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  1. And another one.....he was a truly bizarre signing
  2. Surprised mcginty left, surprised slater left....surprised anyone left .....were doing so well !
  3. Nisbet didn’t deserve to stay at the club and letting him go has probably contributed to his development it happens ....slater just nit good enough imo
  4. How about a wee wager then ? £10 we don’t get relegated and £10 Queens don’t get promoted ?
  5. I can’t recall tbh but last time I looked he wasn’t called Craig slater .....but to be clear you would have kept him and played him ?
  6. They might not be in the league at all..... but if you rated him fine I didn’t and he has signed two leagues down
  7. Two divisions below us and some people thought he was good ?!
  8. This must be the busiest January transfer window ever!
  9. McCall rates him it’s as simple as that
  10. So 6 signings for the current campaign.....at least we are trying !
  11. We seem to be missing a crucial ingredient as a team ... the desire to win by working hard, taking nothing for granted and never giving up .... we might have some good players but they need to step up