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  1. Paulo


    Spittal scored last week, so he's going to start. As much as I'd like to see Fitzpatrick in there. Bannigan in for Ntambwe. Dunno what we can do about the defence in terms of fitness levels. Our big problem is the right side Elliot/Keown spacetime conundrum at the moment. (ie giving the opposition too much of both).
  2. Paulo


    You can see it happening on the pitch in a lot of cases too. Meaningless passes, just to ensure if there's a mistake they can say 'wasn't me', hiding instead of looking for the ball, staying down when not injured just to claim you were fouled instead of working to rectify your mistake, the list goes on....
  3. Paulo

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Unless he'd been told to say it'll take a week, then it takes more than a week. I'd rather he said he didn't know if he actually didn't know.
  4. Paulo

    Home v Morton

    I think you're mixing up can't and won't. Literally? Everyone could play 40+ a season. Whether they're limping, burnt out, off form. But that's playing on semantics. I feel like I'm unduly backing Bannigan here, but the fact is he's played more football this (pre) season than others. We can't say whether he'll be a bit part player now.
  5. Paulo

    Home v Morton

    Pretty sure it's not him picking. Should we now dump Erskine, Doolan and Fitzpatrick too? Sure these guys won't go 40+ this season.
  6. Paulo

    Home v Morton

    Well, let's do it. We're unbeaten in the league at home so far. Bannigan and Brice on the bench? Fitzpatrick to start if fit? Wonder what the score is with Shea Gordon and Andy McCarthy in terms of progress. If we can get everyone fit, we've got an awful lot of central midfielders to choose from. Anyone for a Coulibaly sighting?
  7. Paulo

    Reserve Match on Monday

    Sounds like Bannigan managed an hour with his legs still attached. Good news.
  8. Paulo

    Reserve Match on Monday

    Banningan and Brice starting in the midfield. Trialists at the back and up front. Assuming the defender is Sena, and the number 9 is Jai Quitongo. 2-0 down at ht.
  9. Paulo

    Jack Cross

    Sad news. I didn't know Jack, but I certainly recognise him from Firhill. RIP Jack, sounds like you will really be missed. Thoughts go out to his family and friends.
  10. Paulo

    Dundee United v Partick Thistle Preview

    Archie and he will say we've no injuries, only to be naming a bench of 3 youngsters and a newly-adopted border collie.
  11. Paulo

    Souleymane Coulibaly

    Has there actually been any official word that there is a hold up or problem with his clearance from any parties involved? All I've read is speculation and paper sensationalism.
  12. Paulo

    Livi sack Miller

    Gary Holt. Ooft. Miller is not a personality we need anywhere near the team.
  13. Paulo

    why do we need??

    I hear Claude Makalele blames Gordon Strachan.
  14. Paulo

    why do we need??

    The theory is that this guy allows your more offensive players to stick to their strengths. A good player in this position will also cover the full back spaces when they get caught up the park, allowing the centre backs to retain their positions and not look silly. Think of the old Italian sweeper role, but in the middle of the park.
  15. Paulo

    Team rebuilding

    That would be potentially one of the best signings in this division. I'm more inclined to believe that we're being hospitable and offering him training facilities. Anyone know what the story is with his contractual problems over the last year or so? Is he really a free agent now?