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  1. That's showbusiness!!!!!
  2. Agree entirely, the most worrying aspect is the lack of fight and character in the team. It was a similar story yesterday to the heavy defeat at Dunfermline, when down to 10 men after a few minutes, we showed not an ounce of determination for the rest of the game. Perhaps it's unfair to single out players, but Miller has vast experience, and should be using that to much better effect to rally the troops. Instead he gives the distinct impression of trying to blame others and distancing himself from procedings.
  3. Yeah - plus all heritable property in Maryhill.
  4. Only if you say them s-l-o-w-l-y.
  5. eljaggo

    V Alloa

    I agree about the wandering Miller, so unless he has been given licence to do that by McCall, then McCall or Bannigan as captain should sort him out. Miller is fast becoming a passenger, and an arrogant and disruptive one at that. I would not like to see him have any coaching job at Thistle beyond the end of his playing contract.
  6. eljaggo

    V Alloa

    I thought we were a bit unlucky to lose after their deflected goal and the stonewall 3rd penalty not given. Too many passengers in midfield, with Miller the biggest culprit. Need some pace in midfield. Alloa were much speedier and more direct,
  7. eljaggo

    V Alloa

    They are not all in the same roll PTD. Now the team on a roll, that would be a hot favourite!
  8. Happy New Year to all. Let's hope that club ownership resolves itself into the start of a successful future for Partick Thistle, both on and off the pitch. Our similarities as fans are far greater than our differences, and we should bear that in mind over the next few months.
  9. I was one of those questioning why there were no fan trusts' representatives on the Board. I also urged both fan trusts to amalgamate, and to improve their admin to make themselves more transparent and accountable. Nothing much seems to have happened, although I will be delighted for someone to correct me. There has to be an immediate root and branch reform of how the two trusts operate, and that must be discussed and agreed within the Working Group as a matter of urgency, and for that agreement to form the basis for future fan ownership. A merry Christmas to one and all and let's hope that 2020 is an improvement on 2019.
  10. I don't understand how you take an "us versus them" conclusion from my post. I was simply trying to find out whether anyone had raised what to me is a critical issue in how might be Club funded and run. Both you and Big Col have now confirmed that this was not raised, and so my assumption was correct. You're presumably not suggesting that asking questions outside of meetings that not everyone can attend should be discouraged.
  11. That is chicken feed, and probably pie in the sky chicken feed, and does not remotely address the issue of the Club's long term capital requirements. I presume from the deafening silence on here that this issue was not raised.
  12. Goodwin seems to me a bit of a carpetbagger - he seems to flit from club to club without putting down roots. Can anyone who was at the meeting tell me whether the issue was raised of how the Club under fans' ownership will deal with finding money to pay for large capital costs for example the bing or refurbishing the main stand. If it was, what answers were given?
  13. While having a healthy number of fans pledging support for a fan owned club is good news, and without knowing the amount of cash this would provide, I have some concerns about fan ownership. Almost every major football club seems to have a benevolent owner who is happy to sign cheques in return for the kudos of owning a club. They have however invariably acquired their status through business success, and have the nous to run a football club along semi-sustainable lines with the occasional cash injection. The exception is probably German clubs, many of whom are wholly or largely owned by fans. Perhaps we should be examining how they are structured, financed and operated as well as looking at examples closer to home. I'm sure our benefactor, Colin Weir has many qualities, but will need a good board of directors to run things effectively on a day to day basis (hence Jacquie Low). That should be achievable from the fan base - we have to believe in ourselves! However, where the fan owned model is vulnerable, is in dealing with major, neccessary capital expenditure, such as replacing the near decrepit main stand and something to adorn the bing. Of course continuing recourse to Colin Weir for these might be possible, but I suspect that he might be more amenable to a single major investment that provides lower long run operating costs, some financial stability, and a quieter life. (It would also avoid the BOD having to insure Colin Weir's life!!) Such an investment would also give a good (further?) opportunity for fans to buy into the club's equity through a share issue, simultaneously giving greater fan involvement and keeping costs down by avoiding/reducing debt. I therefore think the Working Group needs to broaden its horizons in choosing a set up for the Club, and also has to look at the long term capital requirements for ensuring a successful Club. We are a small club, and the objective of the Working Group has to be to set up the Club in a way that minimises and stabilises long term off-field costs. Attention of fans and the Board can then be focussed on what matters - winning football matches. Think widely and think long Working Groupers!
  14. Because of all the "noise" on the forum these days, I have not kept myself up to speed with ownership issues. But in relation to the Working Group, I would like to raise three points. First, I hope that the Group find a way to let all fans express their views formally to the Group before surveying the fans, and to make that opinion public. That might be useful in framing the questionnare, quite apart from the ideas raised. Second, while pledges of cash from fans are fine, It would be better I think, to allow fans to purchase shares. That would obviously be truer to the sentiment behind the Weir strategy. It might also keep the final shareholding groups on their toes. Third, I'm unsure whether anyone from the Jags Trust is on the Group. As I and others have already pointed out, a single fans trust must be a prime objective, to provide a unified fans' voice, and to allow a reform of the Trusts' , frankly shambolic, administration.
  15. Today's game was my first for a while, and while I had low expectations, both from previous results and the comments on here, I was appalled at the amount of possession needlessly surrendered in midfield. Dunfermline did not need to be especially good, simply competent to overrun a desperately poor side. I don't see how one window's worth of transfers will save the season, and with ownership in flux, It will need a steadying hand to stabilise the Club. Colin Weir does not seem confident enough to take on that role, and some of the new directors seem to lack serious business experience. Difficult times lie ahead.