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  1. Jagsman

    New Owner

    If you don't like thread don't go on it yes there is bitching and moaning but there is information as well in here about the potential take over everyone entitled to an opinion you delete this thread people will just use fB groups or pie n bovril
  2. Jagsman

    Is McCall the Messiah?

    mccall was the man that wanted thistle to start a youth acadamy
  3. Jagsman

    New Owner

    I wouldn't want the weirs back he ran away when the heat came on the guy has no business background what happens if he passes where will they money go beatie also stated if either don't go through he will also keep club running for many of time
  4. Jagsman

    McCall returns.

    I don't want us winning league 1
  5. Jagsman

    McCall returns.

    john lambie enough said
  6. Jagsman

    McCall returns.

    we had 2 managers before oh i mean we had britton whilst derek shyte was on the beeb
  7. Jagsman

    McCall returns.

    we could do with archie in defence right rigardless of ages probably be much better than the crap we have been watching
  8. Jagsman

    McCall returns.

    is the assistant manager gigg not his or is it scally
  9. Jagsman

    McCall returns.

    i wonder if we will be after any of their players come january
  10. Jagsman

    McCall returns.

    and hopefully spare a thrashing off celtic aswell
  11. Jagsman

    Who Will Replace Caldwell?

    lennon didnt say no clyde said no
  12. Jagsman

    Caldwell Sacked

    Dinnie did some job over the years but that's the responsibility of being a gd scout
  13. Jagsman

    Caldwell Sacked

    Mccall started up our youth academy was 1 of the 1st things he wanted also found dools n erskine
  14. Jagsman

    Caldwell Sacked

    Mcbookie Mccall 2/1 lennon 5/1 Miller 5/1 archive 6/1
  15. Jagsman

    New Owner

    Is this dead or anyone know anything