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  1. We used to grow potatoes under the main cover Before the Jackie husband stand got built
  2. We were sitting beside roughly 200 celtic fans at the dressing room end The police and stewards separated the fans Their was a lot of shouting at each other and one celtic fan eventually got thrown out Not a nice atmosphere sitting in your own stadium afraid what was going to happen next If Miller had scored at half time anything could have happened This needs to be sorted out for future games
  3. I phoned firhill today saying I had tickets for the m section of the ground And what will happen with so called celtic fans inside the thistle end He said the police will throw out any Celtic fans they noticed And we can sit in any part of the colin weir stand.
  4. Remember the save the jags era When we had to play youngsters Martin lauchlan. Robert dun Willie Howie And Jamie Mackenzie
  5. https://deetv.dundeefc.co.uk/tv/dashboard
  6. 1876

    Fan Ownership

    Personally like us to take back control of the catering again Got two grandson that cost a fortune every home game Also stop those stewards walking up and down every 5 minutes Blocking our view
  7. How many said What the f==k when Gary harkins Came on as centre forward lol
  8. 1876


    Could be our most embarrassing day as well
  9. Sadly 48 years is a long time without winning another major cup I was at the game great result But hard to celebrate with our own fans all seperated in the stadium But the peterhead game wins it for me Gibsons Last minute equaliser great penalty goal celebrations Big dick speech at the end players coming out to show their appreciation to the fans .
  10. Think it was the 800 club that done the tartan scarf Maybe brought out for 125 year centenary
  11. Possible our best chance of winning a trophy this season Should be a decent support that
  12. Mon the mighty jags Highlights on Inverness web site
  13. 1876

    New Owner

    Why dont Thistle For Ever organise a meeting with the fans and put their proposals to the supporters .
  14. Our chance to show up the green mob tonight Back them all the way Hope whatever the score is we stay to the end and applaud the team off the park
  15. Be prepared for total thistle abuse Tonight These guys hate us with a passion