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  1. Yes sportsound would be my Employment law/government regulation expert of choice ...
  2. Pretty great response in these circumstances
  3. Yes it’s a consultation document from the spfl ....doesn’t mean it will be accepted
  4. Discussion document doing the rounds ..., SPFL.pdf.pdf
  5. I would say this reads positively.... https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18335945.partick-thistle-chief-exec-gerry-britton-man-plan/
  6. Aberdeen saying today they face a £5m shortfall......
  7. The go fund me total is now over £10k....so well done everyone
  8. Been released and going back to Australia ....on the club website
  9. It’s never going to be enough is it ? and in case you’ve missed it pretty much all of Scottish football is in crisis .....personally I blame Jacqui low
  10. guys....you have read this statement... the land transfer is held up due to Colin weirs passing and tax issues associated with the ownership transfer but Colin weirs expression of wish is clear.....don’t expect anything to change until Colin weirs estate is resolved but by that time apparently we won’t exist , be bankrupt and definitely relegated https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/joint-update-from-the-working-group-and-three-black-cats-on-fan-ownership/