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  1. BSC Glasgow manager on Sportscene said they want to play in Glasgow but can't.
  2. Yes, we really are racking up the air miles on our European travels.
  3. As @partickthedog says it would be good if we could get Kai at Firhill for a game, as a mascot even.
  4. Winners of this tie away to BSC Glasgow. Smart move and Scottish football authorities, words never used in the same sentence.
  5. I think you mean 8th Feb. This is Scottish cup weekend. We are due to play Dundee away on the 15th Feb, but this has been cancelled as we are playing Raith Rovers on the 14th Feb in the Caramel wafer cup. I think you might see us playing Dundee on the 8th.
  6. Not from me. I hoped to see a good performance from Thistle and no trouble in the ground or outside. Thankfully that is what it was for me.
  7. I was in the centre of the Colin Weir stand, just behind the Jagzone commentary team. During the game i heard a few shouts looked around but didn't see anything of note. Going up to Firhill and leaving Firhill, there was a lot of police, but i did not see any trouble.
  8. Good performance, although i don't know if Celtic would have went up a gear or so if required. Miller should have done better than hit the post just before HT and also a weak shot at Forster before that. Great support from the Jags fans. Thought Cole was MOTM.
  9. As far as i know you don't need to stick with the ticket number.
  10. Maybe, but we would have stopped the quadruple treble, i think.
  11. I hope everything goes well both on and off the park. As i say i understand why fans don't want to go to this game. Just hope they return for the remaining league and Challenge cup games .
  12. I will be there, but also understand why others choose not to go. So no finger pointing from me.
  13. Great to see the respects paid to Colin Weir, by fans, players and staff as his funeral cortege passed Firhill.
  14. Hope your visit to the dentist was less painfull than watching Thistle on Saturday.