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    Correct. I also remember Gerry Collins wanting to give Thistle players a win bonus after we lost at Rugby park. Collins said we played well and should have won.
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    Only one stat counts, the final score.
  3. Agree. Great reaction after the drubbing at East End Park. I said after that game we needed 7 points from our remaining 4 games of 2019 to keep in touch with the other teams. Lets keep this going Thistle.
  4. This is a photo i took of young Robert at half time of that game.
  5. Thanks MJ, hard to tell from my view in the John Lambie stand.
  6. Agree with you regard Zanatta. Lets hope he got the message. Don't dive. Not sure if the ICT player who got booked for diving in the box in the first half dived.
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    Good to see Storey having his usual game at Firhill,i.e doing nothing.
  8. Uneventful first half. Second half we started well by scoring, then we conceded. We then went 2-1 up and although they put some pressure on us we held out well. Scoring in the dying seconds of injury time to squash any hopes for ICT. Thought Harkins did well when he came on. 3Home games unbeaten now and 7 points from them. Keep it going Thistle.
  9. You are correct about all of this. Great start and then collapsed. Think we finished 3rd/4th.
  10. If we are behind tomorrow, we use the multi ball/multi ball person system. If we are ahead with 5minutes to go, we use the one ball/no ball person system.
  11. Young Robert and i always wore our Thistle tops whenever we went on holiday. On our last visit to Florida , one of the days we went to the Florida Mall. One of the food stalls had mugs with various Soccer clubs on them, amongst them were the 2 ugly sisters. The stall holder noticed our Thistle tops and also my Brother in laws Morton top. To our surprise the guy was very knowledgeable about Thistle and Morton. In fact he knew more than most Scots who didn't support Thistle or Morton would have known.
  12. Should we expect to see a bus outside Firhill on Saturday?
  13. What a charmer. Unfortunately, for to many things will never change.
  14. Not a new signing, but Mouhamed Niang signs a contract extension until May 2021. Congratulations Mouhamed.
  15. I wish some of our current squad would obey the sign.
  16. Agree. Also notice our last manager, Mr Caldwell missing from that list.
  17. They are used to dealing with cups.
  18. Are we not allowed to tackle. Their goal, the only time any Thistle player even tries to tackle is when their player shoots. Our two goals were gifts from their keeper. Good reaction from Cardle. 3Very good points. Lets hope we can get at least 4 points from our last 3 games of this year.
  19. But it also means we seen Thistle lift the League cup.
  20. Lets hope the Pilot can work his 'Magic'.
  21. Lets hope the Pilot can get some out the escape door.
  22. Great result. 2Home games to come. Keep it going Thistle.