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  2. jaf

    Jacqui Low

    Not for the first time we seem in totally different wavelengths. your post was about the merits or rather demerits of separate ownership by two fans organisations how any owner - trust or otherwise - achieves ownership is by being a shareholder my point was then about a merit to counter your demerits Then you claim that’s not what was being talked about! I’m completely lost following the logic but I’m sure you will be right
  3. Agreed, it didn't stop some people using it as a stick to beat them with that buying success was not the PTFC way, which was the substance of my point.
  4. jaf

    Jacqui Low

    Companies act gives minority shareholders protections rather than relying on the drafting from scratch of a new fans organisations constitution. to use the protections that are already there in companies act seems sensible to me as a check and balance. Especially given ouR history of supporter organisations
  5. This is what I don’t quite get. of course we need his £s and will be grateful for them as the team needs overhauled. But, there was so much talk when the consortium was first discussed where so many were claiming that an owner spending lots of money to push us up the league somehow just wouldn’t feel like thistle anymore. But it seems it’s ok if it’s Colin weirs kids inheritance. like I say that’s not a criticism of him - it’s amazing if he gives us money. But at some point there will have to be consequences for bad decisions. He has been our get out of jail free card for sometime now. Thank god for him. But it surely ought to be a goal to become self sufficient.
  6. jaf

    Jacqui Low

    Absolutely my view for a number of technical reasons.
  7. For me, the thing we most need is a defensive midfielder, as has been the case for quite some time. We could also do with a goalscorer to reduce the burden on Kenny Miller and the expectation on Jones.
  8. To be fair to McCall, he often offers player from lower levels a chance rather than persuade players at higher level, so that may not be such an issue Whether that's what we need is of course, a different question
  9. jaf

    Jacqui Low

    I want fans to run the club. But you cant compare them to Conway anymore, Conway is gone. Now the comparison has to be with good practice and standards - which is definitely what a fan run club should aspire to. Important to note, we are not yet fan run. And also important to note, in achieving those goals people with an opinion can and should feed into the working group consultation process.
  10. jaf

    Jacqui Low

    Actually there is of course a neat coincidence in the Goodwins Paul facilitated a transaction by being second horse running and having limited ability to do due diligence etc Fred's crowning glory which turned into a nightmare was ABN-AMro in the same situation, clutching it from Barclays and relying on their due diligence Lets hope Pauls vision has a better outcome (as I am sure it will)
  11. 1800 attendance 2-1 Jags I'll be working unfortunately
  12. jaf

    Jacqui Low

    Can you clarify do you mean Paul or Fred? I'm totally confused by the purpose of the last few pages Theres big issues and choices ahead for our club and we are arguing about things that didn't end up happening The choice now is not between Conway and fans, it is between fans imperfect solution and fans close to perfect solution. Lets all try to deliver the latter
  13. We are one game away from a final in another cup! Lets take the cash, and leave this cup for another year (next year!)
  14. jaf

    Jacqui Low

    Jim I think as we are on the cusp of perhaps fan representation on boards of the future that people reading this are not put off in fear!! Yes, directors have fiduciary duties - as well as obligations under Health & Safety, etc - and it is important for responsibilities to be understood when becoming a director. However, generally, if one is acting as they should do in respect of fairness towards shareholders and creditors, then fiduciary duties would be difficult to breach. Frankly, anyone wilfully doing so when they are supposed to be representing their fellow fan, deserves what they get.
  15. jaf

    Fan Ownership

    I know it is counter intuitive, as there are many benefits I am sure in merging the pots of shares as Pinhead states above. However, I do think there are arguments against that also. It is not for me, or this forum, to decide upon the merits and demerits of those though, and so I will feed my thoughts into consultation when I know more about how to do so.