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  1. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/player-update-4th-july-2020/
  2. I agree with this and we have nothing to lose and indeed might get something out if it......were not playing till October so its making the extended close season interesting !
  3. I think he was actually warning them off from that course of action .
  4. There is another point to note from Lord Clark today......there is no real downside for us......the worst that will happen is we play in Div 1 and some clubs don’t like us ......and then there are the documents which might be fun .....we go into extra time ..... However, Lord Clark said that it was is view that such a punishment could be deemed unlawful. He said: “In my opinion, the existence of that potential penalty – which includes expulsion or as Mr Moynihan put it, ‘being put out of the game’ – is a factor that has to be considered when analysing the lawfulness or otherwise of Article 99.15. “The issue of penalties could itself be subject of the supervisory jurisdiction of the court.”
  5. more good news https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/525-accountancy-sign-up-as-thistles-first-ever-sock-sponsor/
  6. javeajag

    New Kit

    for those who wanted sock sponsors...l https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/525-accountancy-sign-up-as-thistles-first-ever-sock-sponsor/
  7. None of that is unreasonable but there is a lot we yet don’t know and we should not automatically assume that your misgivings will apply to the club or hearts .....the assumption must be that we have taken decent legal advice and would not bother with any action unless we felt the legal advice was at least encouraging. I would also assume that hearts probably have some heavyweight legal input . My understanding is our advice on the Dundee vote was very supportive to our case but we shall see.
  8. This is your occasional reminder that I do indeed give you peace by not interacting with you, please block me so you don’t see my posts and don’t quote me as I as I’m sure you have noticed I don’t respond. Have a lovely day.
  9. That is the role of the lawyers and if we have decent ones which I believe we have then our case and actions should be thoughtful and considered ......we don’t know all the facts yet nor the legal arguments ......my main argument is that WJ has conceded we have a case in the Dundee vote process but that that is pointless because there will just be a re vote and no one will change their mind that a victory in this case would change the dynamics eg how could Doncaster survive is self evident and worth taking annoying, pissing off other clubs .....if you listened to the Falkirk chairman on Saturday that boat has well and truly sailed
  10. To be fair you have admitted your style is somewhat dismissive