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  1. I am a match day volunteer and had the misfortune to have to negotiate the steps down the JHS to make my escape just after the game had started. One thing that caught my eyes and ears as I made my way down the steps was a young boy, maybe 10 years old, occupying a seat at the end of a row (occupying i.e. standing on the seat). He was belting out an IRA song with full gusto. Evidence, if any more were ever needed, that unless Celtic FC AND the authorities tackle the issue, we will all suffer in perpetuity. Having reached the bottom of the JHS and passing through the irradiation chamber and all over shower unit I continued my way to the Colin Weir Stand. Jags fans may have noticed that Thistle never place any ballboys/ballgirls in front of either the Celtic or Rangers fans - it is simply too dangerous.
  2. Gerry Britton

    This is great news! Another person who, through the power of osmosis over a number of years, has allowed Thistle to seep into his very bones.
  3. Kris Doolan’s 100th League Goal

    Spoke to Dools at the Player of the Year event, and mentioned that I had proudly held up my KR1S D00LAN scarf after he scored his 100th league goal against Hamilton. He replied, "Well, it was good you were able to use it twice!". True gentleman, true professional - true Jags legend.
  4. Lost Scarf At Hibs

    Just to add to yesterday's disappointing display, my wife lost/misplaced her beloved Thistle scarf somewhere at the Hibs ground. She bought it some years ago - it is mainly black with slim red & yellow stripes evenly spaced along the scarf. If anyone happened to find it please let me know. Thanks
  5. Easter Road Tickets

    I went into Firhill yesterday to get tickets, and the pile of remaining tickets was looking rather small (maybe 30~40 left?), so unless Thistle are going to get a further allocation I would advise getting yours quickly!
  6. Last Jag Standing For Robert

  7. Robert Watson

    I have spoken to the club and PMed Auld Jag - the club will arrange for a copy of the match to be provided.
  8. Robert Watson

    BB - I'll speak to the right people at the Club today and let you know.
  9. Last Jag Standing For Robert

    Auld Jag's post on Robert also moved me, and a memorial is a great idea. Put me in for £10, plus £10 from Mrs Jagged Edge = £20
  10. Robert Watson

    Very sorry to hear the sad news about Robert, AJ - our thoughts are with you today.
  11. Doolan 100 Scarves

    Hi Phil - update, I'll take the last scarf also! Many thanks!
  12. Doolan 100 Scarves

    Hi Phil - I'll take one more scarf please. Will send payment tonight. Thanks!
  13. Doolan 100 Scarves

    3 for me please! Thanks!
  14. Doolan 100

    Add me in as well please!
  15. Hamilton 15/10/16.

    I'm not prepared to reveal any confidential information, but I am prepared to say that in my humble opinion I would be very surprised if there was a manager in the SPFL that worked harder than Alan Archibald to bring in new players. In Archie I trust.