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  1. Winter of '63


    Official Handbook gives a crowd of 8,743 for the 4-0 win against East Fife in January 1970 - this was effectively the title decider in the old Second Division with a Jimmy Bone hat-trick. Biggest crowd of that season was 8,851 against Arbroath in April in the game that clinched promotion. Remarkable crowds when there would be relatively few away fans...in contrast to the bigger attendances in recent years in games against Morton and Dundee United when the opposition brought about 3,000...it shows a substantial drop in Thistle's core support.
  2. Winter of '63


    I'm sure that the crowd in the Cup Tie against Hibs at Firhill in 1972 was about 26,000 - by a distance the biggest attendance for any home game I have been to outwith the Old Firm - I remember the crush on Firhill Road to get into the game against Celtic in October 1971 - I think the crowd was 36,000. My first ever game at Firhill was against Airdrie in December 1962...a 3-0 victory during our best ever run in the Top League...I was too young then to understand why the crowd went mad when the half time scores were put up...Rangers were losing and Thistle were top of the League! It has been downhill since then....
  3. Winter of '63

    V Inverness

    Thanks for the report p-the-d...a throwback to the old "Just In" Threads. It's always good to get the view of someone who was at the game
  4. Winter of '63

    V Inverness

    if Elliott got a touch to the corner - and it looks like he did...Anderson was surely in an offside position when he scored. Good to get the breaks sometimes.
  5. Winter of '63


    The results in January have improved from November and December but factually we have taken 5 points from 3 League games - under Archie we took 6 points from the equivalent matches. The team would have been improved if Storey hadn't been picked every week...that didn't need to wait for the Transfer Window. We should and still could be in the play off position at the end of the season - the other teams in this division aren't particularly good.
  6. Winter of '63


    Dundee United 3 Archie's Duds 1.....Dundee United 1 Caldwell's Cavaliers 1 Archie's Duds 2 Falkirk 1...Caldwell'S Cavaliers 1 Falkirk 1 Stranraer 0 Archie's Duds 5.....Caldwell's Cavaliers 4 Stranraer 1 Archie's Duds 3 QoS 2....Caldwell's Cavaliers 2 QoS 1 So with 7 new players and Stuart Bannigan back to full fitness, I make that no improvement
  7. Winter of '63

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Guy with the moustache might be Brian Ralston...and Alex Forsyth wearing No.9.
  8. Winter of '63

    Winter window

    I heard Cammy Bell on Sportsound tonight and thought he came over quite well. He said Caldwell had told him that he was bringing in another keeper and he could leave. Bell accepted that the manager wanted to bring in his own players but he didn't want to leave Firhill and had hoped to get back in the team. He said he has tried to support Jamie Stevenson who was disappointed at being dropped and queried bringing in a young goalkeeper from another club rather than developing someone from our own youth system - that's a fair point and I hope Hazard improves from his unconvincing performance against Falkirk. Bell also spoke highly of Chris Erskine both as a player and a positive influence in the dressing room. Ian McCall was also a guest said that he had tried to sign Erskine and that Stuart Bannigan was the best midfielder in the Division. The general view in the studio was that it seemed strange to pick fights with senior players but Caldwell would stand or fall on his own decisions. This season has been a wasted opportunity and finishing eighth is not any achievement with the players and budget we have.
  9. Winter of '63


    Chris Erskine is on my list of favourite Thistle players...he was indeed a kindred spirit of Denis McQuade...both equally likely to trip over their own feet or to score a goal that I will always remember...Chris's gangling run and perfect chip against Falkirk and his vital volley against Airdrie are fixed in my best Firhill memories...and fitting that he scored another typical goal against Falkirk to clinch promotion. His message on leaving confirms that he is one of the good guys and represents the true spirit of our Club. I posted very recently that I hoped that Chris Erskine would be at Firhill after Caldwell has left...I don't think that it is for the good of the club that it isn't the case.
  10. Winter of '63

    Archie Interview

    Another thing Archie mentioned was that Chris Erskine had a relegation release clause but immediately signed up for this season, accepting a pay cut of half his wages.
  11. Winter of '63

