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  1. very entertaining game today despite the weather thought ict were the better side first half, more composure on the ball, created a few good chances second half we upped our game pressurised them more when they had the ball thought that was bannigans best game for us this season we still need a holding central midfield player as other posters have said we should have cole and kakay signed up for the rest of the season jones took his goal well, might come good for us this season good to see o'ware back in the team and fair play to miller ran his socks off today for the team dundee scored 4 today and we have them at firhill next saturday, should be a cracker bring it on onwards and upwards
  2. Stevie, I also thought you had an excellent game
  3. gerry was against gc being appointed but was overruled
  4. the question is, will i still get my pie and bovril tomorrow ?
  5. which players in our squad are loan players thanks
  6. big tam my motm by a mile team captain surely penrice first half excellent pushing forward, got a bad one later on but never gave up cole and hall did well, certainly an improvement kakay got stuck right in over the ninety minutes gordon when he came on scores with first touch an exciting open game, great 3 points onwards and upwards
  7. brilliant bloody brilliant took me back to the good ol days with arthur montford and scotsport
  8. that photo for me says it all when will i be able to buy my "mccall season ticket" ? we are on a roll folks, the only way is up
  9. just look at that smile on the chairman's face brilliant how about ptfc now issuing a "mccall season ticket"for the remaining games this year
  10. best signing in years. well done the board
  11. i would agree. i will be back on saturday.
  12. in a nutshell. great day for doolan , very emotional, i must admit there was a tear in my eye. but how the hell has it come to this ?
  13. that's me as well sandy, totally scunnered red and yellow runs through my blood, but enough is enough all the best to fellow jags followers nb admin please cancel my account
  14. certainly not at firhill, unfortunately still can't believe it for a team our size to let a player of this calibre go is imo incompetent
  15. never --get a grip he won't be here that long