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  1. A game at Firhill soon after Gary Fraser’s cracker at Tynecastle, and when he was failing miserably with some long range efforts – ‘Hey Fraser – it was a wan aff!’
  2. May already have been mentioned, but best solution is finish the current season when it starts up again, say in September to November, then winter shut down, then switch to Summer football season from then on. Fixed!
  3. Jim (jnr) was a family friend through my Dad. Larger than life character and a lovely family. I did also meet Jim (Snr) at a game at Firhill, must have been late 60s/ early 70s.
  4. First time I'd gone on supporters bus, despite following the Jags for decades. Think there were 2 extra buses that went from Firhill. The whole things seemed well organised and I appreciate the club laying this on. I probably wouldn't have bothered going without this offer. Got chatting to a few guys I hadn't met before. All in all very enjoyable, obviously helped by the result and good weather.
  5. You may be right LIB about Harkins in any role but I did think the team looked a bit more robust when he initially appeared in DM e.g vs Falkirk (albeit he did get sent off, maybe a bit unluckily). Agree re Gordon - he looked a real asset earlier in the season once he was played a bit further back.
  6. Thanks for the replies re Harkins and agree the high altitude training might help! Had beeen wondering only because he had been in every matchday squad since he arrived (apart from one game when I think he was suspended). Agree though he's not been keeping up with play when I've seen him but feel he's generally been played too far forward.
  7. Sorry if this is already covered but does anyone know if Harkins was injured or dropped on Saturday. Thanks.
  8. jag71

    Ryan Stevenson

    Re that Celtic game mentioned above, though I got blue in the face booing at the ref 'cos he wasn't letting him back on, someone pointed out afterwards that with a 'blood' injury the ref has to wait until the ball goes out of play .... ?
  9. Thought it was good to see 2 teams going for a win, made for an exciting competitive game up to the end. Too often you get one team time wasting as a game goes on. And great to see Christie Elliot back.
  10. The really keen supporter is still addicted, and was there today. Began supporting Thistle actively in 68/69 season (48 years then?), having been to a few games before that. Timed the start my Thistle career quite nicely to attend a game at Hampden on 23/10/71. Been through all the ups and downs since then along with everyone else.
  11. Extremely pleased at the news. Lawless really adds to the team. Welcome Stevie to another 2 years with the Jags. :)
  12. Well done Thistle, great achievement again this season.
  13. Brilliant! Great achievement Well done to all at the club :)
  14. Thought the No 6 and McMillan were good. Best for Jags were Lawless & Forbes. Definite progress from Durham but would expect that.
  15. Great news! Smashing player. :)