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  1. Jagsman

    Scottish Cup Doubters

    was speaking to my dad about tomorrow nights game he saying we got record of getting humped in replays so i thought about it and decide to look for a few happier memories Dundee 1-2 Partick thistle 2 Britton Worldy in this match Goal that put us in semi final in 2002 Penalty shootout v ICT To save blushes v Culter
  2. Jagsman

    Winter window

    Don't know if anyone mentioned Brice off ski hopefully the rest of the shite follow
  3. Jagsman

    Jags vs QoTS 26/1/19

    also think we could knick this 1-0
  4. Jagsman

    Jags vs QoTS 26/1/19

    as said before a certain player told me that Coulibaly is 1 of the worst players he has seen and that sneddon would be number 1 for years also told me when spoke to him few months ago that bell is finished, that keown is disruptive and causing arguements around players this was a few months ago so don't know what it like now he also said the players were sold on caldwell
  5. Resign you have made a mess of our club
  6. Jagsman


    Time to go caldwell
  7. Jagsman


    jose proven now past it in current era unless changes way plays massive dig why not move with way football does gary if you are here for longer then change with the times
  8. Jagsman

    Analysis of squad

    got told by a certain thistle player that coulibaly is not a good player at all and a nightmare in training also keown too big for his boots attitude causing fighting within the camp the players are sold on caldwells approach apparently
  9. Jagsman

    Malware on the forum

    i dont know how many people are getting issues on redirects on the forum currently but its happened to me multiple times on mobile and and pc
  10. Jagsman


    football is results driven performances mean fa look at gerry collins
  11. Jagsman


    If the form continues does anyone think he might get sacked examples stubbs at st mirren frank de boer and crystal palace
  12. Jagsman

    Thistle Are Promoted

    well done i think though with the evolution of women football over last 10 years has been amazing look at Scotland international squad back 2 back qualifications long may continue for both club and country and hopefully end up with loads of internationalists
  13. Jagsman

    Ayr at home

  14. Jagsman

    Ayr at home

    also this is a goalkeeper who let in a shitload when he played for us
  15. Jagsman

    Ayr at home

    still need 1 more though