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  1. The last time I saw defending like that was at the 5-4 game at Hampden against Queens Park. As for building a team with a spine of Fox, O'Ware and Bannigan - in your dreams, McCall!
  2. Not a single clean sheet this season! Sneddon really should be applying for a transfer if he's not being allowed his chance.
  3. A great idea! Why not let the players find/make/buy their own kit? It would save a fair amount and the players would always feel comfortable in their own kit. Queen's Park did it and won the Scottish Cup!
  4. This, especially the highlighted bits. We've been appointing old boys for too long: it's time for a more professional approach to executive appointments. We could certainly learn from other countries. Enclosed are pics from a 4th tier football club in Germany, Lippstadt 08 <www.lippstadt08.de> - way more professional in appearance and, obviously, in efforts to gain sponsorship, than any Scottish effort I've ever seen. BTW, before anyone complains about us suffering because Glasgow has bigger clubs, this club has a Bundesliga club just up the road, in Paderborn. I've circled the electronic scoreboard next to the main pitch, which can also do video replays. Even before the club moved to its newish stadium, it had an electronic scoreboard of a more limited type, which showed time, the score, the time expired in each half and the temperature - in other words, superior to our current one. On the last occasion I recall it being mentioned, our club maintained that electronic scoreboards are terribly expensive. AFAIK, in the UK, they are, but other countries supply more capable models at much lower prices. Maybe showing a bit of initiative and looking online is too difficult, or maybe the dependence on English-language suppliers is a drawback. List of photos: practice pitches (also used for junior teams); rear of main stand; modern, convenient turnstiles - easy passage for spectators and comfortable for employees; the main pitch; the clubhouse and changing facilities; sponsors.
  5. Whatever the reasons, it would be good to have assertive business management requiring evidence of improvement. Perhaps the Working Group should be turning its thoughts to how the Club is managed here and now. Is Gerry Britton a hard-nosed businessman capable of asking difficult questions and making tough decisions? (I doubt it, but don't know enough about the inside dealings.) Surely a general manager should be asking McCall what two assistants can contribute (as opposed to an extra scout or specialist coach or other position) , if he can supply a reason for fielding a defence which has not had a clean sheet this season, whether the goalkeeping coaching is up to scratch, whether he has plans for dealing with injuries (McKinnon, Rudden) and to what extent he has data on the opposing teams and players in this division.
  6. My concern is that Archibald, as the assistant manager with experience in defending, was also behind advice to keep O'Ware.
  7. This. The goalkeeper should be protected from attacking players by his defenders. (I would still prefer Sneddon to Fox, but the latter was let down by his defenders, especially for the first goal.) It's not encouraging that O'Ware, who should be organising this, is being given a contract extension.
  8. These all point to the problem in defence. All successful football teams are built on a sound defence.
  9. Perhaps the tight confines of Cappielow are suited to the way our players seem to practise so often, passing to avoid other players who are challenging; it certainly looked impressive at times, how our players worked the ball out of surrounding Morton players.
  10. Williamson's performance certainly felt very threatening to me, largely because of his inadequacy at defending: the right defensive position was covered from time to time by a centre-back or by Kakay, but Williamson neither closed down attackers nor did he position himself to cover space. We need an adequate right-back. If Kakay's loan period is up, that is crucial. Either some intensive coaching for Williamson is needed, or a replacement.
  11. It has to be said that he is geting more and more one-footed, which is partly why the team is not quick enough at countering: opposition sides know which side of him to stand to ensure that he can't pass forward. Kakay is a puzzle: he competes energetically for the ball and gets forward into good positions, but when he has an opening on goal, he goes all Simon Donnelly - swiping it wide or high, or even, as today, heading it outside the post.
  12. When in midfield, Kakay protects his full-back (as you'd expect). The other midfielders don't do nearly enough defending off the ball nor can they tackle, but in addition there seems to be little desire among them to bring or send the ball forward into danger areas. The old fault of squandering possession with square passes at the back followed by balls out to the wings and speculative crosses returned on Saturday. It doesn't help that Miller sees that and thinks he has to go back into midfield, or even defence, and deal with it, instead of offering an option further up the pitch.
  13. The clip suggests that Sneddon's positioning was wrong, given the outfield players' positions. I can't remember Kenny Arthur being overly concerned about the positioning of outfield players, but goalkeeping has changed since his day between the sticks. IMHO Kenny should really be a full-time penalty-saving coach!
  14. The disagreements here are perhaps an indication why the Motherwell example might not be an ideal pattern for this football club: a structure is needed to allow conflict to be expressed without wrecking anything substantial, and there is every appearance that at Motherwell FC the people with executive power and the fans are in agreement, and there is even some overlap in the people involved. There may also be people in Glasgow who want to support the club's ownership structure (as the club is part of Glasgow's social structure - even heritage) although their practical commitment is to other football clubs (or, as in the case of our nomads, people who simply cannot attend often). The makeup of fan ownership of Motherwell FC is probably less interesting. Is there a structure which would protect the club from the external influences holding back the club's aspirations without putting off people with external loyalties who still want to show support?
  15. IIRC they're turning pro from next season: so the answer, presumably, would be yes. (I would hope if we made an approach that we would still make a sensible offer. Apparently, the bigger clubs are most guilty of giving nothing to Queen's Park when signing their players. )