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  1. If he gets runner up next week he gets a place in next seasons squad.
  2. Gerry Collins and Albert Craig on the last 10minutes of Sportsound talking about our Intertoto cup adventure.
  3. When the fixture's come out on Monday, the main topic will be when the so called old firm games are and whether there will be fans allowed in to these games. Thistle and Hearts will be forgotten.
  4. When these players leave, we will have 13 players. 6 Of them are contracted until the end of season 20/21, 7 season 21/22.
  5. Don't disagree, but they have all got contracts for next season at least. Of course McCall gave some of them the longer contracts. As i say a big season for Thistle and McCall coming up.
  6. Imo Robson was very poor most of the season. The Celtic game he was terrible in the first half, improved in the second half and after that he had a few very good games. Cardle i agree with @ThickAsThievesin i didn't feel that he hid, more he tried something and when it didn't come off, he would try and make up for it and it just got worse. Big season for Thistle and McCall, if we don't get promoted it will be failure.
  7. League 2 now also going ahead from 17th October. I wonder just how many of these teams expect fans to be allowed in from the start. Not so sure that will happen.
  8. League 1 to start 17th October. 27 game season. No mention of promotion or relegation, i take it will just be the usual champions promoted and bottom team relegated and play offs.
  9. From now on whenever there is a vote, Thistle should have 2 considerations. Whatever benefits Thistle and also if possible get some revenge on those teams that voted against league reconstruction.
  10. Harsh to deduct points from any club that gets into money problems because of the COVID 19 crisis. But is it any more harsh than relegating clubs because of the COVID 19 crisis ?
  11. Agree. We should not just lie back and take it, while thinking what is the best for Scottish football. Our only concern should be the best thing for PTFC.
  12. Dundee with money worries, what goes around comes around. No sympathy from me.
  13. What ?.I need subtitles.
  14. Unless you are a Gaelic speaker, yes.