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  1. I would deffo buy that, good design
  2. I don't have time for this shyeet. We're getting relegated and now this..... WHY???????
  3. Re: penalty. I had a good view of it and it was definitely offside. But how the f*** did the linesman manage to change his mind. Normally if they miss it they miss it, out of incompetence. In fact they usually miss everything else because they are concentrating on offside and their pea-brains can't look at the actual line at the same time. I don't really understand why we are so rubbish but I'm fairly sure that Caldwell is to blame for this. It's like Leveine with Hearts and stupid chair 'people' who know hee-haw about football listening to delusional f******s with their motivational Powerpoint presentations. I really respect IMC and we should stick with him, he'll eventually sort it out. PS - we would have missed the penalty kick!
  4. alx

    Vs Morton

    Jings what a relief. Ian McCall's got the crowd singing again. Scary last ten minutes though.
  5. I lost me old tartan scarf, but bought a decent bootleg one in the lane.
  6. Thanks Alan Murray, I wouldn't have fond that
  7. Blimey, getting our first choice manager to drop down to the bottom of the league is astounding. I genuinely thought that next season was our best chance of IMC returning. PS - in the interests of musicality it should be 'Ian McCallys red and yella army', with the extra y.
  8. Might as well face it, Shankland United will thrash us. No point worrying about it.
  9. Plain yellow is rubbish. I'm sticking to last year's top, which is good as I got a flash back print done at Morton's T-shirts.
  10. alx

    Miller signs

    Good signing. KM has always been a great player. I'm weirdly chuffed that he's playing for the jags, even if it's his last season as a player.
  11. I've just read the whole thread in a wanny. Take home message: suspicion. Did someone say that he said that the team have to 'peak' in January? Aye that's handy when you should have been sacked at Christmas. If we have a diabolical pre-Christmas period then he walks, no ifs and no buts. If we have a great start then great, and he's a visionary after all and we'll all back him. A player's character is much more important than kicking balls, saving from set-pieces, and putting the ball in that net thing after all.
  12. Christie was a really good player for us for a very long time. I've always thought he was fairly solid and reliable. Good luck Christie.
  13. alx


    For the record, I've got to renew my ST because I've got a belter of a seat. I'll be hornswoggled and dipped in a barrel of bullshyeet if someone else is jammying the seat over the summer.
  14. alx


    Caldwell sacks Dools somehow taking the 'hard decision' (deluded arrogant f***wit more like). So we start very badly next season, does Jacqui Lowe take the 'hard decision' and sack Caldwell? No chance. I can feel in my waater a Dick Campbellesque season approaching. He'll need to go by Christmas unless he gets one of the veteran striker targets to save his skin.
  15. alx


    Season ticket renewal time always concentrates the mind of football boards