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  1. John Lambie Tributes

    done many a interview with john for pttv the best was letting Ricky and Chico doing a dressing team talk .
  2. Quarter Final

    we {pttv} filmed the whole game from the away end which was rather empty ,when we went in front at the penalties bill Casey was going mental. so much so that when we played Celtic again they told us to film in the main stand as they had complaints about our behaviour from the last game .
  3. New Joma Kit For Premiership 2014-15

    we were in the joma shop recently and he said the strip was pink and grey based on the Valencia strip
  4. 1971 - What A Sensation!

    personally speaking yes i do Ive met a few of the lads that played in that game who have since moved on from thistle , and they say it was the best game they played in , i'm sure they would love to come back and meet the fans over a meal and pint and speak about the game , don't think we ever really got to say well done the players after the game , winning at peterhead was just like winning the league whether we were 1st or 4th
  5. 1971 - What A Sensation!

    what reaction for a guy just speaking his mind . their is nothing wrong with raising funds for the club its just that we have won nothing major for 40 years and yes we are struggling for something to celebrate . don't think you would get many going to one of lambies league wins but maybe a peterhead night with some of the players turning up would appeal more to the younger generation .
  6. Warriors Offski

    spot on mate the way forward speculate to accumulate get the cash in through the saving of hiring pitches for youth teams and first team training when not in use hire out the pitch ,also have two 5 aside pitches at the grassy end and hire these out as well . can be used 7 days a week and with the catchment area of maryhill we could even have community teams and school teams cup finals as well
  7. Egm Round 2

    thanks john why are hughes and cowan taking such a interest again are they panicking of the thought of losing power at firhill or losing money through propco
  8. Weekly Poll

    9 points behind the league leaders after 3 games leaves us in a perilous position, fighting relegation all season doesn't bear thinking about.
  9. Where Do We Go From Here?

    one of the best youth system on go at the moment, from 3 years old upwards, 7 days a week from community teams to pro football ,
  10. How Do You Feel About Ian Mccall Leaving

    never a jags man in a hundred years decimated the team and fans . look at our crowds heading towards the one thousand mark, get duffy in now