I was regularly irritated by the Caldwell Apologists because my enthusiasm for watching the team was being drained but we are all Thistle Fans with a real passion for our special wee club.
  13. Miller was quite clear on Radio Scotland tonight that he wasn't interested in becoming manager...he seemed very vague about his role as joint caretaker.
  14. Word I heard from a Dumbarton Supporter was that Ian Murray's success there was to a large extent down to his coach...who was Jack Ross. Murray doesn't seem to have had much success without Ross as his back-up.
  15. I had reached the conclusion that Caldwell was not up to the job after the 5-1 defeat at Cappielow...I have seen nothing since then to change my mind.