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  1. Definitely my favourite team in 48 years of watching Thistle. The ease in which the key members of that team rolled back the years playing in Dools' Testimonial still brings a lump to my throat. For those of you quick at arithmetic, yes, I admit it, I am a gloryhunter. I started going to Thistle matches in 1972!
  2. It may have appeared strange but it was our only option on the evening as we could only get 3 ballboys for the game! With one for each of the Bing, JHS and John Lambie Stand, it was left to yours truly to cover one half of the Colin Weir Stand (the First Aiders covered the other half, as they are situated behind the barrier for any balls that went over). As I am fast approaching my 62nd birthday, does this make me Thistle's oldest ever ballboy? Should I be looking forward to my Hall of Fame entry? And yes, I also thought it worked very well that evening.
  3. Jagged Edge

    New Owner

    Sorry, but that is crazy talk. Budget A - live within means projecting a break-even position at year end. Budget B - splash the cash on additional/higher quality players hoping to get promotion. How do you balance this at year end - only by a big influx of cash.
  4. Jagged Edge

    New Owner

    I think people are being grossly unfair on Gerry Britton. His job as CEO is to fulfil the policies and strategy of the board of directors. If their strategy was to overspend the budget then Gerry will operate on that basis. Only if the strategy was to break even, but a serious overspend occurred should he be getting his jotters. It is clear from yesterday that the strategy of the old board for this season was to overspend. It is clear that the playing budget for this year is the same as last year. Only the transfer money from Liam and Fitzy has prevented the deficit at the end of the season from being embarrassingly huge. The only conclusion I can come to regarding the mysterious £200k for four players was based on a "promise of additional funding" from the old board. The £200k is not sitting in PTFC's bank account, is not in the playing budget, and would have to have been an additional £200k input from someone (or more than one person), otherwise it would have been yet another £200k to add to the season's deficit. The new board are committed to a break even budget - we all know what overspent budgets leads to. I actually thought Norman Springford and Ronnie Gilfillan spoke well yesterday - genuine Thistle men who pumped money into Thistle with no expectation of ever getting it back. Ronnie stated that any money he would get back from any sale would be less (in real terms) that what he put in, and Norman stated that his return from any sale would be going to charities, so no direct benefit to him at all. Posters who claim that the new board are only out for money from the sale are insulting these fine gentlemen! Their reasons for wanting to look into the consortium taking over Thistle were based on believing that Thistle would benefit from the consortium's infrastructure, additional revenue stream possibilities, and beliefs in the development of young players. They have not committed to taking any deal that is offered by the consortium, but believe that it should be considered.
  5. The smoke bomb that was thrown by the Hearts supporters missed one of our ballboys' head by inches. It is only a matter of time before someone innocent gets badly injured/maimed. The lack of action by stewards/police to these incidents is alarming and they are just as much to blame as those supporters who fail to call out the culprits. I hope the idiots in our own support get the message.
  6. I'm going along with a few others. I hope there is a good turnout - you can't criticise the club for putting on a free event with free food for season ticket holders!
  7. I have no idea who looked after the mascots in 1956 But if you are asking who currently looks after them, it is John Smith (and what a great job he does too!) https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-staff/john-smith/
  8. I hope they have factored in a small jetty and a couple of canoes to fish the balls out of the River Kelvin
  9. Sevco should take note. Chris Erskine shows them how - with HONESTY and INTEGRITY - you can be "Going for 55" and actually get there!
  10. I don't see any reason why Coulibaly can't play on Saturday - if anyone comes after us we just tell them that the player is "imperfectly registered, but eligible" © Sandy Bryson, Head of Registrations Department, SFA
  11. I am a match day volunteer and had the misfortune to have to negotiate the steps down the JHS to make my escape just after the game had started. One thing that caught my eyes and ears as I made my way down the steps was a young boy, maybe 10 years old, occupying a seat at the end of a row (occupying i.e. standing on the seat). He was belting out an IRA song with full gusto. Evidence, if any more were ever needed, that unless Celtic FC AND the authorities tackle the issue, we will all suffer in perpetuity. Having reached the bottom of the JHS and passing through the irradiation chamber and all over shower unit I continued my way to the Colin Weir Stand. Jags fans may have noticed that Thistle never place any ballboys/ballgirls in front of either the Celtic or Rangers fans - it is simply too dangerous.
  12. This is great news! Another person who, through the power of osmosis over a number of years, has allowed Thistle to seep into his very bones.
  13. Spoke to Dools at the Player of the Year event, and mentioned that I had proudly held up my KR1S D00LAN scarf after he scored his 100th league goal against Hamilton. He replied, "Well, it was good you were able to use it twice!". True gentleman, true professional - true Jags legend.
  14. Just to add to yesterday's disappointing display, my wife lost/misplaced her beloved Thistle scarf somewhere at the Hibs ground. She bought it some years ago - it is mainly black with slim red & yellow stripes evenly spaced along the scarf. If anyone happened to find it please let me know. Thanks
  15. I went into Firhill yesterday to get tickets, and the pile of remaining tickets was looking rather small (maybe 30~40 left?), so unless Thistle are going to get a further allocation I would advise getting yours quickly!