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  1. 1 it wasn’t the kit supplier who told you but the retailer ... you leaked it before the official launch. 2 I didn’t for the third time and if people are scared of you that might explain it
  2. 1. You leaked a description of the top before it was announced and criticized me posting the name of our new kit supplier before it was announced ......simple hypocrisy 2. as I told you I didn’t go through six months of posts , it was emailed to me by another forum member ....you might want to reflect on why they did that 3. whether it has not helped the club is a matter of debate as witnessed on this thread there is nothing to say it has Personal insults not needed
  3. Keep digging... you got caught i never raked though anything if tor no other reason than I’m in Vietnam on holiday and have better things to do .... if the person who did dig through it all wants to identify themselves that’s up to them but your not the type of person ever to admit their wrong though
  4. Ah I post the name of the new kit supplier ( that’s all ) . you leak the actual strip design days before its due to be announced and they are not comparable I really don’t think so
  5. I must pay tribute to another forum member who dug it up funny
  6. Wonder who posted this .....
  7. I must have got confused ....they are the shirt manufacturer not the shirt sponsor but carry on chaps ....hilarious ps every new shirt design has been leaked On here to nil comment for years
  8. Ok explain it to me ( not that you will be in any way patronising )
  9. Ok... 1 it’s not a new kit launch 2 it is a new supplier 3 new kit launched I guess in the summer 4 a new supplier doesn’t damage the club
  10. I wasn’t told any confidential information nor told anything by anyone associated with the club ....nor was this leaked by or from within the club .....but you know the Irish .... now off the high horse
  11. not for much longer looks like... https://www.oneills.com/uk_en/clubs
  12. Yep ....he’s the boot boy !
  13. What do Partick Thistle and Boca Juniors have in common ? Their kit is being supplied by Irish firm O’Neills who do GAA/Rugby and now making bug push into football ....we will announce them shortly as their first Scottish Club Good news is that we will be able to go for a more bespoke design
  14. Don’t know enough about how they are run to comment
  15. Well he gave the impression in interviews that he had seen them all.....o Connor is very highly rated
  16. I’ve no idea if the loan players cost much or not and you admitted you don’t know either .....but that’s not the point it’s whether they are any good
  17. Sure but I remember reading an article in the Harvard business review on how organised chaos can lead to successful companies like Uber
  18. Ok let’s agree no one knows what the problem is and we are all just speculating
  19. Exactly so no issue then
  20. Actually that isnt necessarily true .....management is full of sweeping generalizations like this ....lots of shambolic organizations do well and lots of well organized one have problems ....look at sports direct
  21. Well if you decide to sack Archie that means at two decisions ....him to go and someone to come in
  22. Just because there are boardroom changes is not in itself evidence of a lack of focus ....3 managers and countless players are the issue