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  1. If you set an infinite number of monkeys to work on an infinite number of typewriters they’d eventually type ‘hey hey we’re the monkey’s’
  2. The joy of supporting a club and the thrill of football is alive and well in your house I see.
  3. And, just in my humble nomad opinion, we’re still a million times better off than if we’d bought by the other shadowy mob.
  4. LOL at posters throwing pelters at Bannigan and ignoring Rudden. Hopefully he’s got some improvement in him is the kindest thing that can be said. Apart from one brain fade, Bannigan was pretty good, composed with good distribution.
  5. Anyone who thinks we should punt Penrice has got rocks in his or her head. From watching the game tonight he seemed to be one of the few Thistle players who wanted the ball at their feet or had the skill to do something meaningful with it when it arrived. Yes, we lost and no, we’re not in the next round but there was a lot to be proud of in tonight’s performance. And McCall’s after-match comments always leave me feeling as if we have the right man in charge. Onwards and upwards.
  6. And zero change to the playing capacity of the squad. (maybe with the exception of Kakay)
  7. Am I allowed not to be excited about loans?
  8. Read this when I got up and was astounded. Watched the cinema verite style Jagzone highlights and was pleased to see that my character assessment of Kenny Miller, made from Australia, was correct and that he doesn’t do dummying. Not sure who is was, but it certainly wasn’t our favourite octogenarian. A massive three points. Lucky to get away with a few at the end, great save by Fox at the death, but that has to be one of the softest penalties I’ve ever seen given. Outrageous. Is Big Tam the fox in the box we’ve been looking for? A clinical finish and great to see his reaction. Well done to the players, our sainted Ian and all who attended. Happy New Year to all Jags from this envious exile. (Don’t tell anyone I’m envious of a trip to Cappielow, they’ll have me sectioned)
  9. I’m excited for today’s game, albeit from afar, which always means a shocking loss.
  10. I’ve obviously misread your occasional posts on the matter then.
  11. I’m sure TFE would welcome a man of your obvious expertise and passion for Thistle. You’ve also obviously got a lot of free time On your hands, so maybe you should spend less time slagging them off and get involved. just a thought.
  12. Ripper post Admin, sums it up perfectly.