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  1. never a pen should have been a corner i think we have got a good shape with that tactic if we play like way we did during the game we should be fine
  2. So after getting pumped 5-0 in league cup by them and 4-1 yesterday by dundee United how are we gonna avoid getting hammered again. Hopefully we can put on a gd show and maybe have a signing or 2 in
  3. Any rumours actually happening though
  4. Apparently we want mbappe and neymar in exchange for Miller and harkins
  5. thats the 1 i go for what a season that was
  6. Erskine v Falkirk to wrap up the win and title
  7. beating clyde 9-1 at any level looked on the short highlights could have been nearer 20 is always good
  8. so mitch austin gets an assist and jones scores heres hoping it can be moved from regional to league at weekend
  9. we got raith at home in the semi final good chance to go on and win this thing now
  10. Jagsman

    New Owner

    i don't think we will get relegated but if form continues its going to get harder to reach play offs
  11. Jagsman

    New Owner

    If you don't like thread don't go on it yes there is bitching and moaning but there is information as well in here about the potential take over everyone entitled to an opinion you delete this thread people will just use fB groups or pie n bovril