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  1. Iochdad! Why are non-Gaelic speakers always so confused? Does the constant hammering away of a' Bheurla chruaidh do damage to the brain if there's no relief from a real language?
  2. If the courts pass the decision on our and Hearts' case back to football authorities, it could be reviewed by UEFA - and do you think that Doncaster is then going to bat an eyelid at denying there was any "financial doping" going on in Dundee (both sides of Dens Road)? Let's hope it remains a matter for the Scottish legal courts.
  3. He didn't: despite massive promotion through the media, the suppression - in many cases through imprisonment and murder - of opponents, the massive violence and intimidation of voters and opposing groups, the Nazi Party didn't gain more than 43.9 % in any election.
  4. In general, I'd like to see much younger teams appearing on the park than we've had in recent years. IIRC we often had the oldest average team age on the park in the Premier League. A club like ours really should be blooding young, hungry players and either selling them on or retaining them to strengthen our first team - not endlessly turning to the market for journeyman players. Recently I've been watching 17 year-olds turning out for Bundesliga clubs. If they can do it, why can't we? The coaching staff which supports the players also needs to be reviewed if we're to see a lean, mean, promotion-winning team emerge. Do we really need a Chief Executive, a Manager and two assistants as well as a physio and a goalkeeping coach? However and whenever playing restarts, we'll need to cut our coat to suit our cloth, and that should mean flattening the management structure. If McCall has to forget about leaving the coaching to others, then so be it. Alternatively, the club won't need a Chief Executive, since it will have a Manager following the usual UK pattern, who heads the show.
  5. There you have it, folks - Sneddon can try to keep a revived Dools (in a new position, of course) on the bench.
  6. If these funds are still applied to youth development as originally intended (and not to general club costs), we might end up with a very strongly supported youth contingent at a time when older players have decided it's time to move on from football and do something else with their lives.
  7. Just purchased, but oh, they don't half make it difficult! Such a reluctant interface, and unwilling to yield until after several attempts. For anyone thinking of buying but not renewing - seriously, wait until you can get someone on the phone. The online graphics look nice, but they don't correspond to the position you might be aiming for.
  8. According to the Robert-Koch-Institut in Germany, a pandemic like this comes in waves and is likely to last for two years. That would suggest that, unless there are surprisingly rapid breakthroughs in testing and/or in vaccination development, this season is gone and when the next season would have been played is a wipeout too.
  9. We are no longer at the containment stage, but at the stage where slowing down the infection rate is the main aim. One opinion is that, now that the virus is in the wild, it will never be removed, and infections will continue to recur, just as they do for flu. We can look on the bright side: because it's affecting many rich countries, every effort will be made to find treatment. The same effort is not put into the likes of Lassa fever or Ebola, because they mostly affect countries without the same medical resources or political weight.
  10. Schools are always sinks of any number of diseases, and the children may show no symptoms while passing on their infections at school, ready to be delivered to, say, grandparents at home.
  11. There is a major difference between Italy and the UK - the large influx of Chinese workers returning to the north of Italy after spending the Lunar New Year holiday at home. The Chinese Government (well, the Chinese Communist Party really, which is more powerful) knew of the new Coronavirus' existence in Wuhan in November 2019 but did not act until after the Lunar New Year in late January. Taiwan, which is in a similar situation and where many workers returned from China, had epidemic control measures already in place and has 45 cases of infection to date, in a population of 23 million with close links to China. Italy is paying for its connection to China. In the UK, there are plenty of Chinese people, but many are students, who cannot afford to take time off during the academic year, and others tend to be academics with similar considerations, if they're not already settled in the UK with families here. So the UK has more time to react than Italy had.
  12. Interesting to hear how McCall used public shaming of players. You would imagine those days, even then, were long over. Doolan's explanation of Simon Donnelly's play when Doolan joined was also fascinating. Donnelly was one of the most talented players ever at the club.
  13. The whole division knows who takes our penalties and which side he favours. The rest of the division has statistical analysis - but we dropped that in order to have 2 coaches as well as a manager.
  14. It would be much more difficult to pilot it after the end of the season (whatever the outcome), and then have to face the problems for weeks on end as people come back from holiday and have problems when they try to purchase tickets.
  15. Disgraceful! How could you impugn the value of our gnomes on their hallowed grassy slope? Shame on you!