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  1. Paulo

    Queens park game at Airdrie

    Hampden pitch is having work done at the moment, unsure about Lesser though.
  2. Paulo

    Queens park game at Airdrie

    or the good times.
  3. Paulo

    New Owner

    Alrighty then, straightforward enough, see everyone in this thread next week?
  4. Paulo

    Andy McCarthy

    He was never really fully fit last season. Recovered and spoke about taking his chance to get back in the team, never got a chance under the current manager for whatever reason.
  5. Paulo

    Kit 2019-2020

    The irony is that you're banging on about the club being wrong in exercising their right to freedom of expression.
  6. Thanks for the video CC, and thanks for everyone sharing memories. I enjoy reading this sort of thing. Shame that Scottish football lost so much here.
  7. Paulo

    Kit 2019-2020

    Analysis wouldn't tell us to shame the victims.
  8. Paulo

    Kit 2019-2020

    Really not buying into the argument that we shouldn't be supporting a large group just because some people are idiots.
  9. Paulo

    Current squad

    It'll be interesting, no doubt. Maybe my excitement is just slow in building....! Only a couple of weeks until the games start though. Hindsight is a great thing, but the talk for this season was to get things done early in order to hit the ground running. I dunno, maybe the whole transfer business is as difficult as Archie made it look the last couple of pre-seasons
  10. Paulo

    Current squad

    I dunno. Take me back to the last 10 games or so of last season. Sit me down and tell me you'll swap me Doolan, McDonald, McCarthy and Anderson for 2 young full backs and Kenny Miller. Then ask me if that team will challenge for the title. I don't fully share that optimism.
  11. Paulo

    New Owner

    Thanks for hijacking and judging that for us all. (sorry, I have a weakness for irony, please move on)
  12. Paulo

    Kit 2019-2020

    Typical, you're not even trying. That's the sort of attitude that....etc. Something something something inflammatory remark, baseless accusation, vague interpretation. You got a problem with that?
  13. Paulo

    Kit 2019-2020

    We don't discriminate here. We'll argue about anything.
  14. Paulo

    Kit 2019-2020

    Same way the one with the pink ribbon on it a couple of seasons back relates to Thistle.
  15. If this forum has taught us anything, surely it's that it is never too early for a good old panic.