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  1. eljaggo

    How will we celebrate victory?

    A singular naked mince and brandy - that will never catch on.
  2. eljaggo

    Dunfermline 8/12/18

    First game I have seen since we played Dundee United away. What struck me was the improvement in fitness, attitude and workrate, with players chasing back to regain possession and scrapping for the ball right to the end - reminded me of the Lambie era. Mutumbo was the only player not to chase and scrap, so maybe that's why he was subbed so soon, giving a signal to the squad of what Caldwell expects of them. A confidence boosting win at a good time.
  3. eljaggo

    Dundee Utd v Ayr

    I think our problem lay with the SPL 10,000 seat rule, rather than the Hillsborough all seat requirement, that could have been met with a capacity to suit ourselves. The 10,000 seat rule placed a huge finanacial strain on small clubs, as I suspect both cheeks calculated it would.
  4. eljaggo

    Falkirk vs. Thistle

    "Could some sort of hypnosis using film of that goal v St Johnstone be employed to re-educate his deep memory system and somehow embed the ability to reproduce this on a regular basis? JagZone highlights could be put to good use!" Excellent idea! Remember the film the Manchurian Candidate? The sleeper agent Shaw (not our Geordie) was brainwahsed by the Commies to respond to the sight of the Queen of Diamonds playing card. Storey could be brainwashed to be activated by the sight of spectators with large cards showing an arrow pointing to the oppo's goal. It might even encourage les autres.
  5. eljaggo

    Morton vs. Thistle

    If, as you say, his main benefit is to tire out defenders, then putting him on from the start rather than after 60mins would maximise that benefit.
  6. eljaggo

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    In the Caldwell quote from the National mentioned above, he refers to the January transfer window, but apparently not to loan signings. If the Club is as financially healthy as is believed, there is presumably no restriction in hiring loanees before the transfer window opens i.e. now. Leaving changes until January might be too late, even if many good players are signed. I would hope that Caldwell is actively seeking loan players at the moment.
  7. eljaggo

    Thistle vs. Ayr

    I think it should be compulsory for the pre-match formation warm up by the referee and his henchmen to be done in time with the music. The music could be chosen to fit the occasion, and the tempo varied to improve the spectacle. The possiblities are endless. I go to be entertained, and I get precious little of that from the fitba'.
  8. eljaggo

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    Natalie Wood
  9. eljaggo

    Gary Caldwell confirmation

    He seems to have his finger on the pulse in terms of what the fans have been calling for: Improved defence and fitness, and a commitment to youth. If he can stabilise the team until the end of year transfer window then promotion is possible. A good appointment in my view.
  10. eljaggo

    Who's next?

    Disappointing that so many of the posts here are limited to considering the same tired names, and even suggesting that a Thistle connection would be a good thing. I would have preferred to see a later application deadline and the net cast wider to encourage overseas managers. Maybe this is the opportunity to shake off the shackles of the narrow mindset that infects Scottish football.
  11. eljaggo

    Last jag standing .Blair Spittal away top.

    Will be away for a few weeks so here are my predictions: Dunfermline - 3-1 win for Thistle Ross County - 1-1 draw Dundee United - 2-1 win for Thistle Alloa - 2-0 win for Thistle
  12. eljaggo


    High time we put the bunnet chewin' about the ICT game behind us and concentrate our efforts on the next game. I have absolutely no idea what the best line up would be, and I suspect that I am not alone in that. We need a win, so something more gallavantin' would be welcome after the turgid fare we have endured.
  13. eljaggo

    Last jag standing .Blair Spittal away top.

    Thistle 3 - 1 QOS
  14. eljaggo

    ICT Away

    Here's another pointless post, Lenziejag, on the subject of breakfast cereals. Dignitas, following residents' complaints, have stopped serving Cheerios for breakfast.