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  1. Team rebuilding

    Interesting watching Archie smiling as he said Barton has gone to a club that can afford his wages !
  2. Davie McParland

    Sad sad day A real legend and nice human being always 1971
  3. Team rebuilding

    Debt free means you spend money you do have not money you don’t .... there is no bottomless pit
  4. Training Ground Update

    Excellent news and a great name .... can’t wait for the tour!
  5. Team rebuilding

    Two trialists today ....Arlen Burch RB and Evan Horne CM
  6. Team rebuilding

    He said the bringing in of any other Centre backs is dependent on clarifying the position of Barton and Keown
  7. Team rebuilding

    From what you can pick up ....more players are in the way
  8. Team rebuilding

    It’s interesting to note that for all the criticism of nothing happening we have now signed 7 players with more on the way, launched a great new kit, got another £600k for the academy etc etc and th3 transfer window closes in 8 weeks.....
  9. Team rebuilding

    Craig Slater has signed
  10. Further investment in Weir Academy

    Great news and thanks to Colin Weir
  11. Team rebuilding

    Can’t believe we have 3 already
  12. Team rebuilding

    Archie said on jagzone that Fitzpatrick would be given a chance this season and he has high hopes for him
  13. Team rebuilding

    Yes I think from his interview he needs his football career to be a success.....
  14. Team rebuilding

    Jack Storer has signed today
  15. Team rebuilding

    Never seen storer, don’t know who he is , not watched a video .....but he is crap