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  1. 1876

    Fan Ownership

    Personally like us to take back control of the catering again Got two grandson that cost a fortune every home game Also stop those stewards walking up and down every 5 minutes Blocking our view
  2. How many said What the f==k when Gary harkins Came on as centre forward lol
  3. 1876


    Could be our most embarrassing day as well
  4. Sadly 48 years is a long time without winning another major cup I was at the game great result But hard to celebrate with our own fans all seperated in the stadium But the peterhead game wins it for me Gibsons Last minute equaliser great penalty goal celebrations Big dick speech at the end players coming out to show their appreciation to the fans .
  5. Think it was the 800 club that done the tartan scarf Maybe brought out for 125 year centenary
  6. Possible our best chance of winning a trophy this season Should be a decent support that
  7. Mon the mighty jags Highlights on Inverness web site
  8. 1876

    New Owner

    Why dont Thistle For Ever organise a meeting with the fans and put their proposals to the supporters .
  9. Our chance to show up the green mob tonight Back them all the way Hope whatever the score is we stay to the end and applaud the team off the park
  10. Be prepared for total thistle abuse Tonight These guys hate us with a passion
  11. Everyone a manager Give the players and the manager time to get the team playing the way he wants them to play . Still talk of players coming in so there will be plenty of changes still to come Two wins out of two aint bad
  12. Dont think we will be making any signings until ownership of the club is decided
  13. Here my story of Metz Booked last two seats for bus on I think Thursday night left from station bar friday morning with piper giving us a farewell tune he might have even got on bus No problems all the way to Dover 3 buses in a convoy over the channel and lambies army on it's way I think we just pass Paris when the first problem of rattle came from underneath the bus . Stop once or twice then we got the call to abandon bus as it was knackered So we all got on the two surviving buses. Transferred our luggage and away we went I personally stood all the way to Metz once the buses arrived it was a sea of red and yellow seen hotel as in the pictures just need to collect luggage and book in Problem was 3 bags were left on broken bus mine my mates and a other No problem got booked in and got washed and went outside to everyone mauling around the square . In a sea of red and yellow I'm sure the game was that same night Saturday We walk to stadium singing and chanting all the way never felt so emotional in all my life . Tears rolling down when teams came out Game itself was pretty poor until William's hit the post Then we had a glimmer of hope Beat 1_0 but we didn't care was great to be there. Back to hotel for pint and something to eat ended up in the same pub with all the players having a drink got pissed Cant remember much more that night followed morning our bus arrived to take us all home .so we got our bags changed and off we went . No problems travelled through France over the channel then it happened again bus broke down again Broke down at I think was outside gillingham or coalchester Bus was knackered again so got off bus and waited for replacement bus We ended up in some pub owned by a Morton supporter He was a f___ing nutcase The replacement bus was coming down from liverpool so we well on by time bus came at mid night As we left the pub owner was going to fight some taxi drivers with a baseball bat. We left him to it We arrived home I think Monday morning or it could have been Tuesday A full day after all the other buses Got taxi and went home Bought papers and seen the photograph of the fans under the big flag was delighted to see myself in photo Cant wait to go again Mon the jags
  14. Was in total teamwear today New strips have arrived and in store ready for sale once the club decides