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  1. McCall doesn't actually say that Dobbie played for Thistle in the article.
  2. Donald Dewar told a story told to him by Tony Higgins. As Higgins went to take a throw-in from in front of the Shed, fan 1 shouts" C'mon Tony gie us some magic" As Higgins ran forward, fan 2 shouts " Aye f........... disappear"
  3. They're all facing the wrong way!
  4. I would be surprised if players' contracts have no break clauses that allow clubs to suspend contracts or reduce payments in extraordinary circumstances. Footballers are no different to others who will have to suffer financial loss because of the pandemic. Clubs' survival come before players' incomes. Irrespective of any such clauses, players and other staff may take a long term view and reason that it is better to take a pay cut now than have no club to employ them in the not too distant future. That attitude will be easier to adopt in smaller, part time clubs.
  5. Send me a cheque payable to cash.
  6. Don't tell Low for heavens sake, or we'll never see a fan owned club. Rangers, before their little spot of bother, were buying or about to buy Carlisle United, as a trojan horse to give them an entry into the English leagues. That was more about giving priority to their would be English operation and using the Scottish leagues for a reserve team.
  7. What's Abramovich's address?
  8. Does anyone know anything about MBM Board Nominees, the other listed director of 3BC apart from Low. Companies House list 3BC as the sole director of MBM Board Nominees. All a bit circular. Low has no directorships other than 3BC according to Companies House.
  9. BBC live text had us given a penalty. Then text changed. "penalty" disappeared - what happened? BBC stats are pure fiction given the number of saves QOS made.
  10. I feel a bit more optimistic than most. The January changes coupled with injuries have set us back, but once the changes bed in and our injury list shrinks, results I think will improve. The extra dig of Graham and McKinnon in the spine of the team should also make a difference. 2-1 Jags tonight. p.s. I feel more confident of things on the pitch that things off it.
  11. That's very good and very welcome news.
  12. I'd like to correct an earlier post I made about the % of Club shares owned by 3BC. The correct figure is I believe 55% not the 82% I stated. I missed a 2015 share issue that was confirmed in November last year. The two fan trusts between them own 26%, so if they act in unison, they have a veto in any major changes proposed by 3BC. Acting in any form does not appear to be a strong suit of either Trust, far less acting in unison.
  13. I have never suggested a boycott.
  14. We all want these things, but the third sentence assumes that the chairman has no influence or effect on the performance of the Club/team.
  15. Low is now the sole director of Three Black Cats, with MBM Board Nominees also listed on the board. Low is the only named dierector of MBM. Low now controls around 81% of the Club's shareholding for which she paid not one penny. What is unclear is what will happen after Colin Weir's estate is settled. The shares in Three Black Cats may be bequeathed to Christine Weir (who owns PTFC shares), or other members of his family. The nightmare outcome is for 3BC's shares to be bequeathed to Low. Low's bold takeover of the PTFC board might suggest that she knows who will shortly own 3BC's PTFC shareholding. None of the current PTFC Board own shares in the business, so Low has complete and utter control until the Weir estate is settled - which could take some time. I'm afraid the Weirs fell under the spell of Low and for that we have all suffered. What also seems clear is that it was only Colin Weir's intention to gift shares to the fans if, and only if. the fan organisation met his approval. That approval now rests with Low.