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  1. remember can be done as a terrorist if claiming he had covid
  2. idiots is being polite try scum of the earth
  3. if he doesnt have a relegation clause does anyone agree with me he should be captain
  4. Well now brownlie in and ridden hopefully fit might look a lot better I wonder if McCall finished in market but we do ayr a pumping
  5. Who is murdoch is it no docherty
  6. McCall am sure mentioned it on an interview
  7. With zannata there always a cry for a pen
  8. never a pen should have been a corner i think we have got a good shape with that tactic if we play like way we did during the game we should be fine
  9. So after getting pumped 5-0 in league cup by them and 4-1 yesterday by dundee United how are we gonna avoid getting hammered again. Hopefully we can put on a gd show and maybe have a signing or 2 in
  10. Any rumours actually happening though
  11. Apparently we want mbappe and neymar in exchange for Miller and harkins