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  1. The club tried that in 2006 - and it backfired.
  2. With red and yellow sheep to match?
  3. The club has a half interest in propco. If I recall, there are more people sitting on Thistle's board with shares in propco than there are people with Thistle shares sitting on Thistle's board. Thistle shareholders were treated to the spectacle of their directors throwing tantrums about questions over that relationship last year. I'm quite sure the club and propco could 'talk to each other' about improving the bing, Ian. Hopefully, they'll also improve the catering and foul toilets in time for next season, too.
  4. Said the good people of Auvers-sur-Oise.
  5. Sounds like a job for Onethistle. Prettying the bing is a nice idea, but the land has been industrial for a long time. The idea of an allotment would be quirky and Thistle, but I'm not sure I'd like my spuds with added metals. Flooers would also be nice, just make sure they're hardier than the scubland shrubs that already grow their. Perhaps the simplest solution is to paint the big with a sponsor's logo.
  6. I needs renovated, but for facilities to get people to the games and for aftermatch it's a shoo-in. If Showpark can accommodate It's A Knockout I'm sure it'll accommodate Clyde.
  7. I wonder what the odds are on our first game of next season being against Dundee United - those odds being Thistle odds, not bookies' odds.
  8. Why not two points each for a draw? The no points for no goals scenario means teams have to work harder. (In theory.) I can't argue with your point that there have been excellent no-score draws, but I've watched Thistle play stellar football and lose. Points for goals.
  9. Another good point - fanbase building. EK is, to the best of my experience, almost full of Old Firm sheep.
  10. Jeez, really? Nothing other than Showpark makes any sort of sense. To me. The Calderglen site for 'East Kilbride FC' is in what was - and probably still is - the back of beyond in my childhood. I have no idea where they'd build around Peel Park or Jackton for public transport.
  11. So, there are three fitba grounds in EK that Clyde could move to?
  12. Nae points each for a no-score draw; a point each for a score draw; three points for a home win; four points for an away win.
  13. McKennan

    Best Doctor Who?

    That idea went back to 1967. The theme showed up again in Daleks In Manhattan. The two stories have lines of dialogue in common. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Evil_of_the_Daleks