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  1. You know what they say elevenone 'you need to go through the bad times to appreciate the good'. Hopefully some good times for Thistle when the football restarts, whenever that may be. Hope you and your's are ok, elevenone.
  2. Great to see the April Dools Day goals again. Only 3 years since we got top 6 in the premier. Yet another reminder of how far we have fallen in such a short time, not that we need a reminder. Surely a player of Dools quality hasn't lost it all in 3 years ?
  3. Auld Jag


    When did you hit the hide button for some of the Thistle team and how do we reset that ?
  4. Our defenders have been social distancing with the opposition for a few seasons now.
  5. I am sure @Camallain posted the goal from that one.
  6. I think the one with all the circles has just hypnotized me.
  7. If my auld memory serves me right. I read on ceefax (yes some still use it) that Livingston was asking fans for £20 per month and they would get shares in the club next year.
  8. Sorry jaggernaut, i also don't know.
  9. DIY is never fun,no matter what it is.
  10. Making sure they get 4 bigot derbies in. They will probably try and get their colt teams in as well.
  11. Championship clubs are getting paid £26,500 + VAT.
  12. Not a shout out. Before disabled were allowed to use the North stand/John Lambie stand, wheelchair users used the enclosure at the front of the old main stand. So with Robert being a wheelchair user this is where we always went. For years i used to take a radio and keep in touch with other scores. On a number of occasions the subs warming up stopped and asked me scores from other games.
  13. Thank you to everyone for their very kind thoughts,also for the likes. I hope once it is safe for the football to return, we are all fit and able to get back supporting the jags. Till then take care.
  14. Today was the 3rd anniversary of Robert's death, this is the wreath we took up to his grave. There is a thread talking about Thistle being a family club, anyone reading this thread can see what a great club we are.
  15. How about 2 leagues of 22 for next season. This would be made up of combining Premier and championship leagues, for league A. League B would be leagues 1 and 2 plus Brora and either Kelty or Bonnyrigg from lowland. Play each other twice, where you finished would decide what league you play in 21/22 season. Sizes of new leagues for 21/22 would be decided before next season starts.To make time for more league games cancel both league and challenge cups for next season.
  16. As long as you stay 2mtrs apart.
  17. Welcome CWJ. You must get plenty of material watching the jags. As a famous Glasgow detective said it is murder at Firhill every week.
  18. Thanks for sharing this with us,and a belated happy birthday p w.
  19. They also use pencil, so they can be changed quickly when required.
  20. Having a gap year at our expense.
  21. You are correct there is no relegation. Fraserburgh,Rothes and Buckie Thistle could have overtaken them in the league, but only if Brora had lost all of their games.
  22. All the best to you and Mrs ej. Get the Monopoly out, you might just finish it in 12 weeks.
  23. Ice hockey's Elite league 2019/20 has been called null and void with 6 games still to play.
  24. F1 starting an esports competition this weekend. Just for entertainment, no points at stake. Can we expect panic buying for Scalextric.