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  1. More conference calls tomorrow, we need to fight our corner. We still have 9 games left to play. Yes we are bottom of the league, but we have a game in hand which if we won we wouldn't be bottom. Yes we have been very poor, but with still a 1/4 of the season to play and games against the teams round about us we could still get out of it.
  2. I am sure there has been a number of video conferences between all the leagues. I would hope Thistle have pointed out the fact we have played a game less than QOS and no way we would accept being relegated under those circumstances.
  3. Good to see Thistle saying 'if you can't afford this now, please wait and do it only when you are sure you can'. Unsure times ahead for a lot of us.
  4. I know Neil McCann has not been everybody's cup off tea on this forum, but on radio Scotland i have heard him say on at least 3 occasions it would be wrong to relegate Thistle as we have 1 game in hand and if we won it we would come of the bottom of the league.
  5. Aberdeen chairman speaking on radio Scotland from America said all American major sports preparing to play competitions behind closed doors as they don't expect to be able to play in front of any crowds this year. Raith Rovers chairman said they should be ok until June/July, but after that they would be in trouble. Also said about another 4/6 clubs in 1st and 2nd division will be in trouble at the same time without any football.
  6. You may think that, but i could not possibly say.
  7. You know what they say elevenone 'you need to go through the bad times to appreciate the good'. Hopefully some good times for Thistle when the football restarts, whenever that may be. Hope you and your's are ok, elevenone.
  8. Great to see the April Dools Day goals again. Only 3 years since we got top 6 in the premier. Yet another reminder of how far we have fallen in such a short time, not that we need a reminder. Surely a player of Dools quality hasn't lost it all in 3 years ?
  9. Auld Jag


    When did you hit the hide button for some of the Thistle team and how do we reset that ?
  10. Our defenders have been social distancing with the opposition for a few seasons now.
  11. I am sure @Camallain posted the goal from that one.
  12. I think the one with all the circles has just hypnotized me.
  13. If my auld memory serves me right. I read on ceefax (yes some still use it) that Livingston was asking fans for £20 per month and they would get shares in the club next year.
  14. Sorry jaggernaut, i also don't know.
  15. DIY is never fun,no matter what it is.