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  1. Imo it doesn't say much for the board member to be running down how another club is run.
  2. 7-20 pm ko. Not easy for ICT fans. Usual thought put into this.
  3. We have 12 games left and everyone of them is key. The sooner we can start a run of victories the better. That is assuming we are going to start one. I do not understand how McCall got much better results from a squad he did not rate,than he has so far managed to do with a squad that is more of his choosing. I know it takes time for players to gel and we have had a few injuries. We need to see the much praised January signings coming to fruition as a team soon.
  4. I wouldn't think we would allow them to play in a game against us, if it came to that. On a more positive note Lyons scored again yesterday.
  5. I was having my usual pregame chat with @partickthedog and said to him i did not understand why we didn't have a couple of the younger players on the bench. Even if they don't get on the park the experience of being involved with the first team in a cup semi final would be a good thing.
  6. We obviously don't know what is going on behind the scenes. But i do think that McCall was well backed by the board in the January window.
  7. I think the fans backed the team well last night. Yes there was some booing at half time and i was disappointed when a number of fans left the John Lambie stand as soon as the second goal went in. But it is a 2 way thing, the fans also feed of the team and they didn't do much until we scored.
  8. Credit where credit is due, Arbroath showing up a number of so called bigger clubs. Who would have ever thought DC could be in the running for manager of the year in the Championship.
  9. Not so much optimistic as hope. We are fast approaching where we need to win games.
  10. Amazingly after only picking up 2 points from our last 6 games we have not been cut adrift. I know teams above us have a game in hand but if we win on Saturday things will start to look better. Of course if is a big word.
  11. Graham is the only new signing that has impressed me, might take a bit of time for the others to gel. The problem is we don't have time. We have winnable games, the only thing is we seem to have forgotten how to win. Our last victory was against Morton 28th December. Also our home league form is terrible 2wins so far this season. Hope you are right and we don't come detached, finishing 8th seems like a dream now.
  12. Imo we did't really put much pressure on them until we scored , which was with about 8 minutes to go. We are in a league that has 2 part time teams in it. We have a budget that is up in the top 4 budgets in this league. McCall was well backed at the January window. If we go down it is a massive under achievement and everybody involved, including McCall should be looking in the mirror and asking themselves should they still be at Firhill next season and will they be able to get us promoted back to the Championship at the first time of asking. A massive 12 games ahead.
  13. McCall rightly so built up a very good reputation for what he managed to do with Ayr. If we stay up , his reputation will still be good, but will have a lot more focus on him next season. If we go down his reputation will take a hit and if we were not to come straight back up from league 1 it would be severely dented.
  14. We have mastered the art of NOT defending corners and every team we play knows it.
  15. As i have said in another thread, McCall got more from a squad of players he obviously didn't rate before the transfer window. I know a number couldn't play tonight for various reasons. We now have 12 league games coming up for McCall to prove he got the right players in the January window.
  16. Also just in. Agree with everything you say J McD. Team didn't look bothered until we scored. To little far to late. If Caldwell was still manager there would be calls for his head, also what has happened to Cole, we all wanted him to extend his loan but he is a shadow of the player he was. Once again very disappointing to see so many leave the John Lambie stand when they scored their second.
  17. If they call that a long, long read. The new owner thread is War and Peace and the Lord of the rings together.
  18. Said on the news he is in a critical but stable condition. Lets hope for a full recovery.
  19. Agree with everything that has been said.
  20. No but we are THE Partick Thistle.
  21. I think a fit Shea Gordon is a goal threat from midfield.
  22. Not interested in a back and forward discussion. But i am sure i heard the scammers tried it with a number of clubs and Hamilton were the only team that they got. Cant disagree they are in a much better position than Thistle. I just hope we can get on a really good run and manage 8th and have a much better season next season.
  23. Don't disagree re St.Johnstone, but did Hamilton not lose £1million by being conned by an internet scam a few years back ?
  24. Interesting. I notice they ignore the majority of good things McCall did for them. Like bringing in young players/players who had not done well elsewhere, took them to the promotion play off last season and when he left them this season they were in the top 3. Sounds very bitter imo. Lets hope McCall lives up to the faith that most of us had in him when he was appointed.