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  1. ICT, Celtic, Hibs, St Mirren, St Johnstone, Aberdeen, Rangers, Hearts Bonus - 25 goals
  2. Especially at his eye watering rumoured wage!
  3. I think its extra hard for players coming in to a team at the bottom of the league. They get no time to find their feet and gel, as every mistake is amplified in its importance. Hopefully McCall is bringing in players with the right character as if they have fragile confidence to begin with, that is not a good combination!
  4. Correct, like several of that squad
  5. WAs always surprised McGinty didn't score more goals for us, which is kind of saying the same thing?!
  6. From my contact at Montrose re Lyons and Sena…... Blair’s a cracking lad and a real talent. Hope he bangs in a few more for us this season and gets a proper chance with you next season. He’s every defender’s nightmare; rapid and direct!! Sena is a lovely lad and scored against the league leaders on Saturday. Big strong boy who is already a fans favourite, especially with his goal celebration this weekend. We were (pleasantly) surprised McCall didn’t recall him after Xmas but are delighted to have him for another few months. Think the spell will have done him a load of good and hopefully you get a more mature/more streetwise player back in the summer. Good deal for everyone.
  7. Are you counting Mackinnon as 1? There is enough visual evidence for us all to see to suggest you could count him as 1.5. On yesterdays showing there is also enough evidence you could count him as 0.
  8. especially as a couple of teams in the bottom half have 1 and 2 games in hand over us
  9. I was guilty of optimism I admit, not complacency though. There was cause for optimism, we were 3rd= in terms of last 10 games form, and Arbroath were 2nd bottom. We had new players. We had hope. The weather I do not see as much of an excuse - the players just didn't turn up. A bigger excuse might be losing Rudden just before the game and having to replace him with Jones who looked cold and like he didn't want to be there.
  10. Thanks for this, I was doing a similar exercise, slightly differently probably whilst you were doing this! I took the average points per game from the last round of everyone playing eachother, ie most recent form but of everyone playing everyone and then added that to the points already gained. What it did was give a surprising result unlike any of the last number of seasons in that less points were required to get into play offs (46), but more to avoid relegation or relegation play off. Such is the bunching up when you do this, that 42 points is the automatic relegation total, 43 the relegation play off, and 46 the last promotion play off spot. This underlines that we could have a very bumpy ride and very exciting end to the season, if just 4 points do end up separating bottom from 4th. What, of course, both of our analyses ignore is the effect of January signings. I predicted last night - before doing this exercise - that we would get 21 points over the remainder of the season, but on the basis of the above that would still leave us biting our nails, but if we can do only a little better than that, we may have promotion play offs to look forward to!
  11. He isn’t captain. O brien is. he is clearly just a good pro a good communicator with a desire to win. Also a very friendly likeable guy based on his appearance in hospitality lounge. saunders got a scotland cap but looked about the fourth best central defender on the park!
  12. Ricky little bossed Brian Graham in the air. That’s Ricky little by name little by standards of centre halves. I am sure the wind was blowing the same for both players.
  13. And for them a corner was almost as good as a penalty kick because of how they used the wind in corners in first half!
  14. I think this is superb signing, not least because of the development of Rudden that this should help with.
  15. 4-0 Jags 3 for Rudden, 1 for O'Ware Rout Clean sheet I am presently on painkillers and seeing life in very optimistic way!