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  1. Someone somewhere mentioned there must be an unsigned right back somewhere we could sign. Gary Irvine surprisingly doesn't appear to have a club. I'm sure he'd be better at right back than Elliot at the moment. If only AA had listened to the fans last August and brought SOD back before Killie got him.… ….
  2. Gaucho

    Thistle v Motherwell

    The fact Archie has done so well in the past is even more an indictment of where we are now and the very reason why he should leave. To be in charge of a squad that made the top 6 last season to the disorganised shambles we now have must be laid at his door. Something has obviously happened between him and Osman (the club Captain). I really do think he has lost the plot. Two must win home games and we only take one point from six. We are all amazed he is continuing to play Elliot out of position whilst he has a left back sitting on the bench. If he doesn't think Penrice is good enough why does he only play him in the OF games? His record of bringing strikers to the club is pathetic. He and the vast majority of that squad have to go regardless of whether we survive or not. If we draw on Saturday and County win we are down due to the swing in goal difference caused by that 4 nil humping in Dingwall. He should have been sacked that night to give a Manager with some tactical knowledge a chance to keep us up.
  3. Gaucho

    Away Attendance At Rugby Park

    This is the thing there are a lot of ST holders that choose not to attend the OF games. Could we have an option of a season ticket that does not include OF games? Let's face it the number of Jags fans attending OF games in recent seasons could all easily fit in the Colin Weir Stand (could the enclosure in front of it be termed safe standing if the numbers were limited?). It would be packed and probably create a better home support atmosphere than we've recently had at these games. I'm old enough to remember back to games in the 70's when we played the OF and the Thistle fans were all housed in that part of the ground. In saying that crowds of over 24,000 odd was the norm back then. If we could get 3000 more away fans into these games paying an approx £20 per head. That's an extra £60k times (possibly) 4 games per season = £240k. It's surely worth thinking about......
  4. Gaucho

    Sport Sound On Bbc

    I like the fact they all support their own teams (especially since they are mostly outwith the OF) and have no problem that they make no secret of who they support. I just think it would do no harm if they shook things up a bit and stopped sending the same people to watch the same teams. For example when we won The Championship QOS got more coverage than us just because Sandra Brown attended all their games home and away and that is the only team she reports on.
  5. There are over 1000 more away fans at that game today than the entire (home and away) support at our recent game against Celtic. Yet we play in the same city as them. We really have to sort out segregation arrangements when we play the Old Firm. It's must be costing the club 100's of thousands every season in lost revenue.
  6. Gaucho

    Sport Sound On Bbc

    Sportsound is just ONE BIG FAN FEST and we have no one on board - Richard Gordon - hardly misses an Aberdeen game these days Willie Miller - does every Aberdeen game home or away Allan Preston - Hearts as much as possible - if not St Johnstone. Chic Young - St Mirren or watching Rangers on TV in the BBC studio Steven Thomson - St Mirren John Barnes - Kilmarnock as much as possible. Even when not commentating on them he mentions them at every opportunity Jim Spence - Dundee Utd or his other hometown team Dundee FC Pat Bonner - Every Celtic game, alternative fixtures not even considered. Derek Ferguson - Hamilton games cos he lives nearby. To be fair I quite like him and he does seem to have a wee bit of affection for us. Sandra Brown - QOS (just cos she's at the game anyway) Rob McLean - Partial to a Ross County game cos he comes from Dingwall Ach well at least we know our licence fee money is keeping some people happy. :-)
  7. Gaucho

    Thanks Scotland

    Scott Brown wouldn't have been booked for that first challenge if it was an SPL game. He gets away with so much up here cos the Scottish refs turn a blind eye. Craig Gordon was a bag of nerves. It was his fault England got their shy that led to the first goal that he should have saved.
  8. Gaucho

    Segregation Arrangements V Old Firm

    Ian Mac - The reason I used Killie to compare with is because their home support is similar to ours most weeks. I accept their stadium is bigger (not 'twice as big' tho) but there is definitely room (if we sort out the segregation) to accommodate 8000 away fans at OF games at Firhill too. We play in the same city as them so surely the demand for away tickets would be at least the same.
  9. Gaucho

    Segregation Arrangements V Old Firm

    My point in starting this topic was to ask how we can possibly 'sell out' the fixture rather than only get 7-8k. If the OF moved to England and we were hosting the likes of Aberdeen or Hearts who were then going for the title the attendance at their games at Firhill wouldn't be any less than 7-8k. Therefore the presence of the OF in our league isn't as critical as the Glasgow Press seem to think. Armageddon and all that... I just don't accept that we can't get more for the entire crowd than Killie get away supporters when they play the OF.
  10. In my opinion it isnt working. The attendances for each of the 4 games this season has hovered round the 8000 mark which isn't great.. The away support alone when the OF go to Killie for example is 8000. We should try and make as much money from these games as possible - especially if we're not taking any points.. The Thistle fans could easily be fitted into half of The JH stand letting them get them get the remainder of the stadium. Alternatively we could probably fit all the home support (that is bothering to turn up) into the old Main Stand. What do the rest think?
  11. Gaucho

    Scotland Internationals For Thistle

    Ronnie Glavin Joe Craig
  12. Gaucho

    Scotland Internationals For Thistle

    Alan Hansen Alex Forsyth (?)
  13. Gaucho

    Scotland Internationals For Thistle

    Roughie's understudy - Billy Thomson.
  14. Gaucho

    Stuart Cosgrove.....

    He's really doing my nut in today. Got it in for us big time. Keeps referring to Elliot kicking one of their players. No mention of fact their guy was sitting on the ball trying to waste more time and Christie was simply trying to free the ball so we could get on with the game.
  15. This might sound ridiculous (and feel free to ridicule) but this might be worth a go. The late goals at home are always lost at the North end. Perhaps a change of scene at that critical stage in the game might help alter the player's mind set. They definitely have a mental block at the moment. Also it might help that we are attacking the stand holding our fans in the 2nd half anyway. Most teams choose that option.