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  1. eljaggo

    Ptfc Trust Update

    I attended the Jags Trust AGM earlier this year, and joined the Trust at the meeting. Since then I have heard nothing from them, and their website seems to be frozen. This morning I tried to email the chair of the Jags Trust at the address on their websiteto ask if there had been any contact between it and either the Board or the PTFC Trust, and had my email returned undelivered with a "host unknown" message. Either fans sort out the two Trusts, or we cannot in all conscience continue to criticise the Club.
  2. eljaggo

    Ptfc Trust Update

    Despite the PTFC Trust now having met the Board at least once, and being promised an answer, there has been no reply from the Trust to my questions several months ago as to how many shares in the Club each of the directors owns, and the reasons why a director from one of the two fans trusts has not been appointed. Unless we, the fans, start taking the two trusts seriously to task, this forum is a load of hot air. Judging by the lukewarm interest by posters on here about this issue, I don't hold out much hope.
  3. eljaggo

    Maryhill Juniors

    Could Thistle use the ground for training until Kirkintilloch happens? The rent would be useful to Maryhill, and I'm sure some small improvements could be paid for that would help both clubs.
  4. eljaggo

    Chairman’s Statement

    If the Club was really serious about communicating with the fans, it would make much more use of the two fans trusts. If they communicated via very regular (joint) meetings of the trusts, it would not only improve communications, but also bolster the importance of the trusts, and encourage fans to join the trusts and attend their meetings. That would allow the PTFC Trust to meet its ambition to involve more fans and its stated pre-requisite to calling for a Trust presence on the Club's board of directors.
  5. eljaggo

    Chairman’s Statement

    No need for it to have been exasperating if they had been proactive in communicating with the fans. Nip the fans' daft speculation in the bud.
  6. eljaggo

    Chairman’s Statement

    A good response to the justifiable criticisms levelled against the Club in the past season, and full marks for accepting responsibility for the Club's failings. Taken with the recent Gary Caldwell event, this hopefully marks a change in the Club's behaviour towards fans, and a recognition that not keeping them well informed leads to wild speculation, and a continuing need for staements such as this. Let's hope that such a statement is never needed again.
  7. eljaggo

    Jacqui Low

    Agree entirely Emsca. Unless we make use of the two trusts its all just blather on the forum, and what we present to the sceptical observer is a divided fan base. We have to make use of the shareholding that the Weirs deliberately set up with the creation of teh PTFC Trust to add to the other trust's shareholding that gives us over 26% of the shares. To do that three things have to happen. First, fans have to become much more active within the two trusts. Second, the two trusts have to combine, formally or informally, and speak with one voice. Third, clear messages have to be sent to the Board that elicit quick and meaningful replies. Unless all this happens, we are just pissing into the wind.
  8. eljaggo

    A night with GC

    Why indoors? Surely an AV presentation could be made from the pitch in front of the JHS.
  9. eljaggo

    Christie Elliott

    I hate the word "servant" when describing a player who has left a club. It has a whiff of exploitation and subjugation.
  10. eljaggo

    A night with GC

    Kris Doolan?
  11. eljaggo

    A night with GC

    Fair point.
  12. eljaggo

    A night with GC

    If no one goes as you predict, it will be because fans know that this is a damage limitation exercise, and want no part of it.
  13. eljaggo


    You'd have to have a no returns policy for that little caper. But who would buy?
  14. eljaggo

    A night with GC

    Which would lead neatly on to some sharp questions about the Training Ground.
  15. eljaggo

    A New Direction?

    Boyd certainly has a mentality.