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  1. Stenny Away

    Do we have anyone who can play RB?
  2. Training Ground Update

    Brilliant news. Great name.
  3. Hearts friendly

    That was the popular sentiment at the time, yes.
  4. Team rebuilding

    Motherwell are in a better position to take a chance on his development I suppose. Good luck to him, nice to see him get fixed up.
  5. Team rebuilding

    Archie's fault.
  6. How will we play

    The 3 attacking midfielder setup we favour can be great, but obviously does rely on these 3 to be linking up well together with the striker. The Doolan/Erskine/Lawless combination was a joy to watch at times. More of that, please.
  7. Team rebuilding

    We're signing all the midfielders. Wide cover wouldn't be a bad thing.
  8. Team rebuilding

    This is mental.
  9. Hearts friendly

    Sounds like a worthwhile run out at the weekend. Great to see Bannigan getting a few games under his belt. If he stays fit he'll be a major asset this season. With the reports of Storer playing deeper, it definitely looks like we're still very light in the striker department.
  10. Team rebuilding

    It's good to see we're adding (what looks like) quality, despite the problem of the 3 contracted players still hanging around. The finishing touches to the squad really depend on these 3 staying or going though. I wonder what the discussion is within the club, whether they are happy to stay but just a bit expensive, or if they are desperate to go but need the wages?
  11. Team rebuilding

    Another signing that looks like a solid one. I'm not unhappy with the business done up to this point. Some full back cover next, perhaps....
  12. Team rebuilding

    I'd be very surprised if Fitzpatrick is seen as a potential starter. Will be good to see him get a chance to earn that place, though.
  13. Team rebuilding

    That guy had a decent squad, and they were fit.
  14. Team rebuilding

    Definitely an interesting signing. Seems a bit of a headcase, but maybe a bit of a talent too. Certainly young enough to use this move to kick start his career with a bucketload of goals.... Welcome to the Jags, Jack.
  15. Team rebuilding

    Hey, at least we were top of the league at something.