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  1. World Cup Pop Up

    Ditto. And thank you 11-1 for taking over from BB. A really good competition.
  2. Anyone know who's going to win the World Cup?

    France, probably 4-2.
  3. World Cup Pop Up

    Many thanks Bowen Boys for organising another great competition so well. It is much appreciated and I hope you have a great holiday - it is well deserved.
  4. World Cup Musings

    Agree entirely BB. Last night he looked slow to react, and a more agile and quick player in his position would probably have changed the course of the game. He was the one weakness in a great Belgian side. France look like winners. I wouldn't mind if England win it, as long as I was able to transport myself to planet Zog and avoid the mass hysteria and PTD's ECH. If only there were some decent sized caves in Russia.
  5. I'm quite sure this is a further example of the Weirs' decision to deepen their influence in the running of the Club. The club would benefit I believe from a harder nosed attitude that consigns our "cuddly" image to history, places greater demands on all staff, and sets some medium term targets that don't simply involve returning to, and staying in the SPL. Other clubs with similar resources have outperformed us, and we need to understand why and what is needed to catch up. If I am right, and the Weirs are now comitted to having more influence, then perhaps they could be persuaded to set up a trust fund for the benefit of the Club. Such a fund could be managed to retain its capital value and to use its income to hire players.
  6. World Cup Pop Up

    Belgium and Sweden please BB
  7. World Cup Pop Up

    Croatia please BB
  8. Thistle trivia due to boredom

    Did you actually pay money for that garment?
  9. Gerry Britton

    I have no idea if Gerry Briton is a good appintment or not, since I don't know anything about the job requirements or Britton's ability to meet them. I hope it works out really well for both parties. I have a slight unease however that perhaps the Club has, to some extent, succumbed to sentiment as I think it has done with Alan Archibald; better the devil you know than one you don't.
  10. Breathtaking Hypocrisy

    I remenber him well. A bustling striker but had a bad first touche.
  11. Breathtaking Hypocrisy

    "Gerrard's advisers worked at Thistle under Lambie" Really?
  12. Playing Squad Update

    The worst defender I've seen in a Thistle jersey was Kenny Brannigan. I saw him playing at East Fife and I could hear Alan Archibald playing alongside him telling him where to stand, what to do and where to pass the ball if it happened to come his way. A desperate game with people around me reduced to betting on which pile of coal the overhead crane would pick from next in the power station opposite.
  13. Breathtaking Hypocrisy

    I wonder if Steven Gerrard has read all this stuff about King. If he has it might explain why he took so long to consider the offer, but not explain putting pen to paper.
  14. Breathtaking Hypocrisy

    How's this for breathtaking hypocrisy as Sevco chairman King calls for an independent investigation of the SPFL chairman Murdo McLennan bacause of alleged links to Cetic. "The SPFL and SFA must now appoint independent investigators. Scottish football is an important national asset and must have levels of probity and governance that are beyond reproach and that are transparently so."
  15. Playing Squad Update

    I wasn't really commenting on the injuries and points, I was trying to win you the lottery so that you could buy players (or the Club), open a hospital for sick footballers in Maryhill, or other acts of philanthropy. As to the effects of injured payers on the points total, they are one factor in many, and I haven't a clue how important they were.