    Archie Interview

    Archie was a guest on Radio Scotland Sportsound tonight - he made some interesting comments in his usual measured way:- Things went wrong at the last January Window as the injured players he was relying on did not play to the standard expected. Team Spirit had been one of the main strengths with 10 or 11 players he could rely on...until last season. He should have left at the end of the season...things had changed with a new Board...his sacking was "just football" He was surprised that Erskine had been allowed to leave and contradicted the interviewer's suggestion that he was not the right type of player for a fight Thistle were 2 points behind Dundee United when he left...he is surprised that they were now bottom and they should be doing better with the players they had He expected that Caldwell would have brought in more players but accepted that it might be that Caldwell had to get rid of his signings His recruitment this season was hampered by not being able to get rid of 3 players (presumably Barton, Storey & Keown) he told at the end of last season could leave He didn't get the chance to speak to Shrewsbury because the Board delayed giving permission. His best moment with Thistle was the win at Tynecastle to stay up - better than winning promotion.
  12. Winter of '63

    Winter window

    ...apart from scoring the winning goals against Falkirk and Morton. How is Storey doing in comparison?
  13. Winter of '63

    Falkirk game

    Abdul Osman shows a remarkable lack of self-awareness if he doesn't know the reason for the hostile reaction . He was a very good player for us for three seasons, playing an important role anchoring the midfield. He missed the first half of last season but he was one of the injured players I expected would pull us well clear of the relegation zone on their return. It didn't happen - Osman hardly kicked a ball and couldn't get in a struggling side. I have posted on here before that the defining moment of last season was Osman lying on the ground "injured" allowing the space for Dundee to equalise late on - they then scored the winner in the last minute. It was the game and the passage of play which effectively led to relegation...and is my abiding memory of Osman, wiping out the many good games he had. That's why I booed him and cheered when he went down injured. Fans will not forgive a player who doesn't look like he is trying his best. For all the criticism of Archie regarding his player recruitment, I would be more interested in finding out the reason he was unable to extract any worthwhile contribution from Osman , Dumbaya and Barton who only months previously had shown the ability to be key members of a Top Six Side.
  14. Winter of '63

    Falkirk game

    Disappointing to drop a point to a poor Falkirk team... however we made ground in the promotion race with the top two both losing. Falkirk fans seem to be astonishingly enthusiastic about a pretty dreadful side. We at least are too good to go down. Back in the real world, this was a straight to Video version of a movie we have seen too many times at Firhill since we were promoted in 2012 - lots of possession, create few clear chances, look far better than the opposition but fail to finish them off then give them the opportunity to get back in the game. Bannigan ran the game but from a deep position and by the time the ball got near the danger area, there were nine players back in defence. Penrice shows some good touches but he can be a bit dopey in defence and indecisive going forward. Doolan was anonymous...there is no link-up play with Storey who had his usual quota of wrong choices and wasteful shots...and it was one of his better days. I still like watching Harkins play but I am not sure about his role in the side...and it was a certainty that Dallas would send someone off. Again some strange substitutions - we lost a midfielder, substituted another and brought on two wide players. Judgement reserved on all the new signings. I should be ashamed at cheering when a player goes down injured but Bannigan leaving Osman rolling on the ground was the highlight of the day. Caldwell going on the pitch at the end to confront the referee was pathetic showboating. His Interview on Radio Scotland was cringingly embarrassing, whinging about the red card and Falkirk being rough boys while we apparently were in complete control of the game. He didn't mention the shove on Slater which looked a good penalty shout. I think we have better players than most of the other sides in this Division but I don't really see us winning the series of games we need to get back in touch with the teams above us. Caldwell has failed already but no matter the results until the end of the season, like Derek Johnstone, Dick Campbell and Gerry Collins, I don't want him to be manager of my team.
  15. Winter of '63

    Nine? Is That All You've Got?

    I remember being traumatised for weeks after the 8-1 loss to St Johnstone at Firhill. Saints has an outstanding team back then finishing third in the League. That Season was the first time Thistle had been relegated in almost 70 years. Alan Rough made his first team debut at the end of that season after we had been relegated. It was a sign of better things to come and the 5-1 League Cup Quarter Final win against St Johnstone at Firhill was a fitting redemption for the humiliation two seasons before...it is my favourite game at Firhill ever. The astonishing 8-3 game against Motherwell was very competitive for about an hour...we then scored 3 goals in 5 minutes to go 5-2 up and repeated the trick in the last 10 minutes to go 8-2 ahead. The next home game was against Ayr United on Christmas Day....we utterly outclassed them, dominating the whole game...and lost 1-0. That was the Partick Thistle way!!