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  1. you know what, after all these deliberations we we are gonna get SFA out of all this btw if it does to arbitration I hope Maxy is not reading this topic
  2. I hope our chair was watching that tonight comments re oor gary 100% spot on
  3. "Last chance for league reconstruction" so says the dungmaster reminds me of the Bonnie Tyler hit It's a shitfest, nothing but a shitfest
  4. wishing you a full recovery Frank, a fantastic player for the jags
  5. what would have happened this season if rangers were say 2 or 3 points behind celtic answers on a postcard
  6. "but this is a club that is now set up to compete in the top division of Scottish football" who at firhill committed this to paper? they should be taken into a darkened room and made to watch our recent games
  7. it was offside . Sitting in the jhs in line with play defo offside strange team selection, midfield again, shambolic penrice, who I rate, didn't really get into the game robson played well, but when pushing forwards he very rarely had support from others we continue to punt high balls up to graham and rudden don't think Rudden won a header all night, doesn't look match fit it's the same problem for the past couple of seasons, far too slow moving the ball forwards through midfield, and punting aimless high balls up the park no midfield players creating openings, pushing forwards with the ball, it's all so predictable as others have said , what do they do in training all week with cole and gordon warming the bench at ko and watching barjonas playing, I would like to hear our managers take o n that lastly, bannigan, think he should be rested for a wee while imho
  8. ptg ref point 3 my grandfather told me that firhill was built on an old quarry horse and carts were used to transport stone etc to infill the quarry he also told me that a horse and cart was backed up too far and unfortunately fell into the quarry, the horse was not recovered maybe originally the quarry stone was used by the railway companies to ballast railway track ?
  9. player in the background third from the right Norman Wisdom "Mr Grimsdale"
  10. bannigan is bustin a gut out there, cole, hang on austin on
  11. 2 great saves from fox mansell on for jones this sums up the quality of player we have this year thanks gary!!
  12. our midfield is rank cole and gordon (is he actually on the park) wee joe our best player again second to every ball so bloody predictable