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    Can not remember my first game but the first BIG match was the 1958 league cup final (our third final in six seasons!) in which we were thumped 5-1 by a brilliant hearts' side. Fortunately, I have a happier league cup final memory to draw upon......
  2. robphil

    Winter window

    i have been attending estadio firhill for over 60 years; as a child, i watched hearts thump us 5-1 in the league cup final at hampden. i stood on the terracing every match day during the misery of 1970 when scot symon's team of ancients finished stone bottom of the old first division (to paraphrase bill shankly, we were lucky to finish bottom!) i endured the disappointment of 1975 when we missed out on a place in the inaugural 10-club premier league by three points. of course, there have been high points; '71 of course, our great promotion year when archie steered us back into the top flight with erskine and doolan in their pomp. but most of all, just being a jags' fan and all the laughs and jokes shared with the terrific people in red and yellow scarves around me. after 18 months of inexorable decline, however, i have endured enough misery. my season ticket has been placed in hibernation. will it ever reappear? that depends on the people entrusted with running our beloved club...
  3. robphil

    Record number of ex-Jags to line up against us?

    Don't know if johnny Gibson ever played against us but we must have faced joe craig and Ronnie Gavin with david mcp in the home dugout at parkhead
  4. robphil

    Book Thread

    just read john irving's 'a prayer for owen meany' for the third time. if anyone should be about pick it up for the first time then you are in for a treat...
  5. robphil

    Ex Thistle managers...........

    i was a youngish hack on the sunday post at the time of big jock's accident and sean was a lovely man to deal with as 'caretaker manager'. as barney said, davie mcp arrived some time later
  6. robphil


    have always felt that cliches should be avoided like the plague...
  7. robphil

    Ex Thistle managers...........

    you're spot on, t'was sean...
  8. robphil

    Ex Thistle managers...........

    a true gentleman; my favourite quote: 'McGroin's got a grain strain...'
  9. robphil

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    just LOVE that series of pix
  10. robphil

    Who's next?

    i presume he formally applied; it would only be common courtesy, therefore, to grant him an interview. however, i can not imagine the board would regard him as a viable candidate.
  11. robphil

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    tommy rae would be my guess
  12. robphil

    Dunfermline away.

    our archie is obviously a big fan of the new christy minstrels...: 'one wheel on my wagon, and i'm still rolling along...'
  13. robphil

    Dunfermline away.

    neither manager is in the strongest position
  14. robphil

    Dunfermline away.

    i can not comprehend why those who presently run our club appear so unconcerned at our present plight. someone, somewhere at firhill must be aware of the feelings of the majority of long-suffering fans. their attitude towards us, therefore, is one of contempt. the performances over the past 18 months have been unacceptable. if the directors do not acknowledge that fact, then we truly are doomed...
  15. robphil


    a running gripe, i know, but the QoS highlights were embarrassingly superior to our version