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  1. robphil

    New Owner

    Well said
  2. robphil

    Mitch Austin

    the sainted denis mcquade missed many such sitters amidst his innumerable 'goal of the season' contenders
  3. robphil

    Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    square goalposts...old floodlights...tenements...a packed terracing...many thanks for wonderfully evocative picture of a bygone age. truly was 'firhill for thrills' in those days of my youth.
  4. robphil

    Ryan Williamson signs

    Was at Starks park with QoS supporting friend last night; JC was interviewed on the pitch at half-time when he was very, very complimentary about thistle manager and players. Stressed how much he had enjoyed himself at firhill. Definitely sounded as though he wanted to extend his stay among us
  5. robphil

    A New Direction?

    The reporter was quoting Caldwell directly. my Fleet Street days are long over...
  6. robphil

    A New Direction?

    The quotation marks would suggest the words came out of caldwell's mouth. yes, reporters have been known to adjust the facts for all manner of reasons but tampering with direct quotes is a dangerous tactic
  7. robphil

    A New Direction?

    in one interview Caldwell says signing Boyd and Miller would be a 'no brainer''; in his next foray into print he claims kris Doolan was ushered out because he wants to 'build a team for the future'. one of those statements is surely erroneous
  8. robphil

    A New Direction?

    harkins and boyd in the same team? i don't know about what 'new direction' we will be taking but i have a depressing notion of what pace that 'new direction' will be played at
  9. robphil

    Who's picking the team?

    why doesn't he ask the players to put the name of their preferred manager next season in sealed envelopes?
  10. robphil

    Jags v Ayr 23/27 April

    the only seat storey should occupy on the bus is the one behind the wheel...
  11. Big al or johnny Mckenzie??? For longevity, I'd go for johnny Mac; but two giants of Scottish fitba'...
  12. maybe you caught him on two bad days but having known the gent in question since he was a teenager i can honestly say he has always been just that - a gentleman...
  13. robphil

    Caldwell’s Massive 7 Days

    I, too, am 60 plus years and I, too, wil not be renewing. The last 20-odd months have been far too depressing...
  14. robphil

    With The Jags in Sweden 1972

    many, MANY thanks, ccjag; just got round to watching your oscar-deserving documentary (just HOW good was denis mcquade?). 'tis quite an emotional experience watching the boys of '71 (and the youthful davie mcp) in action one year on from their hampden heroics. i know stockholm well and and quite understand why the memories you garnered have survived nigh on half a century.
  15. robphil


    Can not remember my first game but the first BIG match was the 1958 league cup final (our third final in six seasons!) in which we were thumped 5-1 by a brilliant hearts' side. Fortunately, I have a happier league cup final memory to draw upon......