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  1. Ripper post Admin, sums it up perfectly.
  2. No, I’m keen to hear those questions answered as well.
  3. Just wondering, as I can’t be bothered reading all the previous pages and it’s hard to get information about this as a nomad, if anyone here has any strong thoughts about the relative merits of the consortium or tfe? Hopefully most posters just want the best for Thistle and would be happy with either outcome, trusting in the current custodians to make an informed decision.
  4. Consortium. Two deck chairs perched on the bing.
  5. Whose motivations would you trust more though? Let’s say both groups, if in control, bugger the club up, who would you rather be in charge at that point? Lifelong supporters who live in or near the community or investors who live in another country? Maybe we should ask Bury fans that question.
  6. I’ve asked that question a few times now...
  7. Guess you could say the same about the other lot too. But haven’t. Once again, actual, live Thistle supporters being held to far higher standards than venture capitalists from another country.
  8. Do you stand to benefit in any way if the consortiums bid is accepted JJ? Pardon the question, but you don’t behave like a disinterested party in this conversation. I’m just a nomad who has pledged my support TFE and believe in their long term goals of making Thistle a true community club. I do note with interest you failed to answer my question about why TFE, who even you’d have to admit are Thistle fans, being held to different standards of accountability than the group no-one knows little about and even less about their motivations.
  9. Why are actual, real life Thistle fans being held to a far higher standard of expected communication, governance and vision than some bunch of secretive, shambolic venture capitalists? Seems weird to me but maybe some supporters have their nose out of joint that they weren't ballsy enough to devote the time and energy to this that TFE have already demonstrated their capacity for. I've pledged my ongoing support to them from across land and sea. Another voice for fan ownership JJ. A few more and you won't be able to say there isn't a groundswell.
  10. This runs completely contrary to the detailed vision about the future they've outlined to Thistle supporters though. Cough. (waits for JJ to tell me that TFE haven't responded to an insanely convolUted question about whether one of them glaNced at Colin Weir in the street as he walked past them with the oDd capital thrown in for no good reason)
  11. Out of likes but this post nails it. Neither proposal is foolproof but at least we can be sure that TFE’s motivations are more in keeping with most Thistle supporters. Especially given that we have zero insight into the consortiums plans/ motivations. The best thing about a fan takeover is that, should this situation ever arise again, the new shareholders will have to be a lot more responsive to stakeholders than the current mob have been when confronted with a similar set of circumstances.
  12. The Firhill Feminists Fund are sitting on a pile, given our enlightened attitudes to gender issues they’re sure to stump up.
  13. This week’s two new signings straight into the starting 11, no panic here at all.
  14. I guess having to negotiate with five different clubs and players that Thistle would be a good place to develop is better than having a job lot foisted on you by your big boys team.
  15. So many agendas on this thread. It takes a fair bit to be dull to the other side of the world but a few posters, you know who you are, craven acceptance of either side of this particular argument does nothing to prosecute the case either for or against this development. My two cents worth from Australia. If you can, fight, however you can, to make sure that any new owners have a vision that includes an independent Thistle being able to have success on their terms, through our own hard work. Winning things because some investment firm ploughs a stack of money in would be meaningless. Top 6 was an achievement we could all be proud of, an achievement that every fan played a tiny part in through their financial support of the club. Having six young Barnsley, our parent company's other team, stars in the team and being promoted, would be fools gold, fun but irrelevant. The trust's silence on this matter is staggering, they should be front and centre of any conversation and communication. That they're not is a flat out disgrace.